IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 20 1998

Hammer Introduces VoIP Service Testing Product

Hammer Technologies has announced the introduction of its IP system testing product,
the Hammer IP. The product features automated voice quality testing based on the
ITU’s P.800 and P.861 standards, the ability to monitor audio quality as voice
packets transit a network, a customized VoIP protocol quality analysis tool, and
a built-in IP traffic generator.

The Hammer IP’s automated voice quality testing module is based on the Perceptual
Speech Quality Measurement (PSQM), which incorporates human perception factors into
the testing of voice quality. Using PSQM algorithms, the product compares
original source speech clips to the same clips after transmission through the
IP environment. As these measurements are being made, the network is monitored
to provide information on conditions that may affect voice quality, such as jitter,
lost packets and packet delay. In addition, the IP Test System can create non-voice
IP traffic loads to further simulate the real-world conditions that a VoIP network
will encounter.

Hammer Technologies

SIAC to use Bay Networks VoIP Equipment for Network

The Securities Industry Automation Corporation has announced that it will purchase
Bay Networks’ Accelar Routing Switch products to develop a multi-service, layer 3
network for the New York Stock Exchange. The companies plan to use the switch
products to support an array of IP applications including digital voice capture
and/or recognition of trade and quote information, real-time interactive multimedia,
broadcasting/multicasting of video to trading floor locations, and point-to-point
or multi-point videoconferencing.

Bay Networks


Aspect to Distribute PakNetX’s Call Center Software

PakNetX has announced that Aspect Telecommunications will resell its PNX ACD, a
software call center application that enables the management of Internet-based
audio, video and data calls. According to the terms of the agreement, Aspect’s
Consulting and Systems Integration group will offer the PNX ACD software to its

The PNX ACD enables connectivity between consumers and call center agents using
H.323/T.120 compliant Internet telephony applications. When an call query reaches
the ACD, through the use of an Internet phone or a web site call icon, the ACD
will queue and deliver the call to the next available agent, while providing
agents with available call context information. Once the call is connected, an
agent can use H.323/T.120 standards based tools to provide video, web browser
sharing, text chat, file transfers and data collaboration. In addition, the
ACD includes an integrated H.323/T.120 firewall proxy to provide the security
that will enable organizations to locate call center agents behind the corporate

To use the ACD, both callers and agents will need to have a multimedia PC, a
web browser, Windows 95, a connection to the Internet, and any H.323-compliant
Internet phone. The PNX ACD server software runs on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.



Aspect Telecommunications


Nortel to Integrate IP Telephony Technology into its Meridian Switches

Nortel has announced that it plans to add an IP interface to its Meridian communication
system to enable the transmission of real-time voice and fax calls over IP data
networks. The IP interface will be an optional upgrade for Meridian 1 customers
with release 21 and higher software. Nortel expects the initial product offering
to be an Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) solution that will support eight
trunk ports per card. The product will include features that enable billing, system
management, LCR and class of service tiers. In addition, the IP interface will be able
to monitor an IP data network’s traffic and automatically re-route calls to the
PSTN if the data network becomes too congested.

Nortel plans to target intranets for the deployment of the solution, as intranets
offer better QoS and are more easily managed than the Internet.

Product trials are planned for August. US commercial availability is scheduled for
January ’99.



Sprint to Trial Internet Telephony Services

Sprint plans to announce the market locations and dates of IP telephony
service trials next month. The company plans to use its Integrated
On-demand Network (ION) scheme to provide unlimited bandwidth for its IP
services. Sprint has indicated that it has many local provider options
including cable companies, regional telcos, the purchase of unbundled
loops, locating is own DSL facilities regionally, or through CLEC or fixed
wireless networks.



GTE and GST to distribute HotOffice Service

HotOffice has announced that both GTE and GST will co-market the HotOffice service
and software. GTE will market the service from its web sites and bundle the software
with its Internet access CDs. In return, HotOffice will provide GTE with a
co-branded version of the service that will include links to GTE’s small business
services. GST Telecommunications will also distribute the HotOffice service from
its Web Site and bundle the software in its Internet access CDs, with plans to
become a reseller of the service.

The HotOffice service utilizes a suite of communications and collaboration
software to enable telecommuting over the Internet. It features web-based
e-mail, online conferencing, document sharing and publishing, bulletin boards,
Internet telephony capabilities, travel planning, and business research services.



GTE Internetworking


GST Telecommunications


IDT to Offer Internet Telephony Seminars

IDT has announced that it will host Internet telephony seminars examining the
hows and whys of implementing and reselling IP telephony services. The one day
forums will also investigate the technical, security, regulatory, marketing, and
distribution issues involved with Internet telephony.

The seminars are expected to begin in September. IDT has tentatively scheduled
seminars for Amman, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Cairo,
Caracas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Kiev, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Manila, Mexico City,
Miami, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Panama City, Paris, Qatar, Rio, Rome, San Jose,
Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Zurich.

Companies interested in attending the seminars or setting up personal meetings
can call 201-928-4433.

In a separate announcement, Packard Bell NEC Europe has agreed to bundle the
Net2Phone PC to phone software with its desktop PCs available in Europe. The
integrated product is expected to begin shipping in September.



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