IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 18 2002

1. China Netcom to Deploy Sonus’ VoIP Solution
Sonus Networks has said that China Netcom will deploy its media gateway and softswitch to support an enterprise long distance VoIP service to be introduced in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhous, Dalian, Shenzhen and Nanjing. Specifically, the provider will be deploying Sonus’ GSX9000 Open Services Switch, Insignus Softswitch (including ASX Access Server & PSX Policy Server modules), and Insight Element Management System.

Photonic Bridges will serve as the distributor and systems integrator.

China Netcom

Sonus Networks

Photonic Bridges

3. Integral Access Introduces a Broadband IAD
Integral Access has introduced an enhanced version of its IP/MPLS-based PurePacketOUTburst broadband SME IAD that provides single customer location support for data rates of 4.5 Mbps as well as support for 48 voice calls. The technology operates with softswitches via MGCP. It supports CLASS 5 networks using GR-303. Integral Access’ IAD includes a built-in firewall, DHCP and NAT.

PurePacketOUTburst can be equipped with up to three interface modules, in addition to a built-in 10/100 BaseT port. The carrier network interface can be configured with a DSL, T1, E1, or 3xT1 module to connect to the CO, PoP, or co-location. The 2 configurable customer premises interfaces can be equipped with modules for POTS (12 lines per module, FXS or FXO), DS-1 or E1 for connecting to a PBX, or V.35/x.21 for serial data connections.

The IAD is 1U high and 19 inches wide and is wall or rack mountable.

PurPacketOUTburst is currently available. It goes for around $1,900. The upgrade will priced at around $1,400.

Integral Access

5. Jyra Introduces VoIP Monitoring
Jyra has introduced a VoIP monitoring solution that includes tools to analyze network performance and identify the causes of poor performance. The technology creates reports that identify trends in service degradation.


7. Intermec Introduces Wireless VoIP Solution
Intermec Technologies has introduced VoIP handset communication over 802.11b wireless LAN networks. The full duplex technology uses PocketPC 2002 and runs most 32-bit CE applications. The 700 series VoIP solution comes with application software, an installation guide & CD, and a standard cell phone-style hands free eqrphone with microphone.

The handsets weigh less than 16 ounces including a lithium ion battery.

Availability is scheduled for Q’2.

Intermec Technologies

9. Cisco Introduces VoIP Career Specialization
Cisco has introduced IP Telephony Support Specialist, a career certification for qualifying professionals that can plan, impelement, and support Cisco’s VoIP technology. Training will be provided through indstructor-led and e-learning formats. Recommended courses include Cisco IP Telephony; Cisco Voice over Frame Relay, ATM, and IP; and Deploying Quality of Servic. Certified specialists will be required to prepare others to meet the specialization requirements.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Career Specialization

11. AZ to Provide VoIP Solution to NASA
AZ Technology has announced that it has won a two year contract to develop an IP-based mission support collaboration system for NASA’s international space station. The system will connect researchers to mission support loops or conferences via the Internet and Internet 2 to communicate to operations personnel and ISS crew members. AZ’s Internet Voice Distribution System uses the First Virtual Conference server and the VoIP Group H.323 gateway. The system is currently being field tested. Full scale deployment is scheduled for mid-2002.

AZ Technology

13. Sofor Oy to Deploy Siemens’ HiPath
Sofor OY, a Finland based software development company, will deploy Siemens’ HiPath 5500 IP server and Enterasys’s X-Pedition 2000 switching platfrom to support an IP-based converged voice and data communications between its three offices. Sofor currently uses the solution for a third of its staff and will be expanding the system to support 90 percent of its employees.

Enterasys Networks

15. Artiza to Resell Radcom in Japan
Artiza Networks will distribute Radcom’s VoIP test and measurement equipment in Japan.

Artiza Networks


17. Fonet to Deploy NetCentrex’s Softswitch
FonetGlobal, a voice over broadband provider, has said that it will deploy NetCentrex’s CCS softswitch to deliver services. The NetCentrex solution features routing, real-time interfaces with billing software, interconnection between H.323 and SIP devices, and Centrex features such as call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, three way calling, and return call.



19. FreeWebCall.Com Adds NetMeeting’s Quick Dial
Access Power has said that it has incorporated NetMeeting’s dialer to speed up dialing via its FreeWebCall.Com PC to phone service. The company also provides free PC to PC voice service.


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