IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 22 2001

Denver Court Ruling Requires IP Services to Pay Access Charges
IP Services reported that the Denver District Court has issued a decision in the case of Qwest Corporation vs. IP Telephony dba Mountain Solutions Telecom Group (IPT) that will require it to pay access charges to the LEC or CLEC, specifically Qwest, that originates and/or terminates its IP telephony services. The order states that for telephone purposes in Colorado, a LEC or CLEC is responsible for routing local calls to the destination and for paying any other carrier that may assist in transporting the call, and that for long distance calls, the long distance carrier, not the LEC or CLEC, is responsible for connecting the call with its destination and for paying any other carriers including LECs or CLECs that originate or terminate the call. It goes on to define IPT as a long distance provider, and orders that it is IPT’s responsibility to pay the LEC or CLEC on either end of its customer’s long distance calls for the originating and terminating switched access charges.

Denver based IP Services offers a variety of local, long distance and data communications services including Internet access, fax, email, faxmail, voicemail and VPNs, as well as local toll, intrastate and interstate long distance voice, via its Cisco equipment based IP network.

IP Services

Natural MicroSystems Introduces New High Density Development Platform
Natural MicroSystems has reported the introduction of PowerAccess, its new CompactPCI architecture that will enable OEMs to develop voice gateway products for IP, DSL, WLL and other broadband technologies. The system features the vendor’s PowerAccess Bus, which is an external, parallel TDM bus similar to the H.110 TDM data bus specified by CompactPCI, that can double the number of voice ports available to a CompactPCI chassis, providing support for an additional 2,048 ports. It can also be partitioned to connect groups of PowerAccess boards via cable between rear I/O connectors, providing for the development of gateways that can support more than ten thousand ports.

The vendor is initially offering three platforms for the architecture: the PA Hyper-T3 DS-3/STS-1 broadband access adapter, the PA 16 T1/E1 access adapter, and the PA 200 Voice over broadband platform. The PA Hyper features DS-3 and STS-1 interfaces, offering support for from 672 to 2,048 full-duplex channels. It is currently available. The PA 16 product, which will provide support for 480 ports, is expected to be available by March. The PA 200 unit, which is based on ASIC technology, will also offer support for up to 2,048 ports of TDM to ATM processing via an OC-3 interface. It is expected to be available in Q’2.

In addition, the vendor is also developing an optional mezzanine based module, the M100 echo cancellation and compression module, for both the PA Hyper and PA 16 adapters, which will use DSP and ASIC technologies to provide up to 672 ports of G.165 echo cancellation and 32 or 16 kbps ADPCM compression (G.726-16). It is expected to be available sometime this summer.

Natural MicroSystems

PSINet Buys Additional Licenses For Centra’s Collaboration Technology
Centra has announced that PSINet has purchased additional licenses for its VoIP enabled e-learning technology. The carrier intends to deploy the technology to expand its capability to provide live training services between its European based office and its network of regional branch offices throughout Europe. The e-learning web/software-based technology supports an array of real time, group-oriented learning and business interactions, over intranets and/or the Internet, including virtual classrooms and web conferencing applications that can support up to 250 simultaneous users. In addition, the system features VoIP capabilities, online collaborative workspace and application sharing technologies.



Uni-Tel to Deploy net.com’s VoIP Platform for Wholesale Service
net.com has reported that Dallas-based Uni-Tel has purchased its ShoutIP model 1100 IP telephony system, and is planning to use the solution to develop a wholesale service offering. The ShoutIP solution is an open programmable VoIP switching platform that can support up to 240 channels of simultaneous voice/fax communications, and it implements H.323 technologies such as G.711, G.723.1 and G.729a, and fax technologies such as V.17, V.27, V.29 and G3. It also offers support for trunking, signaling, gatekeeper/call agent functionality, network management and configuration capabilities via a single node. In addition, it features modules that support billing, IVR and administration, authentication and authorization.



Telindus to Distribute BreezeCOM’s Wireless Technologies
BreezeCOM said that it has reached an agreement with Telindus, a telecommunications systems integrator, in which Telindus will market and sell its point to point and point to multipoint broadband wireless access solutions, BreezeACCESS and BreezeLINK systems, throughout Europe. BreezeCOM recently teamed with comMatch to develop a wireless IP telephony solution based on the BreezeACCESS unit combined with comMatch’s Duet VoIP gateway systems, and it also recently integrated AudioCodes’ VoIP processor technologies into the products to develop to support for packet based voice technologies.

Telindus, which primarily focuses on integrating telecommunications equipment for large operators and ISPs, has operations in Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and the UK.



Lucent Introduces New Version of Softswitch Technology
Lucent Technologies has announced the introduction of a second-generation of its softswitch product, which can be used to develop new services and manage the convergence of voice and data traffic over both IP and ATM based networks. It features two layers of programmability, enabling developers to create or customize services at the applications layer, and to modify the system to adapt to evolving standards at the call control layer. In addition, the product can be combined with the vendor’s gateway products to develop end to end solutions for applications such as Toll/Tandem switch replacement, Internet data offload, Internet call diversion and Internet PRI Offload for both IP and ATM networks.

Lucent also intends to further develop the technology, over the next nine months, with future releases expected to be designed to feature a standards based interface that will facilitate interoperability with various vendor’s gateways, support an array of media and application servers, as well as support for Class 5 features.

The technology is available. Pricing was not disclosed.


Software Consulting to Distribute Alcatel’s Equipment
Software Consulting said that it is planning to market, sell and service Alcatel’s IP-based voice communications system, OmniPCX 4400, as well as the entire Omni line of data products to its enterprise customers. The products are designed to support the convergence of voice and data, and aid in the migration to an all IP based voice/data infrastructure. The client/server UNIX based 4400 system can support from 50 to 50,000 users. It ships with Reflexes IP telephone handsets, and features capabilities such as one-number mobility, unified messaging, VoIP networking with QoS management, a web based customer contact center, and network management capabilities.

Software Consulting telecommunications consulting services, development, network design deployment and technical support, with operations throughout Canada and the U.S.

Software Consulting


TollBridge Introduces New Software for Broadband Voice Gateway
TollBridge Technologies has reported the introduction of a new version of software for its carrier class voice over broadband TB200 gateway. The technology features support for new cards (Voice II, Switch II and OC-3) that can more than double the capacity and density of the system to over 1,000 DSOs per chassis. It also now offers support for interface groups via TR-008 signaling to provide connectivity with a variety of Class 5 and 4 switches, and enhanced interoperability with an array of other additional network components such as IADs, DSLAMs, ATM Switches, etc. In addition, it features enhanced operational performance capabilities such as automated system backup, improved control and alarm log history, easier image control and improved system administration security.

In related news, Polycom, Adtran and Elastic Networks have teamed with TollBridge to develop interoperability between their respective products and the TB200 system. The gateway is now interoperable with Polycom’s NetEngine 6200 and 6300 units, Adtran’s Total Access 850, and Elastic’s line of IP DSL solutions, which is comprised of the BitStorm IP DSL Access Multiplexer, the Layer 3 IP Switch, the Subscriber Management Gateway/Controller and the BitStorm Server.

TollBridge Technologies

Elastic Netowrks



Selway Launches Broadband/IP Venture, DVTel
Selway Partners said that it has launched a new venture, DVTel, which will focus on developing two-way broadband systems that can support the simultaneous transmission of video, voice, and data over IP with guaranteed QoS. The venture’s initial offerings include the DV-24 Broadband Access Switch, the DV-100 Broadband Termination Unit, and the DV-SPL8 POTS Splitter. The DV-24 provides up to 24 always on high speed ports, and connects to the DV-100, which provides an interface to the customer’s Ethernet network at 13/13 Mbps symmetrical speeds. The products work in combination with the DV-SPL8 to provide the link from the customer’s traditional telephone lines to the DV-24 Switch.


Selway Partners

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