IP Telephony news wrap-up for January 19, 1998

European Commission Chooses Not to Regulate Internet Telephony
The European Commission (EC) has ruled that Internet telephony is not sufficiently advanced enough to be considered under the rule of the EC. Accordingly, it decided that ISPs offering Internet telephony will not be subjected to EC legislation as the service has not been deemed as fully functional and profitable.

The EC will review the technological and market advancements on an annual basis. ACC and Deutsche Telekom plan to launch Internet telephony services later in the year. 

IDT to Offers its Net2Phone Service at 5 Cents a Minute

IDT has announced it will offer its Net2Phone Direct Internet telephony service at 5 cents per minute for calls from phones exclusively in Chicago and New York to any telephone in the U.S. Folks calling from other cities will pay IDT's standard 8 cents per minute rate. As part of the marketing effort, IDT is providing anyone in any market offering Net2Phone service to place a U.S. toll call at no charge. To instigate the free phone call, you must first call 1-800-225-5438 <800-CALL-IDT>.

The new rates for New York and Chicago will take effect on February 2, 1998.


DotCom and VocalTec Put Operator Assistance into Internet Telephony

DotCom Technologies has announced that it will partner with VocalTec Communications to launch a global PC to phone charge per call and collect call Internet telephony service.

Users will need VocalTec's free Surf & Call plugin or VocalTec's Internet Phone 5 to call any phone in the world from a PC.

All calls will be routed through DotCom's operator service and may be placed collect or charged to a credit card. In both instances, the call will be charged on a per call basis.

Selsius Introduces Availability of New Telephony Products

Selsius Systems has announced the availability of two new products including the Selsius-Access DT-24 gateway and the Selsius-VoiceInbox, a voice answering system that interfaces with MAPI e-mail systems. The VoiceInbox stores voice e-mail messages as .wav files, which can be accessed via e-mail.

The H.323-compliant Selsius-Access DT-24 supports PC to phone and phone to phone. The gateway has an ISDN PRI and TI interface. Each Interface card will support 24 channels. The DT-24, which will provide call forward, transfer, and hold, will go for $12,000 per T1/PRI interface.

Selsius also announced that its Selsius-Phone will support DHCP , allowing into plug into any Ethernet jack and auto extract IP addresses and configure data from the server. IP addresses will then be registered with the Selsius CallManager Directory services and become active.

Bay Networks to Introduce IP Telephony Products in '98

Following the announcement of a partnership with NetSpeak that included an equity investment, joint development and an OEM agreement, Bay has reported plans to unveil its first round of IP telephony products in Q'2 of '98. It will provide voice over IP functionality to existing customers as an upgrade.

The first carrier grade voice and fax over IP products and modules for the BayStack should be available by Q2 '99.

VideoServer & View Tech Enter Distribution Agreement

VideoServer and View Tech have signed a distribution and co-marketing agreement in which View Tech will carry VideoServer's Multimedia Conference Server. The Multimedia Conference Server products provide conferencing, conference control applications, and network and bandwidth management abilities.

STF Technologies to Provide Mac Support for Netcentric's Fax Products

STF Technologies has announced that it has partnered with NetCentric, in a deal that allows NetCentric to provide Internet connectivity to STF's Mac only facsimile solution.

The new product, FAXstf Internet, will allow Mac users to send point-to-point or broadcast facsimiles over NetCentric's FaxStorm Internet Fax System server to any fax machine or desktop computer globally. The FaxStorm servers are used by major network service providers. Users will also be able to receive faxes 24 – 7 via a fax mailbox, email, or web browser.

FAXstf Internet will be available in two versions, FAXstf Internet and FAXstf Internet 3.2. FAXstf Internet will allow users to send and receive a fax via a web browser from any application and provide the ability to combine two or more faxes into one. The product, which also has grayscale capabilities, will be priced at $19. FAXstf Internet 3.2 features will include Internet fax capabilities, fax forwarding, drag and drop faxing from the desktop, and support for over 500 modems. It is priced at $69 for new users and at $19 for upgrades.

NetCentric's software developing kit is being used for IP fax by Allaire, Dazel, Omtool, Symantec, and Visioneer.

Omtool to Enhance Fax Product to Operate with Netcentric's Network

Omtool has announced that it has partnered with Netcentric to joint develop fax software that will enable Omtool's Fax Sr. to operate with Netcentric's network. The enabling technology will be known as the FaxStorm connector.

FaxStorm Connector will be available in late February as an upgrade.

The Fax Sr. fax server has an advanced ActiveX fax client and a Java fax client. It is compatible with Win 3.x, Win 95, Win NT, Macintosh, VMS, UNIX, Microsoft Exchange, and DOS.

FaxSav and DDI to Offer Internet Fax Service

DDI, a Japanese long distance telco, has announced that it has licensed FaxSav's technology enabling it to offer global Internet facsimile services to the Japanese market. DDI will access FaxSav's services which feature automatic multiple retries, message security, and billing for successfully transmitted faxes only.

DDI plans to launch the service to its Alpha 5 customers on February 1.

The licensing agreement follows DDI's deal with the Chinese Ministry of foreign Trade and Economic Co-Operation, in which the telco is set to provide the PRC with Internet facsimile capabilities. The arrangement with DDI will add to FaxSav's dominance as the provider of Internet facsimile services in Asia. FaxSav currently has three network installations in the U.S. and nodes in 20 countries.

KDD to Offer Fax Service to Japanese ISPs

KDD has announced that it will offer Internet facsimile services to ISPs. Users of the service will send the facsimile file to their ISP who will then transmit the facsimile to its destination. Facsimile transmissions to domestic locations will be handled by DDI's new Internet fax network.

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