IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 07 2003

1. TelcoBlue Expands to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden
TelcoBlue, a provider of PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, and phone-to-phone IP telephony services, has expanded its network to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Callers from North America will be able to call Norway for as low as $0.024 CPM, to Denmark for as low as $0.0324 CPM, and to Sweden from $0.023 CPM.

TelcoBlue has also established new marketing partners including 724Bingo.Com and CallPlaces.Com. 724Bingo. Com licenses operators its software to operate private label gaming sites. TelcoBlue’s service will become part of 724Bingo.Com’s product suite. CallPlaces.Com, a Belgium based telco provider, will market TelcoBlue services over its web site. Initially, CallPlaces.Com will offer England to India calling.


3. Nicer Canada Names New Customers in Taiwan
First Commercial Bank and Roo Hsing Garment plan to deploy Nicer Canada’s VoIP solution to connect their respective branch offices. First Commercial Bank, based in Taiwan, plans to use the technology to connect 16 of its overseas branches. The institution maintains 198 branches. Roo Hsing Garment, also based in Taiwan, plans to use Nicer Canada’s VoIP system to connect three Asian offices.

Nicer offers two different H.323 based VoIP solutions. One has two FXS interfaces and the other has two FXS interfaces and two FXO interfaces. Both systems feature echo cancellation, Voice Activity Detection, Comfort Noise Generation, lost packet recovery algorithms, and voice and fax coders.

Nicer Canada

First Commercial Bank

5. VoipXchange to Terminate for PHD Telecom & Astel Telecom
VoipXchange will terminate calls for both PHD Telecom and Astel Telecom.

PHD Telecom has placed a $9.7 million order for 38.4 million minutes to the U.S., Canada, Philippines Mobile, Pakistan Mobile, and Pakistan Proper. PHD will send the minutes at a rate of 1-2 million minutes per day. The majority of the minutes will be reserved for major carriers located in the U.S. As a result of the agreement, VoipXchange increased its network bandwidth capacity to a fully redundant OC48 connection.

VoipXchange will provide Astel, a Greece-based national long distance provider, with 6 million minutes per month. Astel has made minimum monthly traffic commitments for 2 million minutes each for Netherlands Mobile, Switzerland Mobile, and Belgium Mobile.

VoipXchange has 1,600 VoIP termination partners and claims to be the largest long distance wholesaler.

PHD Telecom


7. Acme Packet and Tangerine to Co-Market VoIP Solution
Acme Packet, a session border controller vendor, has teamed with Tangerine, an application softswitch platform supplier to co-market their interoperable VoIP solution. The session border controller protects Tangerine’s server infrastructure from DoS attacks and helps the application scale with SIP- based call setup, server load balancing and failover, and low latency media flow. The two companies will pitch the combined technologies for applications such as SIP based prepaid call cards.

In other news, Acme has said PointOne, an Austin-based next gen provider, has deployed is session border controllers in its nationwide network.

Acme Packet



9. Data Access and Smart Comm to Interconnect with ITXC
Data Access India and Smart Communications have each signed interconnection agreements to exchange traffic over ITXC’s network. Smart Communications, a Philippines based provider, will send traffic over the network from its mobile customers.


Data Access India

Smart Communications

11. KT to Test Lucent’s Trunk Access Gateway in S. Korea
KT, South Korea’s largest communications service provider, will deploy Lucent’s APX 8000 Universal Gateway system at one of KT’s research centers in Daeduk by the end of this month. The gateway system will act as a media gateway to transmit PSTN traffic to an IP network by interfacing with KT’s softswitch. Lucent has already supplied KT with its line access gateway.

Lucent’s APX 8000 is a multi-protocol system that supports H.248, IPDC, SIP, H.323, V.92, and PHS. The voice quality meets the following standards: G.711, G.729, G.728, and G.723.1.

Lucent has previously provided KT with switching systems such as the 4ESS toll switch and 5ESS switch for voice services, broadband access systems, and optical networking systems including 2.5G, 10G SDH, DWDM, and DACS to build backbone networks.



13. Empirix Enhances VoIP Test & Monitoring Solution
Empirix has released version 1.2 of Hammer Call Analyzer, the company’s test and monitoring tool for voice, network, and web applications. The new release is capable of analyzing, displaying, and playing back RTP media streams and providing voice quality metrics. In addition, the Call Analyzer can now associate messages across different signaling domains. For instance, the Call Analyzer can automatically display all the messages from the IP and TDM legs of a VoIP call in a single ladder diagram.

The Hammer Call Analyzer monitors and decodes VoIP and TDM protocols and displays signaling and media interactions in an intuitive call flow display. It automatically associates messages into call contexts. The tool also provides facilities for searching, filtering, and triggering based on signaling protocol level events.

The new release is currently available. Customers under maintenance will receive version 1.2 as a free upgrade. The testing solution is available in an IP only software configuration or as a TDM/IP system.


15. Muzak Deploys Shoreline’s IP PBX
Muzak, a provider of music and messaging, has deployed Shoreline Communications’ IP PBX. The system has already been installed at the company’s headquarters in Fort Mill, South Carolina and at 18 affiliate offices. The IP telephony system will be extended to cover all of Muzak’s 40 offices by the end of next year.

Shoreline Communications


17. ITD Becomes Distributor for Interactive Intelligence
ITD, a Turkey based telecom distributor, will distribute Interactive Intelligence’s software for IP telephony, contact center automation and unified communications to resellers throughout Turkey, Poland, Romania, Greece, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and the Middle East.

Applications for the software include TDM and IP based switching with SIP support, voicemail, unified messaging, IVR, automatic call distribution, Internet text chat, web callback, and wireless access.

Interactive Intelligence


19. WaveCrest Deploys NexTone’s Switch & Session Controller
WaveCrest, one of Europe’s largest voice carriers, has deployed NexTone’s Multiprotocol Signaling Switch and session controllers. The switch provides advanced call routing for VoIP traffic in WaveCrest’s core network. The session controllers, deployed at the carrier’s PoPs, provide secure peering with partner VoIP providers. The session controllers deliver dynamic call admission control, SIP/ H.323 interworking function, and NAT capabilities.


NexTone Communications

21. Witnet Introduces Video over IP to PDAs
Witnet International has introduced ModaPhone, software that will allow IP voice and video to be delivered to PDAs. The software transforms PDAs into videophones, supporting features such as real-time whitebaord drawing, still image sharing, and video. Users will be able to simultaneously send and receive video or still picture images during a VoIP call session using a PDA. Calls can be placed from the PDA to another computer with ModaPhone software or to another phone or cell phone.

The technology runs over GPRS and CDMA IX networks.

Currently, Witnet’s software operates with Mobilick’s PDA.

Witnet International


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