IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 31 2002

1. Global Crossing Accounting Practices Questioned
Roy Olofson, a VP of Finance for Global Crossing, sent a letter to the company’s top lawyer last August claiming that Global Crossing was inflating revenues and cash flow. The lawyer resigned a few days after receipt of the letter and Olofson was laid off three months later. A company spokesman, Dan Coulter, acknowledged Olofson’s letter and allegations, but said they were baseless. Coulter added that the former VP had threatened to make his allegations public if the company didn’t pay him to keep quiet. Olofson’s lawyer denied that his client tried to blackmail the company. The former VP’s lawyer also said a wrongful dismissal suit would be filed against Global Crossing.

Multiple financial analysts have conceded that Global Crossing practiced aggressive accounting.

Global Crossing

3. Chinese Carriers Testing IP Unity & ZTE Gear
IP Unity and ZTE have said that major Chinese telecom providers are testing its IP technology, which includes IP Unity’s Harmony6000 Media Server and ZTE’s Neptune Softswitch, for delivering unified messaging and remote conferencing. The media server has 16,000 ports. It features audio record and play, DTMF detection, text-to-speech and mixing packet streams. The server can be easily partitioned, allowing its processing power to be utilized by multiple applications. The softswitch provides service selection, call control and transport. It features policy-based device control, allowing dynamic management, as well as providing basic and programmable enhanced services.

ZTE, China’s largest listed telecom equipment manufacturer, has a working relationship with China Telecom and China Netcom.

IP Unity


5. Network Telephone Using Jetstream for VoDSL
Network Telephone launched SME VoDSL/VoT1 service in Pensacola in December, putting 2,000 lines in service in its first month. The operator plans to expand the service to offer long distance and local calling in the 31 markets it serves in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Network Telephone uses Jetstream’s VoIP technology. JetStream has said in a separate announcement that BellSouth has just completed a test of its CPX-1000 platformand IADs among customers in Miami and Atlanta.

Network Telephone


7. Octave Names 3 Customers of its Conferencing
Octave Communications, supplier of an IP conferencing solution, has named 3 of it customers including Connect-us Communications, a Reston, Virginia based provider of audio teleconferencing services; eRunway, a Westborough, Massachusetts based software and application services provider; and Infinite Conferencing, an outsource provider of audio conferencing services.

Octave Communications

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