IP Telephony news wrap-up for Jan 31 – 2007

Hermon Laboratories has introduced TCA 8200, a telecom conformance analyzer
that tests pre-compliance, compliance, development and production for
analog PSTN, xDSL, E1, T1, ISDN PRI, PRI L2/3, and VoIP/SIP. The testing
solution is fully automated and generates detailed analytical reports in
Word format. The product features defniition and management of test specs
and plans; remote monitoring; data backup and restore; and quality
assurance with ISO/IEC 17025 compatible test reports.

The VoIP component complies with the TIA/EIA-810 standard, which enables
testing of transmission between analog, digital and VoIP, in any
combination. The component provides TIMS and voice quality testing and
echo cancellation as well as acoustic testing of IP phones with optional

The SIP component, which can operate with the TCA 8200 or as a standalone
software solution supports ETSI TS 102.027-1.

Hermon Laboratories
Sipera Systems has introduced the IPCS 410 and 510, two new enterprise
security platforms that provide both network security and firewall/border
control functionality. The security elements support encrypted signaling,
encrypted media and two factor authentication. The firewall and border
controller solve firewall/NAT issues and apply granular signaling, media
and security policies to every VoIP, IM and multimedia session based on
network, user, device and time of day.

The unified communications policies characterize each call flow and create
actions to allow, deny or apply routing and security to each session,
enabling enterprises to deploy equipment and applications with compromising
established security policies.

The new products provide real-time protection of networks and users from
attacks, misuse and service abuse including DoS/DDoS floods, fuzzing,
stealth and VoIP spam.

The 410 supports 10,000 users and up to 1 Gbps of throughput. The 510
supports 100,000 users and up to 2 Gbps of throughput.

Sipera Systems
Global IP Sound, which has now changed its name to Global IP Solutions
(still GIPS), is expanding its product offering based on a couple of recent
acquisitions including Espre Solutions and CrystalVoice. Through GIPS’
purchase of Espre, it gained patented video codec technology that will
enable the development of products with both IP voice and video. With the
purchase of Crystal Voice, GIPS is prepared to offer remote extension and
click to talk functionality for the enterprise market.

GIobal IP Solutions
Espre Solutions
Atcom Technology, a VoIP terminal manufacturer based in China has
introduced two new cards for Asterisk-based phone systems including AX-4S,
its 4 port BRI ISDN card and AX-1E, its single port E1 PRI card.

The BRI ISDN card is designed for a medium sized voice, speech and
conferencing platform. It can be used for ISDN BRI PBXs, ISDN least cost
routers, VoIP BRI gateways, VoIP integration of ISDN equipment, and PBX to
PBX VoIP trunking.

The AX-4S supports up to 8 voice channels for TE and NT mode. The card
features an integrated PCI bus interface, media processing voice activity
detection, DTMF and tone handling, echo cancellation, switching and
conferencing support, PCM bus connectors that can daisy chain to a maximum
of 8 cards, 4 dual color LEDs with active channel switching, and a point to
point and point to multipoint Euro ISDN protocol stack for 3.3V and 5V 32
bit PCI slots.

The AX-E1 boasts similar functionality to the BRI ISDN card, but has one E1
PRI port and supports 30 channels.

Atcom Technology
XO Communications has reported that its XOptions Flex VoIP service is being
used by 100,000 people employed by 7,500 companies throughout the U.S.

XOptions Flex includes dedicated Internet access with support for up to 3
Mbps connectivity, dynamic bandwidth allocation, local and long distance
calling, 32 channels of voice, web hosting, and support for more than 20
voice calling features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call
forwarding, and 3-way calling.

XO Communications
NEC has introduced VoIP Seal, a SPIT (Spam over IP Telephony) prevention
solution that uses a Turing test to detect if an incoming call has been
generated by spam software. Few details about the technology were
disclosed. The company did state VoIP Seal is modular, enabling it to be
easily updated or modified to interoperate in a variety of infrastructure

Business Communications Review has launched a series of online courses that
address a plethora of issues related to VoIP. The courses are held on
established dates throughout the year and can typically be completed over a
few days. Some of the courses titles include

* Preparing Data Networks for VoIP
* VoIP and Converged Networks
* Channel Provider & Partner Strategies for VoIP
* Preparing Data Networks for VoIP
* Planning and Implementing VoIP Unified Communications
* Converged Networks and VoIP Fundamentals for Sales Professionals
* IP Convergent Networks: Voice, Video, and Data
* IP Telephony Systems & Communications
* Voice over IP and IP Telephony
* VoIP II: Deploying VoIP in the Enterprise

Each course is $1,200. If you take two courses, the tuition drops to just
under $1000 per course.

Business Communications Review
BCR Training
Mark Spencer, the creator of Asterisk, has stepped aside from his role as
CEO of Digium and will be replaced by Danny Windham, the President and COO
of Adtran. Mark will assume the role of Chairman and CTO.

Spencer once worked for Adtran and Adtran provided some capital for Digium
when it was created.


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