IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 03 2002

1. Comcast to Offer Residential VoCable in Philadelphia
Comcast is deploying Arris’ DOCSIS 1.1 system in Philadelphia to support a Packetcable-based residential VoIP service scheduled for launch in Q’2 of 2003.



3. Orbit America Acquires NetVoice’s Assets
Orbit America has acquired the primary network assets of NetVoice Technologies including NetVoice’s former Dallas NOC and PoPs in 30 major urban areas across the U.S. The technology was acquired for 10% of the original purchase price of the equipment. Orbit will use the assets to accelerate the deployment of its North American VoIP network.


5. Sumisho to Resell Jasomi’s SIP to SIP Gateway in Japan
Sumisho Electronics will resell Jasomi’s PeerPoint, a VoIP solution that includes a SIP to SIP gateway and enterprise network technology, in Japan. PeerPoint employs a back to back user agent and fast media proxy to demarc calls by terminating and then regenerating each arriving and departing call stream.

PeerPoint splits each VoIP call into two half calls, and controls the signaling and media streams of both halves. One half call is designated as external to the carrier, and the other is internal. Jasomi’s system handles all access control, billing, gating, and protocol field translations between the two half calls and also carries the call media streams across the external/internal boundary. To all of the other equipment involved in completing a call, PeerPoint appears as a call termination point, similar to the way an IP to PSTN gateway appears to terminate a call. Instead of terminating a call, the technology creates a brand new SIP session to carry the call’s contents across the inter-carrier boundary.

The PeerPoint Enterprise Edition is installed as a server in an organization’s DMZ. It translates VoIP call streams between the internal private IP address space and the external global address space, enabling calls to pass into and out of the organization across the NAT boundary.

Jasomi Networks

Sumisho Electronics

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