IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 02 2001

IMTC Refines Focus to Address Next Gen IP Telecommunications
The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) is refining its focus to include addressing international implementation and deployment issues for technologies such as network address translation, firewall traversal, IP Mobility, and QoS. The new IMTC mission will encompass existing efforts as well as expand its role with similar activities, which can are divided into four main area including industry requirements, protocols and systems, network infrastructure, and education. The association also intends to draft overall technical working plans that address base technology and interoperability issues for large-scale deployment of IP-based multimedia telecommunications products and services. It also intends to continue working to influence various international standardization bodies such as ETSI, IETF, ITU, TIA and TTC.

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium

France Telecom Interconnects With Net2Phone
Net2Phone announced that France Telecom has interconnected its voice network with Net2Phone’s managed VoIP network to route voice traffic throughout the world. According to the terms of the deal, Net2Phone will handle call management, rating, routing, and authentication via its gatekeeper platforms, and utilize its LCR application to provide LCR for calls placed to any market in the world. Net2Phone offers IP telephony connectivity between PCs, phones, web sites and facsimile machines or any combination thereof. The combination of its network, which has operations in over 50 countries throughout the world, and its provider affiliate’s networks, enable users to place calls from any PC or telephone in the world to any telephone or PC in the world.

France Telecom


IDT Introduces Octal/Quad CODEC Implementations
IDT (Integrated Device Technology) has announced the introduction of an octal voice CODEC and two quad CODECs, its applications designed for OEMs developing communications products such as enterprise voice routers, VoIP gateways, multi-service access switches, residential IADs and digital loop carrier voice switches. The products feature support for AC impedance matching, tone generation, trans-hybrid balance, frequency response correction, gain setting, and selectable microprocessor interface/general communications interface.

The octal CODEC is currently sampling with commercial availability scheduled for this August. Pricing begins at $10.50 in 10,000 unit quantities. The quad versions are expected to begin sampling in September and be released on a commercial basis in November. Pricing is expected to begin at $3.90 in 10,000 unit quantities.


Cognitronics to Integrate Performance’s Technology
Cognitronics Corporation has announced that it is planning to integrate Performance Technologies’ IPnexus CPC4400 series of embedded Ethernet switches into its CX 4000 line of Network Media Servers. The 4000 series is designed as a next gen, high-density carrier-class network media server, that can combine voice and data resources to support enhanced packet-based and circuit-switched network voice announcement solutions and services such as conferencing, unified messaging, email to voice, text-to-speech, voice recognition and prepaid/debit cards. It is based on the new CompactPCI packet switching backplane architecture that was proposed by Performance Technologies and is currently being ratified by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) 2.16 subcommittee.

Cognitronics Corporation

Performance Technologies

The DMA Integrates eStara’s VoIP eCommerce Technology
The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has reported that it has deployed eStara’s web voice service technology to enable its members or web site visitors to click a link to initiate real time communications with a CSR. DMA also intends to integrate the technology into email marketing efforts to enable recipients to click a link to initiate communications.

Direct Marketing Association


Dominix and Subsidiaries to Expand In Russia
Dominix announced that its joint venture telecommunication partner in Russia, Telenet MKTC, has finalized a lease agreement for an additional E1 (2.048 Mbps) data line between Moscow and New York. This additional capacity will allow RoyaleClub, another Dominix subsidiary to begin offering services to and from the Russian market and the U.S. In addition, the agreement also calls for the lease/deployment of Dominix/ICON Internet telephony switches in the market.

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