IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 24 2000

iBasis Offers VoIP Call Completion Guarantee
iBasis has announced that it is offering a service level agreement that guarantees that the percentage of call completion rates over its Internet telephony interconnectivity service will be equivalent to or better than that of the PSTN. The company uses its proprietary Assured Quality Routing technology to monitor VoIP calls to ensure completion, or re-route the calls to the PSTN.

iBasis’ H.323 compliant Internet telephony network includes a NOC in Burlington, Massachusetts, Internet central offices in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, New York, London, and POPs throughout Asia, Europe, Korea, the Middle East and South America. The provider can terminate voice and fax traffic on a global basis via its network or the PSTN. The provider also plans to deploy an additional 15 Internet central offices in select global markets throughout this year. In addition, the company has recently launched a hosting service that enables other providers to lease VoIP equipment at its Internet central offices to access its Internet backbone and off-net PSTN termination agreements to offer services.


NTT to Use & Offer Clarent’s VoIP Products
NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corporation (NTT), a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation Group, said that it is planning to use Clarent’s Internet telephony products to launch a global IP telephony clearinghouse service named NTT Communications Clearinghouse. The service will provide all routing and settlement services between member providers. In addition, the provider plans to offer Clarent’s products or develop corporate VoIP products based on Clarent’s technologies that will enable corporate users to interconnect with the service.

The service is expected to be operational this week.
NTT Communications Clearinghouse

NTT Communications


Intercall to Offer Access to deltathree’s Services
deltathree.com has announced that Intercall KFT, a Hungarian telecommunications provider, will originate and terminate traffic for its IP telephony network. deltathree’s managed VoIP network consists of 45 POPs in 29 countries, and it is interconnected with RSL.com’s network to provide connectivity in more than 200 countries. deltathree also offers an online customer service section that enables users to open calling accounts, view real time billing information, pay bills, recharge accounts, access a FAQ section for support, or contact service reps.


AcmeCity & iwin to Market PhoneFree’s Services
PhoneFree.com has announced that online communities AcmeCity.com and iwin.com will market its PC to PC Internet telephony software and service to their respective members. AcmeCity.com, a Warner Bros. entertainment site, will provide a variety of marketing initiatives including email solicitations sent to its community members. iwin.com, an online gaming and interactive entertainment community, will promote the service and solution throughout its web site. In addition, PhoneFree will also purchase ad banner based sponsorships at iwin’s games section.

The proprietary PhoneFree VoIP client enables users to place and receive calls between PCs located anywhere in the world. It features capabilities including conference, whiteboard, text chat, personal phone book, caller ID, file transfer, voicemail and full duplex support. In addition, the vendor offers a white pages section on its web site that enables users to locate other users by searching for name, location and/or interests. Users can also go unlisted. The software requires that users have at least a 486 100Mhz PC running Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0, a 14.4 Internet connection and a Windows compatible sound system.

Last month, PhoneFree.com said that it is teaming with Access Power to launch a flat rate, unlimited PC to phone service based on its VoIP client and Access Power’s IP telephony network. The service enables users to pay $15 per month to place an unlimited amount of calls from any PC in the world to any phone in the U.S. (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada or Puerto Rico.




VINA’s Introduces VoDSL IAD Technology
VINA Technologies has announced the introduction of the DSL eLink, its family of IAD solutions that can support VoDSL services. The product seamlessly integrates voice, data, video, and Internet access at a user’s premises. It will initially support SDSL based copper lines to enable services to be offered without upgrading infrastructure. It can provide the functionality of a phone system, Internet router, remote access server and firewall, and it can be remotely managed by a provider.

The device is scheduled to be commercially available before summer. It is expected to be priced somewhere between $1,600 and $4,000.

VINA Technologies

Cooperative to Deploy Accelerated’s VoDSL Equipment
Cooperative Communications reported that it is planning to deploy Accelerated Networks equipment to launch a VoDSL service. The provider has just completed testing the VoDSL equipment, and is beginning to deploy the gear throughout its networks and at collocation centers.

Accelerated’s multi-service equipment can support bundled voice and data services over DSL. The solution is based on the company’s IADs (which support analog phones, digital PBXs, CPE, frame relay and ATM), DSL and T1 access concentrators (available in 4- and 20-slot configurations, capable of supporting over 3,000 ports), Voice Services gateways (available in 4- and 20-slot configurations that can support up to 152 T1 ports per shelf) linked to a Class 5 PSTN switch.

Cooperative (which offers services including local, Centrex, long distance, toll-free, dedicated lines, cellular) plans to have a VoDSL service offering fully operational by the end of the year.

Cooperative Communications

Accelerated Networks

Shoreline Teleworks Receives $28 Million Investment
Shoreline Teleworks announced that it has raised $28 million in a mezzanine round of equity financing with JP Morgan Investment Management, Charter Growth Capital (Charter Ventures), Dain Rauscher Wessels Equity Capital, Crosspoint Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, Matrix Partners, Jafco America Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners. The vendor plans to use the funding to expand its sales and marketing process, and to further develop its VoIP capable IP Voice Communications System.

Shoreline Teleworks

Glocalnet & Cisco Team For European Services
Glocalnet reported that it is teaming with Cisco to expand its Sweden based VoIP network into Europe. The companies plan to offer VoIP services to both the business and residential sectors.



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