IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 21 2004

1. Phonom Launches Residential VoIP Service
Phonom has launched residential VoIP services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. The service employs Lucent’s Acelerate portfolio to enable web-based features such as voicemail and a unifying web portal for managing phone calls, emails, voicemails, calendars, and address books.

Phonom uses IP network services from Cavalier Telephone.

Pricing plans for unlimited domestic long distance start at $34.99 per month. Basic service features include caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling, call waiting, talking call waiting, repeat dialing, *69, speed dialing 8, anonymous call rejection, call block, and 900 toll block.


3. deltathree Reselling Grandstream’s IP Phone
deltathree is reselling Grandstream’s BudgeTone 101 IP phone as an hardware option for the company’s iConnectHere VoiP service. The phone featues speakerphone, caller ID, and voicemail.



5. CyberTalkOnline Releases New Softphone Client
CyberTalkOnline has released a new version of its sharpVoice (version 6.0) VoIP client software. The new release supports PC to phone calls via its calling card partners. Features include free PC to PC calls, conference calling, and record and playback.


7. Comdial to Release SIP Version of Converged Communications Platform
Comdial will release a SIP version of its converged communications platform later this quarter. The technology will support TDM and IP telephony services as well as provide call center integration, real-time collaborative communications, unified messaging, videoconferencing, presence management, and telecommuting.

Comdial’s softphone is developed on Microsoft’s Windows XP.


9. New Hampshire Senator Preparing Legislation to Keep VoIP Deregulated
New Hampshire Senator John Sununu is preparing legislation that will keep federal and state regulators from imposing regulations on VoIP providers. Sununu stated, a clear preemptive remedy is needed now: Congress must establish preeminence of federal authority in this area and provide major direction for any action by the FCC.

John Sununu

11. Ptek Unveils IP Fax Solution
Ptek Holdings has introduced fax2mail, a proprietary document management solution that allows customers to send and receive fax messages using any email system. No additional software is required. With Ptek’s solution, subscribers can access, forward, and archive fax messages, just like email. Users can maintain an audit trail of inbound and outbound deliveries.

Ptek Holdings

13. Global Crossing Deploys BayPacket’s Platform
Global Crossing has deployed BayPacket’s Agility Network Services Platform, technology that can service as a next generation service control point or as an application server in a carrier’s network. The platform supports deployments of third pary applications across Global Crossing’s Network.

Global Crossing is using BayPacket’s platform as a way to migrate its Account Code products and services from circuit switched to VoIP and to enable its enterprise customers to control service access and/or third party billing.

BayPacket’s solution allows simultaneous PSTN connectivity through an SS7 interface and next generation connectivity through a SIP interface. The platform has a service creation environment that will allow Global Crossing to develop and deploy its own advanced services.


Global Crossing

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