IP Telephony news wrap-up for January 5, 1998

Deutsche Telecom Places Equity Investment in VocalTec
Deutsche Telecom has announced that it will acquire 21.1 percent of VocalTec, in an agreement that also calls for the company to purchase $30 million worth of VocalTec products and services over the next two years.

Deutsche Telecom is scheduled to deploy IP services after the deregulation of European telecommunications in January, 1998.

White Pine Releases H.323 Compliant CU-SeeMe
White Pine's has announced the release of CU SEE-ME v.3.1, which is H.323 compliant. Upgrades to the new version will be offered at no charge.


Analog Devices Releases PCI/Modem Chip
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) has released a merged PC audio/modem controller for the PCI bus called SoundMax 64. It has an embedded DSP core and is programmable to support an array of algorithms. SoundMax will support K56-kbps Internet access and Internet telephony.


Hitachi Releases Error Correcting IT Server
Hitachi has released an Internet Telephony Server (ITS/Phone server) based on an error correction chip that reconstructs lost/delayed packet transmissions.

The ITS/Phone server will use phone to phone connections. Users will dial their ISP then the number they want to call and the ISP will connect the call using the ITS/Phone server.


Internet Caller ID
Nortel is offering Call Waiting to online users with only one telephone line. The application will present the callers name and number on a pop-up menu. Users will be able to accept the call, transfer it to another number or voicemail, activate a message or ignore the call.


Cidco and Infogear to offer IP phone
Cidco has partnered with Infogear to introduce a phone with Internet capabilities. The phone will come equipped with a 14.4 modem and a 16-shade gray-scale screen.


Intermedia to Offer IT Services
Intermedia Communications, which currently uses voice over frame relay applications for corporate intranets, plans to introduce Internet telephony services in Q'2 of '98.


Oki Electronic to Offer IT Product
Oki Electronic has announced that it will introduce its own IT gateway to known as the Internet Voice Gateway BS1200. Availability is scheduled for February of '98.

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