IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 06 2000

China Telecom to Use Startec’s VoIP Network
China Telecom reported that it is teaming with Startec Global Communications to develop VoIP services. According to the terms of the agreement, China Telecom will use Startec’s IP telephony network to route both voice and data communications between its markets China and select markets throughout Canada, the UK and the U.S.

China Telecom has more than 120 million fixed telecommunications lines in operation throughout the People’s Republic of China. It has recently teamed with both Clarent and RADVision to develop its own IP telephony networks in the market.

Startec is in the process of establishing a global IP network based on IP, ATM and traditional platforms deployed throughout Africa, the Asia Pacific, Central Europe, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and the U.S. The network features an ATM ring with over 32 POPs (71 IP gateways and 12 switches) located in over 32 countries, with command centers utilizing SS7 technologies in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Guam. The network combined with the company’s international termination agreements and ownership interests in 15 undersea optic cables enable it to offer services such as Internet access, IP telephony and web hosting in more than 44 countries.

Startec Global Communications

China Telecom



Dial-Thru to Use Global Crossing’s Capacity for Services
Dial-Thru International announced that it has reached an agreement with Global Crossing, in which it will use capacity on Global Crossing’s international networks to provide IP telephony, Internet access as well as an array of other enhanced products and services on a global basis. The provide has also recently announced an agreement with Giagbell AG, in which it intends to use Gigabell’s infrastructure to develop an IP telephony service between the U.S. and select European markets. In addition, it plans to expand the agreement with Gigabell to include connectivity throughout Asia, Africa and South America.

Dial-Thru is a facilities based provider in the process of developing a private IP telephony network. The company offers an array of international telecommunications services including wholesale carrier, international dial-thru, re-origination, Internet fax, eCommerce and prepaid phone cards. In addition, the firm also utilizes oceanic cable transmission facilities, international satellites, and the Internet to transport its communications traffic.

Dial-Thru International

Global Crossing

Gigabell AG

Terremark to Acquire Spectrum Telecommunications
Terremark Worldwide reported that it has signed an agreement to acquire Spectrum Telecommunications, a privately held Miami-based telco that has operations in four Latin American countries. According to the terms of the agreement, Terremark will trade an undisclosed portion of newly issued common stock for 80 percent of Spectrum’s common shares. The deal is expected to close in August.

Terremark intends to leverage Spectrum’s existing operations and networks throughout Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru to develop a next gen telco that can offer service throughout Latin America. The firm intends to specifically focus on developing VoIP connectivity (as well as several other value added offerings) that it will offer on both a wholesale and retail basis.

Terremark Worldwide

Engage Introduces IP Communications Connection Product
Engage Communication has announced the introduction of the IPTube-T1, its solution for encapsulating full and fractional T1s (along with framing and signaling bits) into IP packets. The product can connect existing PBXs, telecom switches and T1 based communications systems to IP based LANs, WANs, MANs and IP based satellite links. The unit is expected to support voice, data and video communications technologies, and it will offer an interface for PSTN connectivity. The IPTube-T1 has a T1 interface that connects directly to the T1/DS1 interface of phone systems or T1 data communication equipment, and an Ethernet interface for LAN connection. An optional synchronous serial WAN interface is also available to connect the system to ADSL, SDSL, and T1/FT1 based data communication equipment.

Engage Communication

Latinode, SurfEU & Setel to Offer deltathree’s Services
deltathree.com has announced that Latinode, a Latin American telco, SurfEU, a European based ISP, and Setel, a South American telco, are planning to offer its Internet telephony services. Latinode intends to terminate traffic for deltathree and affiliates throughout Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela. It is also planning to offer traffic origination to its subs via deltathree’s PC to phone and unified messaging services. SurfEU plans to offer deltathree’s PC to phone and phone to phone VoIP services to its approximately 1 million subs. The ISP will provide both origination and termination capabilities. In addition, the firms intend to develop a co branded web page that will be featured at SurfEU’s site, offering new and existing customers the opportunity to open a deltathree calling account. Setel intends to use deltathree’s VoIP network to both originate and terminate traffic to and from its over 250,000 subscribers in Curacao. It also plans to offer deltathree’s PC to phone and unified messaging services.

deltathree’s communications services include VoIP connectivity between phones, PCs and web sites or any combination thereof, as well as eCommerce, unified messaging, global roaming and calling cards. It routes calls over its private, managed Internet telephony network, which uses the PSTN to both terminate and originate call traffic and has 70 POPs throughout 36 countries. The network combined with its affiliate provider’s networks, enable the company’s subscribers to place Internet telephony calls to over 160 countries.



Brooktrout Integrates Linux Support into Products
Brooktrout Technology reported that it is integrating Linux support into its development platforms (the Vantage, RDSP, RTNI, TRxStream and Netaccess series of products) for IP telephony, unified messaging, voice portals, web IVR, enhanced calling service and switching. The Linux technology is expected to be bundled with the products at no charge.

Linux drivers for the TR1000 and TR114 products currently available, with drivers for its other products scheduled for availability this fall.

Brooktrout Technology

Spectrum Signal Introduce OEM Packet Boards
Spectrum Signal Processing has announced the introduction of its aXs line of VoIP board solutions, which are designed to enable OEMs to develop packet based solutions for ILECs, CLECs, IXCs, MSOs and ISPs. The PCI Mezzanine card based technology is expected to support port capacities beginning at 1024. The products will consist of a bundle of pre-configured technologies for voice compression, fax relay, echo cancellation, telephony and packet processing.

The products are expected to be commercially available this fall.

Spectrum Signal Processing

Globe Telecom to Build Cisco Equipment Based Network
Globe Telecom, a Philippine based telecommunications provider, announced that it is deploying Cisco’s IP, ATM and MPLS equipment to develop and offer an array of value added services. It intends to design the IP/ATM based infrastructure to support offerings such as Internet access, IP VPN, VoIP and unified messaging services that can implement QoS technologies.

Globe Telecom offers CMTS, fixed telephone, data and Internet access, VSAT, inter-exchange, international/domestic private leased lines, Frame Relay and value added network services.

Globe Telecom

Cisco Systems

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