IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 09 2004

1. Renesas Introduces 200 MHz MPU with VoIP Middleware Support
Renesas Technology America has introduced the SH7710, a microprocessor with a 32-bit RISC device, designed for use in VoIP ATAs, routers, home gateway servers and secure routers. The processor operates at 200 MHz and can encode and decode up to 4 channels of voice, while running an OS, SIP and other networking protocol stacks.

The MPU has a built in DSP that performs multimedia tasks as well as other types of processing such as MPEG computations used to transmit signals from IP cameras.

The SH771 supports a complete set of VoIP middleware. All speech CODECs are ITU-compliant, such as G.711, G.723.1, G.726, and G.729A. The speech CODEC license includes patent indemnification that covers major countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. An echo canceller and an adaptive jitter buffer manager are also available.

The on-chip peripheral functionality of the technology includes IPsec accelerator with DES, 3DES, MD5, and SHA-1 support; an Ethernet controller with 2 channels; a dedicated DMAC for an Ethernet controller with 4 channels; a general purpose DMAC with 6 channels; a serial interface with FIFO with 2 channels; a real-time clock; and a timer with 3 channels.

Other features/specs include:

* 260 MIPS processing

* -20 degrees C to +75 degrees C operating temp

* Power supply voltage of I/O: 3.3V; internal: 1.5V

* Cache memory of 32 KB, mixed instructions/data type, 4-way set associative

* X/Y memory of 16 KB

* 0.18 micron CMOS process

The processor is offered with the packaging option of 256-pin HQFP or 256-pin CSP. In sample quantities, the processor, regardless of packaging type, is priced at $20.

Support tools and evaluation boards are also available.


3. ID Telecoms Launches PC/Phone to Phone VoIP Service
ID Telecoms has launched MyWebCalls, a prepaid PC or phone to phone VoIP service based on per second billing. The Windows-based PC to phone service allows users to initiate calls either from a web site or a software client. Phone to phone support is provided for consumers with broadband Internet connections via the use of Cisco’s ATA or select IP phones. IP to IP calls are free. Users cannot receive calls.

MyWebCalls features a callback service that allows users to make calls from mobile phones by sending a SMS message to the provider’s server. The message triggers the server to call the user and the destination phone number and connects the two. The service also features online access to call logs.

Users can pre-pay in denominations of $5, $10, and $30.

ID Telecoms also offers a reseller program that allows 3rd party providers to set their own calling rates and create their own resellers.

ID Telecoms

5. Mera Introduces New Session Border Controller
Mera Systems has introduced VoIPal, a session border controller that translates between SIP and H.323 and enables direct VoIP interconnections between service providers and their enterprise customers, running either IP Centrex or IP PBX systems supplied multiple vendors such as Alcatel, Cisco, Nortel, and VocalTec.

The technology performs protocol repairs, fixing inconsistencies between protocol dialects and converting media CODECs to achieve compatibility among carrier and enterprise equipment. The session border controller also corrects processing of vendor specific telephony features.

In addition to interworking functionality, VoIPal also operates as a full featured VoIP firewall.

Mera Systems

7. Boeing Tests VoIP Service on Airplanes
Boeing has successfully tested its Connexion VoIP service, which allows passengers to make in-flight VoIP calls from their laptop. The system utilizes an antenna attached to the plane’s fuselage to connect voice traffic with geostationary satellites.

During the test, on a Lufthansa flight, Xten’s SIP softphone was used to place a call from 40,000 feet in flight.



9. Carrius Unveils VoIP Platform, Switch, and Gateways
Carrius Technologies has introduced its Compleat family of VoIP products, which includes an IP services platform, a broadband switch, and two VoIP gateways.

Compleat 100 is an IP services platform that enables developers to use its API to create applications such as calling card services, contact centers, conferencing, and voicemail. The product is currently available.

The Compleat 300 is a broadband switch that features GR-303 and TR-008 interfaces to Class 5 switching systems to extend Class 5 business groups such as Centrex and residential services to subtend users via IP. The switch also interfaces with 3rd party application feature servers and select operating systems for enhancing broadband services. The product will be available in Q3.

The Compleat 200 is an IP gateway that provides interworking with any combination of SIP and H.323 endpoints, as well as providing TDM (CAS, ISDN, PRI, SS7/C7)-IP gateway functionality. The device scales from 48 to 10,752 calls per shelf.

The 200 model gateway dynamically determines the need for bearer path translation, and automatically provides transcoding between endpoints employing different CODECs. It employs the concept of Virtual Network Planes, allowing a carrier to segregate its network for QoS, security, and billing purposes. The gateway also provides network topology hiding, access control, IP routing, and call records. The product is currently available.

The Compleat 400 is an IP gateway that serves as an integrated digital terminal to enable conversion of GR-30/TR-008 DLC traffic to IP, and to place existing DLC lines under softswitch/ packet control. The product is scheduled for availability in late 2004.

In other news, Carrius announced that it has teamed with D-TAC to co-market a VoIP solution that would include Carrius’ 200 model gateway and D-TAC’s operations support and billing systems.

Carrius Technologies


11. Telco Systems Unveils a New CPE VoIP Gateway & Enterprise IAD
Telco Systems has introduced two new VoIP products including a CPE VoIP gateway and an enterprise IAD.

The Access211, a 2-port CPE VoIP gateway connects a regular phone or fax machine to a broadband modem. The gateway supports SIP, MGCP, and H.323 signaling as well as other protocols including T.38, NAT, DHCP, and 802.1 q VLAN tagging.

Access211 features integrated routing capabilities, traffic shaping ability, QoS technology, PSTN failover and TOS Marking. Calling features supported include call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call transfer and hold.

The Access 60 HDI is an IAD that connects IP networks to TDM or Ethernet based PBX and Centrex sytems, enabling IP services to be delivered over legacy business phone systems. The IAD supports PPP and MLPPP interfaces that permit the combining of multiple T1 circuits into a virtual single pipeline to carry IP traffic.

The IAD provides up to 48 FXS ports in a compact chassis consisting of 3 rack units. The device is modular and scaleable, allowing users to implement whatever service delivery and uplink modules meet their needs.

Other features include:

* NEBS-compliant with power supply redundancy options

* Uplink options include T1 and 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

* Customer interface options include 10/100 BaseT to the LAN, FXS/FXO analog interfaces, and PRI/RBS for

VoIP connectivity to a PBX

* configurable with up to 6 hot swappable service modules that can fit any LAN/WAN/PBX configuration

* advanced jitter buffer management algorithms

* 802.1p

* TOS marking

* UDP and TCP MLPPP packet fragmentation

* MLPPP over Frame Relay fragmentation

* PSTN failover

Telco Systems

13. Worldwide Telco Launches Primary Line Residential Service
Worldwide Telco, a switching platform provider, has launched WipPhone, a primary line residential and business VoIP service for broadband Internet subscribers. The service is offered via five residential plans and four business plans. Subscribers can access the service with a free softphone, or a purchase an IP phone, or a one or two port terminal adapter for phone to phone service.

Residential calling plans range in price from a free basic service that includes discounted per minute billing to the Unlimited SmallWorld plan, which includes unlimited local, long distance, and international calling to 45 countries for $59.95 per month.

Business calling plans range from $24.95 per month for 2500 North American minutes to $129.95 per month for unlimited calling to 45 countries.

Worldwide Telco

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