IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 10 2000

IETF Teams With Vendors to Develop Signaling Quality Protocol
The IETF said that it recently teamed with several vendors including 3Com, Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel Networks, Performance Technologies (MicroLegend), Sun, Telcordia, Trillium, S-Link and Siemens to test IP based products and connectivity using Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), a protocol that is being developed for signaling quality reliable transport via IP technologies. The protocol is being designed to add support for signaling to IP traffic, such as support for SS7 technologies. It is expected to enable carriers to exchange signaling information between Internet based telephone switching systems, and allow services such as IP telephony to be implemented.


NorthVoice Completes Installation of Lucent’s Equipment
NorthVoice Communications announced that it has completed the deployment of Lucent’s MultiVoice for the MAX and MAX TNT VoIP gateways, Access Point routers and NavisAccess network management software at its VoIP POPs in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. The provider intends to continue deploying the technologies to expand the network to include coverage in select U.S. markets, with operations in Los Angeles and Miami under construction, and facilities in San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, Cincinnati, Tampa, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Washington, DC expected to be operational by fall.

The company intends to launch services in all Canadian markets this month. Earlier this year, the provider reported that it is developing a variety of IP based communications services including VoIP (phone to phone and PC to phone) and FoIP that it will offer on flat rate based pricing schemes. It also intends to eventually further develop the offering to include capabilities for voicemail, international roaming, collect calling, call reroute and unified messaging. The firm is also planning to further expand its network to include operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea, with ultimate plans of deploying approximately 240 Internet telephony POPs throughout five continents.

NorthVoice Communications


VOIP Technology to Distribute TeleGlobe Calling Cards
VOIP Technology reported that it entered into an agreement with TeleGlobe, in which it will distribute calling cards that enable users to access TeleGlobe’s Internet telephony network. The firms will initially test the offering by distributing 500 calling cards in China, with plans on developing calling card connectivity to over 200 countries.

TeleGlobe is in the process of deploying and enhancing an Internet backbone, GlobeSystem, that will enable it to offer Internet, voice, data and video services in well over 100 countries. The company also uses more than 51,000 cable and satellite circuits, and has an interest in 100 fiber-optic and coaxial submarine cable systems enabling it to provide services to more than 240 countries.

In related news, VOIP Technology reported that it is currently negotiating a financing deal that will provide it with the funds to expand its calling card operations and deploy an Internet telephony network throughout the U.S.

VOIP Technology


BreezeCOM to Integrate AudioCodes’ VoIP Technology
BreezeCOM reported that it is planning to integrate AudioCodes’ VoIP processor technologies into its BreezeACCESS broadband wireless access (BWA) products to develop to support for packet based voice technologies. The BreezeACCESS line includes a base station, multiple models of indoor and outdoor subscriber units for both data and voice, a variety of antennas and an array of other accessories. The solution is an IP-optimized BWA system specifically designed to support Internet based data and voice communications in bands ranging from 2.4 to 3.7 GHz, with burst rates of up to 3Mbps per subscriber.



Katapult to Deploy iDigi’s Wireless Technology for Services
iDigi International announced that is has signed an agreement with Sweden based Katapult Wireless AB, in which Katapult is planning to deploy its wireless technologies to offer Internet based services. According to the terms of the agreement, Katapult will pay iDigi an undisclosed sum for technology licensing and royalty payments, and the exclusive right to deploy iDigi’s proprietary wireless broadband technologies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. The provider intends to use the equipment to develop an infrastructure that will support services such as Internet access, video on demand and Internet telephony.

iDigi International

GlobeSpan Acquires iCompression
GlobeSpan, a provider of integrated circuit, software, and system design for DSL applications, announced that it has completed the acquisition of iCompression. According to the terms of the agreement, GlobeSpan traded approximately 3,470,985 newly issued shares of common stock, and assumed the equivalent of 528,918 stock options for all of iCompression’s issued and outstanding shares and stock options. GlobeSpan intends to integrate iCompression’s VoDSL/VoIP system on a chip product technology into its own technologies.


Natural MicroSystems Acquires VoDSL Firm, InnoMediaLogic
Natural MicroSystems (NMS) announced it has completed the acquisition of privately held InnoMediaLogic (IML), a provider of VoDSL technologies for gateways and other next gen network solutions. According to the terms of the transaction, NMS will trade a combination of cash and newly issued stock, totaling approximately $155 million, for all outstanding shares of IML. NMS plans to integrate IML’s broadband communications technologies into its own.

Natural MicroSystems

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