IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 27 2003

1. 3e Unveils VoIP over WLAN Solution
3e Technologies has introduced the 3e-720, a VoIP gateway for 11 Mbps WLANs that provides LAN and WAN connectivity, Internet access, analog and VoIP calling, AES encryption, and an optional energy management solution.

The company has also introduced the 3e-521IP, a wireless gateway. The technology features a tunable 200mW interface, range beyond 2000 feet, throughput support in excess of 4 Mbps, AES/3DES encryption, and operating modes including infrared connectivity for Palm OS handhelds or IrDA equipped PDAs. When the gateway is set to gateway mode, the technology allows the incorporation of a Radius Server, DHCP server, filtering (content, IP or host, port, or MAC addresses), virtual server, DMZ and SNMP.

3e Technologies International

3. Intermec Using TeleSym’s Tech to Add VoIP to Handheld PCs
Intermec Technologies is using TeleSym’s SymPhone software to enable its 700 series Pocket PC handheld computers to make and receive peer to peer VoIP calls over a 802.11b wireless LAN. Intermec charges $155 to add the feature to its products.

Intermec Technologies


5. Continuous Computing Acquires Trillium’s Protocol Stacks
Continuous Computing has acquired the rights to Trillium Digital Systems’ protocol stacks for IP telephony, wireless, broadband and signaling markets. The protocols include H.323, MGCP, SIP, GPRS, IMT-2000, SS7 and SIGTRAN. Continuous will use the technology to deliver source code, bundled software and hardware, and turnkey central office systems.

Continuous Computing

Trillium Digital Systems

7. New World Telecom Deploys Nortel’s VoIP Solution
Hong Kong-based, New World Telecom has deployed Nortel’s VoIP solution including the vendor’s Succession Communication Server 2000 Compact Softswitch and the Passport Packet Voice Gateway

Nortel has its softswitches and gateways deployed among 38 service providers in 22 countries. The company’s customer list includes companies such as Bell Canada, Charter, China Telecom, Connex, Telecable de Austurias, Telus, Tiscali, and Verizon.

Nortel Networks

New World Telecom

9. T-Systems Extends Order for VocalTec Equipment
T-Systems has placed a new order for $6.2 million worth of additional VocalTec gear and maintenance services. The order is expected to be fulfilled at the end of this quarter. T-Systems is undergoing its second major expansion of its ICSS Jules VoIP platform.



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