IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 18 1999

CableLabs Hosts PacketCable Interoperability Event

CableLabs said that 8×8, Arris, Com21, HotHaus, Telogy, Clarent, IPCell, NetSpeak, Telcordia, Hewlett-
Packard, and Catapult Communications participated in its initial PacketCable interoperability-testing event
last month. The vendors tested 5 multimedia terminal adapters (MTAs), 4 call agents, and 2 test equipment
platforms for interoperability and compliance with the recently released PacketCable specification. The
testing focused on establishing calls between equipment over a VPN via network-based call signaling and
several PacketCable specified codecs. The testing included over 30 different call scenarios, in which the
majority of calls were connected utilizing G.711, with a few calls connecting using other subsets.

CableLabs plans to host the next interoperability this September. The organization expects to expand the
range of protocols being tested at the next event, as a suite of PacketCable specifications are scheduled to
be released over the next few months.





Cybertel Teams with Level 3 and Bell Atlantic to Offer VoIP

Cybertel Communications announced that it has signed an agreement with Bell Atlantic, in which it will be
able to terminate VoIP traffic over Bell Atlantic’s network. The provider has also negotiated a deal with
Level 3, in which it will be able to collocate its IP telephony equipment at Level 3’s POPs throughout the
U.S. The Bell Atlantic and Level 3 deals provide Cybertel with access to termination capabilities in 23 U.S.

Cybertel plans to begin offering the services between select international markets and the U.S. as soon as

Cybertel Communications


Bell Atlantic


Level 3


Ixs.Net, AmTec and Fusion to Launch FoIP Service

Ixs.Net said that it is teaming with AmTec and Fusion Telecommunications to offer an Internet fax service.
The company has just deployed its Internet fax equipment in three cities in Taiwan (Taipei, Kaohsiung and
Taichung), in Hong Kong, and two cities in China (Shanghai and Guangzhou). It will use AmTec’s network
assets and Fusion Telecommunications’ international network routes to offer the services in and between
the newly built POPs and its existing POPs in California. The companies also plan to further develop the
services to support VoIP capabilities.





Insight Releases VoIP Market Report

Insight has released a VoIP market report entitled, IP Billing: Moving Beyond Telecom’s Time/Distance
Billing Model. The study provides revenue forecasts over the next five years for billing and customer care
software, IP billing products, and IP telephony services. It projects that the IP based billing systems will
enable providers to lower call prices to a level that may entice customers to use the service knowing that
the quality may not be as good as the PSTN.

The report is available for $3,495.

IP Billing: Moving Beyond Telecom’s Time and Distance Billing Model 1999-2004


Insight Research


Pivotal Introduces ISDN Router with VoIP Capabilities

Pivotal Networking has announced the introduction of the StarGazer 1800, its ISDN router that ships with
Internet access, dial-in remote access, VPN and VoIP capabilities. The product utilizes an optional G.723.1
compliant voice compression board to support IP telephony in and between other units. It features one
ISDN BRI (U or S/T) port (including dedicated B channel services), four 10BaseT Ethernet repeater hub
ports, an RS-232 asynchronous auxiliary port, and support for up to three analog ports (for traditional
phones and fax machines). In addition, when used with the optional IP telephony boards, it will
automatically switch voice routing methods to the PSTN should the IP network become too congested. The
gateway also enables remote users to access its capabilities by dialing into a LAN via an ISDN line.

The product is available for $495. Quantity discounts apply.

Pivotal Networking


XACCT Launches Billing Partnership Program

XACCT Technologies said that it is attempting to make XACCTusage the defacto standard for customer
care and billing by offering a partnership program that will enable other billing system vendors to easily
integrate the technology. Partners will participate in co-development and co-marketing of the solution plus
join in on related industry discussions and demonstrations.

The XACCTusage application enables providers to define the exact IP session information that they would
like to be captured. The application collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network
elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce
records similar to telephone switch CDRs. The records enable providers to generate a variety of service
pricing models and usage-based bills.

Affiliates include Amdocs, American Management Systems, ASC Billing Solutions, Billing Concepts,
Bridgewater Systems, CableData, Calculus, Cap Gemini, Castle Networks, Certis, Compaq, Daleen
Technologies, Danet Group, Data General, DMR, Geneva Technology, Global Infocomm, Intasys, Intec,
International Computers Limited, LHS, Logica, Portal Software, Saville Systems PLC, Sigma Systems
Group, Smarten Italia, and Solect Technology Group.

For further information on the partner program, call (408) 654-9900 or send email to info@xacct.com.

Partnership Program




Wavetech To Use Softalk’s VoIP Technology

Wavetech International announced that it is planning to use Softalk’s proprietary VoIP technology to build
an IP telephony network capable of providing services over IP, frame relay, dedicated data or traditional
circuit switched networks. The provider is testing the services with several U.S. Fortune 500 companies,
with plans to eventually offer the services to both business and residential U.S. customers.

TeleKnowledge Releases New Version of Billing Product

TeleKnowledge has announced the introduction of a new version of its billing, customer care and service
management solution, B3 (Bill By Bit). The product supports all service processes from provisioning to
collecting usage and performance data to providing billing and web based customer support. It produces a
single invoice that includes all of a customer’s charges including one-time charges, recurring charges and
usage-based charges for services such as VoIP, video on demand, audio, file transfer, etc. In addition, B3
supports several billing formats based on any information available in an event record including volume,
duration, distance, date and time, quantity discounts, as well as flat rate schemes. It can be integrated into
third-party solutions.

The system is currently in beta testing. It is expected to be commercially available this fall. Pricing was not

TeleKnowledge Group


Vitech America to Use Cisco Gear for VoIP Network

Vitech America, a PC manufacturer, said that it has partnered with ITC.net, a Brazilian ISP, to deploy a
VoIP network based on Cisco’s equipment that will interconnect Vitech’s 20 Latin American corporate
offices and it headquarters in Miami. The companys will use Cisco’s AS5300 multiservice platforms, 3640-
gatekeepers, 2611 voice/data gateways/routers, and the corresponding voice management systems. ITC.net
is will provide the bandwidth to interconnect Vitech’s facilities. It is routing over 1 million minutes of voice
traffic between Vitech’s offices.

The companies plan to expand the Brazilian VoIP network to include an additional 300 POPs.

The H.323-compliant AS5300 gateway supports up to 2 T1/E1 digital trunks, delivering as many as 60
voice sessions or 120 concurrent analog modem calls and ISDN B channels over a single dial-in telephone
number. It is able to connect with existing telephones and fax machines through the PSTN, key systems and
PBXs. It can also interconnect with Cisco’s line of 2600 and 3600 VoIP capable modular access routers and
the larger port capacity IP telephony gateway, the AccessPath VS3.



Vitech America




pulver.com Deploys TeleComputer to Offer Conferencing

pulver.com said that it has deployed a VoIP conferencing solution designed by TelecomComputers to trial
a free, half duplex VoIP conference service, InternetPartyLine. TelecomComputers’ used select IP
telephony components from VocalTec, Intel and Dialogic to design the system.

To use the service, a user needs to register to receive a personal phone number and an access number.
Participants will need to dial the access number to join the conference. The service, which is available on a
24×7 basis, can support up to 100 simultaneous users.





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