IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 29 2001

Digiquant Teams With Sun to Benchmark CC&B Technology
Digiquant (formerly Belle Systems) reported that it teamed with Sun Microsystems at Sun’s Benchmark Center in Paris to perform a benchmark analysis of its billing and management technology, Internet Management System (IMS). The analysis consisted of using IMS v3.2.2 system with Oracle v8.1.6 running on a Sun Enterprise 1000 server, equipped with 64 CPUs, and based on a configuration of 25 million subscribers. Each call in the study involved: an authentication; a pre-rate request based on call source, destination number, and account balance information; and a rate request including balance updates, invoice lines, and CDRs. The test revealed that the IMS rating engine handled 3,000 sessions per second sustained, and 3,500 in shorter periods on the 64-CPU Enterprise 1000 unit, which equals 259.2 million telephone calls per day, or approximately 10 calls per subscriber per day.

The IMS application is based on the Oracle8 platform and UNIX hardware systems. It consists of a master database, an application server and RADIUS server(s), which enables users to manage all aspects of IP services including authentication, service activation, mediation, rating, billing, and customer care. The solution can rate thousands of CDRs per second, and offers support for a variety of accounting methods such as time, block, manual and volume pricing plans, with built in adjustable cut off thresholds and status alerts. In addition, the vendor has also enhanced the solution to include a VoIP interconnect billing capability, which facilitates settlement payments between providers, and provides faster data processing, improved scalability, provisioning, mediation, rating and billing capabilities.


Sun Microsystems

Broadcom Introduces Single-Chip IP Phone Solution
Broadcom has reported the introduction of the BCM1100 IP Phone Engine, its single-chip solution for Ethernet IP telephones. The product, which ships with support for H.323, H.248/Megaco and SIP protocol stacks (optional T.38 support), will enable manufacturers to develop IP phones with an integrated Ethernet switch that can support the connection of both an office PC and an IP phone to a single LAN interface. The integrated Ethernet switch also supports the implementation of QoS technologies and, which when combined with the vendor’s xChange software, also implements dynamic jitter buffer management and packet loss recovery techniques. The product features analog codecs for handset and speakerphone support, a RISC processor core for protocol handling, a DSP core for signal processing and two Ethernet transceivers enabling it to receive, prioritize, process and play or forward packets of voice and data over existing corporate 10/100 Base-T networks. The device also integrates wideband-capable analog codecs, and several phone peripherals such as a keyscan interface, LED interface, serial ports, and an IOM-2 capable TDM port. In addition, it offers support for 3-way conferencing of channels using different vocoders, and half and full-duplex speakerphone functionality.

The technology is currently available for sampling in a 256-pin plastic BGA package. It is priced below $25 in volume quantities, and an enterprise phone reference design platform, the BCM91100, also ships with the development package.

Broadcom Corporation

Blue Wave Systems Introduces High Density DSP Resource Board
Blue Wave Systems has announced the introduction of its ComStruct CPCI/C5441 DSP resource board, which will enable OEMs to develop solutions such as softswitches, 3G wireless and V/FoIP platforms. The product can support up to up to 672 channels of compressed voice or fax relay, over IP or ATM infrastructures, in a single cPCI slot. It provides direct termination of multiple T1/E1 or T3/E3 configurations, and can use the H.110 interface for in-chassis call distribution, and to support external line termination, such as OC/3. It also offers a redundant 100BaseT-based Ethernet interface.

The product is expected to be available this fall, initially running under the Solaris 2.8 64-bit operating system and Linux. Pricing for 200K ports of compressed voice of fax relay over IP or ATM (including hardware, software and patent licenses) is projected to be under $25 per port.

Blue Wave

Yapalot Introduces New Flat Rate Calling Plans
Yapalot Communications announced that it has launched two new calling packages, Simply Yapalot and Yapalot Global, which will enable users to purchase calling blocks of 150 minutes, 500 minutes or for unlimited calling time for $10 (0.066 CPM), $25 (0.05 CPM) and $50 (Unlimited), respectively. Calls will be routed over the company’s global digital network via VoIP technologies to the destination phone.

The calling plans are currently available in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Miami and Israel. U.S. based users in other markets can also access the network and service via a toll free number.

Yapalot Communications

Surf and Motorola Team For Product Development Kit
Surf Communication Solutions reported that it is teaming with Motorola to develop a bundled silicon/software system that will enable OEMs to develop converged packet voice, packet fax, V.9x modems and high-speed data service equipment. The solution is expected to be based on Motorola’s line of MSC810x StarCore DSPs bundled with Surf’s Multi-access Pool (SMP) DSP software solution, which is designed to support VoIP, FoIP, V.9x modem and V.92 high speed data services, and enable users to develop a variety of telecommunication access equipment such as remote access servers/concentrators, media gateways, voice gateways, access routers, and 3G compliant wireless gateways. In addition, the toolkit is expected to offer support more than 60 fully convergent (voice/fax/modem) channels, 80 compressed voice channels with over 64 millisecond echo cancellation, or up to 600 non-compressed (G.711 compliant) voice channels.


Surf Communication Solutions

Mail.com Enhanced Internet Fax Client and Service
Mail.com has announced that that it has enhanced its Internet fax solutions. Its FaxLauncher Pro client is now compatible with Windows 2000, enabling users to send a facsimile document, including graphics, from any application in the Windows environment. The Fax Courier service, which enables users to receive facsimiles via any email account as an attachment, has been expanded to include local availability in 50 metro markets including Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. The service’s efficiency and reliability have also been improved, and its message management capabilities have been enhanced to include electronic filing, forwarding and storage.

Mail.com’s services enable users to send and receive faxes from email account to email account or fax machine, and it also offers a web based interface that enables users to access the services.


Indexonly to Deploy E-Net Interactive’s Web Based VoIP Technology
Indexonly Technologies said that they have signed a LOI with E-Net Interactive to deploy E-Net’s web based VoIP technologies in its business web directory to enable visitors to initiate real time PC to phone communications with any business listing.

Indexonly Technologies

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