IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 18 2004

1. IPN Communications Unveils VoIP Gateway for Call Shops & Call Centers
IPN Communications has introduced the VG800, a VoIP gateway designed for use in call shops and call centers, in conjunction with IPN’s calling service. The gateway supports up to eight simultaneous outbound calls to be made from 8 different traditional phones, sharing a single broadband connection.

For call shops, the VG800 can be configured to use a PIN, allowing call shop operators to sell PIN cards to consumers. In this setup, users enter a PIN and then the destination phone number. Shop operators are subject to IPN’s long distance rates.

The gateway can accept regular phone lines as input and serve them as DID numbers. In this configuration, a user would dial the DID number followed by the destination number. Again, IPN’s rates would apply.

In an outbound call center, the new device can be configured so that no PIN is required.

IPN plans to market the gateway in North America and Southeast Asia. The technology has been manufactured by Maipu Communication Technology Company. IPN maintains a worldwide exclusive right to resell all current and future IPN VoIP IVR applications developed by Maipu.

IPN Communications is a subsidiary of DataLogic International.

IPN Communications

Maipu Communication Technology Company

3. Gaoke to Use Radvision’s MGCP Platform to Develop IADs & VoIP Gateways
China-based Gaoke Communications is using Radvision’s MGCP development platform to create IADs and VoIP gateways for residential and SOHO markets. Gaoke is a supplier to China Unicom, one of the largest telecom service providers in China.

Gaoke Communications


5. i-Cable Planning Primary Line Residential VoCable in Hong Kong
i-Cable Communications, a cable operator that passes more than 2 million households in Hong Kong, is planning to launch VoIP service. For CPE, the provider will use Terayon’s TA-102 eMTA, a cable modem that supports PacketCable-based voice service.

i-Cable is a fully owned subsidiary of Wharf T&T.

i-Cable Communications


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