IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 19 2001

Anyuser Launches Flat Rate Nationwide Services
Anyuser.com announced that it has launched a flat rate nationwide VoIP service that will enable users of its Cyber Telco IP Phone and/or USB Phone to place an unlimited amount of IP to IP calls for $6.50 per month. The service is supported via Anyuser’s proprietary H.323 compliant gatekeeper technology, which will connect the calls regardless of the callers’ geographical locations. The firm has also developed an entirely web-based customer service system to support its users, and it intends to use the ClearCommerce Merchant Engine to provide automated online payment processing and credit card fraud protection tools for the services. In addition, the company has also already deployed the services in Korea, where it has signed up 1,000 users, with expectations of adding at least an additional 10,000 subs this month. It has also entered into agreements with various other firms to deploy the service in 20 other countries, with intentions to have services available in at least 30 additional countries by year’s end. The Cyber Telco IP Phone is priced from $169.95, with the USB Phone from $49.95.


TEC-Networks Completes Beta Testing of Audio/Video Service
TEC-Networks has reported that it has successfully completed the final beta testing of its streaming video email service, Nova NetMedia. The service is based on a streaming text, audio and video web-based email messaging platform that enables users to stream video or audio email messages directly to the recipients’ email account. Recipients will need to click a hyperlink contained in the email to immediately begin receiving the streaming audio/video message without the need to install a media player or any additional software. To support the streaming service, the provider has deployed a high capacity network of servers. The offering is priced at $19 per month.

Nova NetMedia


Mediatrix and Webley Team for Integrated IP Based UC System
Mediatrix Telecom said that it is teaming with Webley Systems to co-market an integrated solution based on the combination of Mediatrix’s IP telephony access devices with Webley’s hosted Virtual Assistant unified communications (UC) services. According to the terms of the deal, Mediatrix will market Webley’s UC services via its network of distributors, and Webley will bundle Mediatrix’s solutions with the services it markets to businesses. Mediatrix’s gateway is installed a the customer’s premise to enable existing analog telephones to be used with IP so that a DSL connection can be used for both voice and data communications. Webley’s hosted UC services provide IP based PBX phone system functionality, offering an array of features such as call forward, voice dialing, unified mailbox, conference calling and a variety of additional intra enterprise communications capabilities.

Mediatrix Telecom

Webley Systems

Callserve Introduces USB Handset
Callserve, a European based ITSP, has announced the introduction of the Callserve Webphone USB handset. The product plugs into a PC’s USB port, and includes a handset cradle that can be attached to any surface via adhesive strips. It works in conjunction with the provider’s on-screen software, which is available for download at the company’s site, to enable users of its Internet Telephone service to place calls to any fixed or mobile phone in the world (it can also be used by non-service subscribers to place calls).

The system is currently available for Windows 98SE, 2000 and ME systems. It is priced at rrp £49.95 including £10 of FREE call time.


QuesCom to Enhance Solutions With dynamicsoft’s SIP Solutions
QuesCom reported that it is planning to integrate dynamicsoft’s SIP solutions into its carrier-class communications infrastructure solutions for packet-based wireline and wireless networks to develop SIP based enhanced telephony features. The SIP technology will allow QuesCom’s platforms to support an array of SIP based capabilities including the ability to group calls, audio/video conferencing, personal mobility, terminal-type negotiation/selection (Internet telephony, mobile phone or an answering service) and the ability to fork an incoming call so that several extensions can be rung at once.



ECI Telecom to Distribute FastComm’s Equipment
FastComm Communications announced that it has entered into an agreement with ECI Telecom-NGTS (Next Generation Telephony Solutions), an ECI Telecom company, which will allow ECI to bundle its SignalPath Signaling Gateway line of products with the array of carrier-class IP telephony solutions that ECI offers throughout the Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe/CIS, European, Latin American and North American markets. The SignalPath product line supports multi-national signaling protocols including ANSI SS7, ITU-T-C7, ISDN (both Euro and U.S.), R1, R2, and DTMF, as well as custom variants for over 80 countries, and it can also perform mu-Law to A-Law rate conversion. It is designed for national, cross-border, international connections, with typical applications including E911 connectivity for VoIP networks, long distance toll by-pass, and international connections.

ECI Telecom

FastComm Communications

Advanstar Hosting Call Center Management Conference
Advanstar Communications said that it is hosting the 2001 ICCM — Call Center Management Conference & Expo at the Lakeside Center in McCormick Place in Chicago from July 30 to August 2. The show, which will be co-located at the CRM Solutions 2001 Conference & Exposition, will explore the evolving customer contact industry, featuring programs that will enable call center, eCommerce and customer service companies to find out about the latest developments, assess the latest technologies, and network with industry players from around the world.

Pricing for the show begins at $750, with no charge for entering the exhibit hall only.

2001 ICCM — Call Center Management Conference & Expo

Advanstar Communications

GTSI Earns Cisco Gold Status
GTSI has announced that it has earned Cisco Gold status, which will enable it to sell, install, and support Cisco’s array of solutions throughout the world. In addition, over the past 12 months, the company’s Cisco Technology team has earned Cisco certifications for wireless technology, advanced security solutions, voice access and IP telephony. The Washington DC based firm offers integration services as well as access to 150,000 information technology solutions from more than 2,100 vendors to Federal, state and local governments throughout the world.



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