IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 14 2004

1. WilTel Prepares for Wholesale VoIP Carrier Services

WilTel Communications, operator of a 10GB MPLS IP network that crosses the U.S., will launch a VoIP gateway service in Q3 to carry VoIP traffic for carriers and resellers. To support the service, the provider has deployed Telica’s Plus softswitch, allowing TDM and IP traffic to coexist on its network.

The softswitch can support 7.5 million calls per hour and contains more than one terabyte of memory for database and routing requirements.

WilTel Communications


3. Emergent Enhances Call Control Platform
Emergent Network Solutions has released version 2.0 of Entice, its call control platform. The new release includes enhancements to the monitoring and management functionality of the technology as well as new capabilities for supporting additional calling features.

Entice 2.0 now includes NetView, a web-based management tool that provides graphical views of all switching elements in a network. The tools can identify the status of any switch element and perform maintenance operations on it. The new TrafficView is a web-based tool that provides a real-time view of traffic on a network, displayed by the number of active and answered calls, ASR, and the time of the last call attempt. New traffic reporting delivers periodic traffic summaries for subsequent analysis. The platform now includes CDR Viewer, which enables system billing records to be viewed and searched through a web interface. The new release also includes Time of Day Routing, providing detailed routing control.

The platform also includes enhancements to the company’s Elicit local feature server including new support for calling features such as 3-way calling, call transfer, conferencing, prepaid and postpaid services, and voicemail.

Emergent Network Solutions

5. DataLinx Unveils Service Activation & Troubleshooting Solution
DataLinx has introduced Push2Test, a service activation and troubleshooting solution for VoIP services based on software installed at the customer premises and service provider data center. The software performs automated home network configuration for broadband service offerings; discovery of home networking elements; subscriber initiated broadband application testing; and fault identification and recommends remedy actions.

The technology also pushes fault information and diagnostic test results to the service provider and allows service providers to add Discovery and Inventory of Service Provider CPE.


7. TippingPoint Unveils Bandwidth Management & Security for VoIP
TippingPoint has introduced UnityOne, a suite of tools for VoIP service providers that includes Intrusion Prevention, Bandwidth Management, and Content-Based QoS. Intrusion Prevention protects VoIP networks from security holes in SIP and H.323 that might be exploited by denial of service attacks, worms, viruses, and trojans. Bandwidth Management prioritizes traffic and manages bandwidth according to application. Content-Based QoS alerts service providers to high priority traffic and guarantees quality of service.

The company plans to extend its development of security solutions for VoIP service providers by establishing a security research lab.


9. Brooktrout Enhances Fax Board To Support TDM & VoIP Traffic
Brooktrout Technologies has enhanced its TR1034 fax board to support both TDM and IP traffic. The board includes a T1/E1 interface for PSTN connectivity and an Ethernet interface for connecting to an IP network. The technology employs SIP and T.38.

Brooktrout Technologies

11. Teton Launches Primary Line Residential VoWireless Services
Teton Wireless, a telecom provider with 25,000 subscribers, has launched Internet Home Phone Service, an IP voice service to its broadband Internet subscribers in Twin Falls and Pocatello, Idaho, and Missoula and Hamilton, Montana. The service will provide subscribers with unlimited calling to North America for $29.99 per month. Subscribers will be required to purchase a $139 terminal adapter.

Teton Wireless

13. SysMaster Introduces New Broadband Communications Platform
SysMaster has introduced NORFA, a broadband communications platform that delivers IP PBX/Centrex functionality. The platform supports voicemail, audio conferencing, web conferencing and desktop sharing, follow me/global roaming, virtual fax, virtual office, calling card, callback, and SMS messaging. The solution includes integrated billing, customer provisioning, customer web management, and telephony application components. Additional functionality includes VoIP call routing, call management, subscriber management, subscriber billing, CPE device provisioning, and CRM service management.

NORFA provides interfaces to 3rd party equipment utilizing SIP, H.323, MGCP, SS7 over VoIP, ISDN/PRI, CAS, SS7, GR-303, and MFC/R2.


15. Agere Unveils Traffic Management Network Processor
Agere Systems has introduced APPE-3, a traffic management network processor that provides broadband service restoration and protection within a variety of networking equipment including VoIP gear.

Agere Systems

17. Comcast to Use JacobsRimell for Service Provisioning
Comcast will use JacobsRimell’s Service Provider Operating System, identity based service provisioning and activation software for provisioning all of its consumer services including voice (including VoIP), video, and data.

As part of the agreement, Comcast has made a strategic investment of $5 million in JacobsRimell, to support the further development of the APS technology used to drive its system.

Comcast has more than 21 million customers in the U.S.



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