IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 29 2003

1. BTG Acquires Rights to IAL’s VoIP Patents
BTG has acquired the rights to Intelligence at Large’s (IAL) patents related to voice and video over IP, with many dealing with H.323. The patents arose from IAL’s development of a Mac-based videoconferencing product known as Being There and from WebTalk, an OEM-VoIP product developed for Quarterdeck. BTG will attempt to license the technology.


Intelligence at Large

3. Digital Agent Deploys Carrier Access’ Media Gateway
Digital Agent, an Atlanta-based CLEC, has deployed Carrier Access’ Adit 600 Customer Media Gateway to support IP telephony services. The provider is using Telica’s softswitch.

In other news, Carrier Access has said that Fujitsu Asia will resell its media gateway.

Digital Agent

Carrier Access

Fujitsu Asia

5. TI Introduces DSP Based Echo Cancellation Solution
Pursuant to Texas Instruments’ acquisition of Ditech’s Telinnovation Echo Cancellation Unit last April, TI has introduced a fully programmable echo canceller based on its TMS320C5441 DSP. The technology supports up to 128 channels per system, an improvement in channel density over Telinnovation’s legacy products.

Texas Instruments

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