IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 17 2000

China Netcom to Route Traffic Over iBasis & GRIC
China Netcom has announced that it is planning to use both iBasis’s and GRIC’s interconnectivity networks to route Internet telephony services. According to the terms of both deals, China Netcom will route both voice and fax traffic over the both interconnectivity provider’s networks, and terminate calls in select Chinese markets.

China Netcom provides IP based communications services including voice, video, fax and data. It has also recently deployed a nextgen IP over DWDM based fiber backbone, CNCnet, initially throughout 17 Southeast China markets including Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Ningbo, Hefei, Nanchang, Naniing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhbou, Xiamen, Cuangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Shijiazhuang. The infrastructure is expected to enable the provider to offer an array of addition telecommunications services.

GRIC’s network and services have more than 360 participating provider members that can provide connectivity to over 150 countries. Its network is primarily based on Lucent’s and Cisco’s technologies deployed throughout the Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, India, South America and the U.S. The company also recently reported that it is planning to integrate support for NetSpeak’s VoIP technologies. The network and applications can provide authentication, authorization, route termination selection and CDRs for billing. In addition, the service provides affiliates with detail transaction records, settlement and interoperability with third-party billing systems for VoIP and other IP-based services.

iBasis’ Internet telephony interconnectivity service has a NOC in Burlington, Massachusetts, Internet central offices in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, New York, London, and POPs throughout Asia, Europe, Korea, the Middle East and South America. The provider can terminate traffic on a global basis via its network, its affiliate’s networks or the PSTN. It offers SLAs for its services, which guarantee that the percentage of call completion rates will be equivalent to or better than that of the PSTN. The company uses its proprietary Assured Quality Routing technology to monitor VoIP calls to ensure completion, or provide re-routing to the PSTN.



NetVoice Secures Termination Contracts With Three Providers
NetVoice Technologies said that Junroo NetCommunications, an international IP telecommunications provider, Cell Tel International, a provider of international prepaid calling cards, and North American Gateway, a domestic Canadian carrier, have contracted it to terminate VoIP traffic in select U.S. markets. Terms for all agreements were not disclosed.

NetVoice’s U.S. domestic Internet telephony network has Cisco’s and/or Inter-Tel’s VoIP equipment deployed at POPs in select markets throughout Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington DC and Wisconsin. It expands its network/services reach by collocating servers throughout both Level 3’s and Global Crossing’s backbones, and interconnecting the network with Inter-Tel’s U.S. domestic VoIP network.

In a separate announcement, NetVoice reported that it has secured a $25 million loan facility from Cisco, to finance further deployment of Cisco’s IP products.

Junroo NetCommunications

Cell Tel International

North American Gateway


Aperto & TollBridge Team for Wireless VoIP Solution
Aperto Networks, a developer of fixed broadband wireless access platforms, reported that it is teaming with TollBridge Technologies to develop and offer VoIP technologies for wireless networks. According to the terms of the agreement, Aperto will license TollBridge’s voice over broadband technology for integration into its recently introduced ServiceQ multi-service wireless access platform.

The ServiceQ architecture can support up to 64 individual queues per CPE device, and implements QoS technologies (IP DiffServ) that can provide services via constant bit rate, committed bit rate or best effort levels. The vendor also plans to integrate support for MGCP technologies into the solution.

The integrated VoIP/wireless solution is expected to be available early next year.

Aperto Networks

TollBridge Technologies

Vovida to Sponsor Linux Seat for Softswitch Consortium
Vovida has announced that it is offering to sponsor a seat on the International Softswitch Consortium (ISC) for a Linux developer. The vendor plans to host an election at its web site between August 14 and 17, 2000 to choose the participant.

The ISC is focused on promoting open standards/protocols used to interconnect the PSTN with the Internet for voice communications. It also promotes the development of hardware and software platforms that operate by distributing the functions performed by digital circuit switches (softswitches). The benefits of membership in the consortium include access to an interoperability test lab and information regarding specification developments across multiple interfaces, early use of reference software implementations, and discounted attendance at developers’ conferences and interoperability events.

Linux developers can find additional information regarding the sponsorship opportunity at Vovida’s web site.

Information for the Linux Seat

International Softswitch Consortium

Vovida Networks

D3 Networks to Distribute Net Talk’s VoIP Software
D3 Networks, a provider of high speed IP connectivity, reported that it has reached an agreement with Net Talk, in which D3 it is planning to offer Net Talk’s Internet based voice communications software to its customers in South America. The voice technology is based on Net Talk’s own patent pending technology and a Java Applet (less than 50k) that enables users to participate in real time voice and text chat sessions, using animated characters in a 3-D environment. The client features capabilities including multipoint voice conferencing, interoperability over firewalls, private text messaging, file transfer, whiteboarding, application sharing and communications recording/storing. It also offers a moderator technology that enables one participant to control all of the participants in a group conference setting, and the proceedings of a conference session.

In related news, Net Talk has introduced a Red Hat Linux version of its VoIP technology. The product will provide interconnectivity between Linux and Windows based systems.

Net Talk

D3 Networks

Jinan Police to Deploy Memotec’s VoIP Technology
China’s Jinan Police force said that it is planning to deploy Memotec Communications’ VoIP technology. According to the terms of the CDN$500,000 deal, Memotec and systems integrator, Tsinghua Tungfang, will design and deploy an infrastructure, based on Memotec’s recently introduced CX series of technologies, that will interconnect the police headquarters and approximately 150 regional and remote offices. The CX technologies can be integrated into existing LAN infrastructures to support communications via IP, ATM, Frame Relay and ISDN.

Memotec Communications

VisionLab to Distribute/Deploy Connect One’s FoIP Device
VisionLab Telecommunications, an established provider of outsourced enterprise messaging and fax solutions, has announced that it is planning to distribute Connect One’s Internet fax appliance, Fax Messenger FSP, to its customers. VisionLab intends to pre-configure the device to enable users to automatically access its global Internet fax network for the transmission of facsimile documents.

The T.37 (store and forward) compliant unit connects between a traditional fax machine and an RJ11 jack. It intercepts transmissions sent from the fax machine and converts the fax into an email attachment, then reads the destination fax number, and will automatically send the document over VisionLab’s FoIP network to the destination fax machine. The product also provides support for technologies including email, TCP/IP and PPP protocols (PAP & CHAP), and it can be remotely configured and managed after installation.

Connect One


NUASIS to Integrate Tundo’s VoIP Gear Into eCommerce Service
NUASIS has announced that is planning to integrate Tundo’s IP telephony solution, Network Telephony System, into its Internet based contact center service, NuContact. The hosted NuContact customer support service can provide connectivity via VoIP, voicemail, email and web based interactions.



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