IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 20 1999

Sonus Networks Joins Softswitch Consortium

Sonus Networks announced that it has joined the Softswitch Consortium. The organization is focused on
promoting open standards/protocols used to interconnect the PSTN with the Internet for voice
communications. It also promotes the development of hardware and software platforms that operate by
distributing the functions performed by digital circuit switches (softswitches). The benefits of membership
in the consortium include access to an interoperability test lab and information regarding specification
developments across multiple interfaces, early access use of reference software implementations, and
discounted attendance at developers’ conferences and interoperability events.

The consortium membership consists of Alcatel, Aspect Telecommunications, BroadSoft, Castle Networks,
Cisco, Enron, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Iperia, ipVerse, Level 3, Nokia, NorthPoint Communications,
NTT, pulver.com, Rhythms NetConnections, SALIX Technologies, Sonus Networks, Sun Microsystems,
Sylantro Systems, Telcordia Technologies, Transmedia, Vertical Networks and Vovida Networks.

The group will be holding its initial annual meeting on July 21, ’99 in Santa Clara, California.

The Softswitch Consortium


Sonus Networks


AboveNet to Use Lucent’s VoIP Equipment

AboveNet Communications has announced that it will use Lucent’s Definity Enterprise Communications
Server (ECS), and Internet Telephony Server-E (ITS) VoIP products to build an international VoIP
network. The provider will initially use the equipment to connect its three (New York, San Jose and
Vienna/VA) U.S. corporate offices, with plans to connect all its offices (Frankfurt, London,

The H.323 compliant ITS product is based on Lucent’s PortMaster 4 integrated access concentrator
platform and ComOS operating system. It supports both real-time voice and fax transmissions, and is
scaleable up to 672 ports. Five gateways also can be interconnected to provide port densities of up to 3,360.
The product supports G.729a and G.711 codecs, and elemedia’s H.323 software and a gatekeeper toolkit.

AboveNet plans to deploy Lucent’s VoIP capable call center and Multimedia Communications eXchange
(MCX) products. The call center solution will enable AboveNet to distribute customer service calls
between facilities, and the MCX unit will be used by AboveNet’s executives for conferencing.

In a separate announcement, TeleMatrix, a Japanese ITSP, is collocating its VoIP equipment at AboveNet’s
San Jose facility. The collocation structure also hosts the VoIP equipment of TeleMatrix’s partner
providers: Abacus Telecom and Crys-Tel Telecommunications.com. Earlier this year, the three providers
hashed out an agreement to interconnect their IP telephony networks. TeleMatrix’s network currently has
37 access points in Japan, 3 in China, 3 in the U.S. and one each in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and
France. The provider plans to deploy additional POPs in Japan, for a total of 75, and enter at least 30 other
markets including Malaysia and Austria over the next year. Crys-Tel’s Internet telephony service is
provided via two network access points in Canada and 3 in Italy, with plans to deploy 200 additional POPs
within the next 24 months. Abacus has POPs in Paris and San Jose, with plans to expand its network into
Brazil, Argentina, China and Sri Lanka as soon as possible.







POP-Star to Use TGI and Brooktrout For Global FoIP Service

TGI Technologies said that its provider division, POPstar Global Communications, is planning to deploy
TGI’s Enroute fax software and Brooktrout’s TR114 series fax and voice boards and PRI cards to offer a
global IP fax service. In addition, POP-Star is offering a partnership program in an attempt to form a global
consortium of independent ISPs to further expand its capability to route Internet facsimiles on a global
basis. TransNexus has already joined the program and will provide billing and settlement services to the
entire group of providers via OSP. The consortium also consists of at least 10 ISP members that have
multiple POPs and nationwide coverage in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Recently, AGIS became an affiliate.

The Solaris based Enroute fax application is a carrier class Internet fax server that uses Radius
authentication/auditing and LCR technologies to efficiently process PSTN fax calls for transmission over
an IP network. It provides PSTN access via class 2/2.0 modems, Brooktrout’s fax/voice cards, and remote
access server products. For high traffic locations, the product can interface directly to analog and/or digital
T1/E1/ISDN lines.

The TR114 line of fax and voice boards support up to 16 channels each. The boards feature MMR
compression, T.434 binary file tranfer, and support protocols such as T.38 (real-time), T.37 (store and
forward) and T.30 (traditional fax machines) for sending faxes over IP networks. OEM developers can
utilize a developer kit to build T.38 compliant real time Internet fax applications or download the T.37
developer note from the company’s web site to develop T.37/TIFF compliant store and forward IP fax



TGI Technologies






Cisco to Use Catapult’s H.323 Testing System

Cisco said that it will use Catapult Communications’ DCT H.323 test system to test the interoperability of
its VoIP products with other H.323 entities as well as for compatibility with the PSTN.

The DCT H.323 system is comprised of a H.323 testing module integrated with Catapults’ Digital
Communications Test system. It provides test scenarios for over 115 protocols and variants. The product
enables users to develop scripts that will perform multi-protocol simulation, protocol compatibility testing,
and feature verification. The module utilizes a context sensitive graphical tool, the DCPL Frame Builder, to
verify the structure of frames and protocols used while also serving as an online debugging guide. In
addition, it supports ISDN and ISUP testing.



Catapult Communications


Multitude Launches Beta VoIP Conference Service

Multitude has announced that it is hosting a beta trial of a web based VoIP conferencing service, FireTalk.
The service is based on client software that enables PC users to communicate via text or real time voice. It
features user directories, full duplex communications, incoming call notification, multiple phone line
support, and call mute and call hold capabilities. The software can support full duplex conference calls with
up to 1,000 participants. Users of the software will need 5 Mb hard drive space, a sound card, a microphone
and at least a 28k dial up Internet connection.

In a separate announcement, Multitude has secured $10.5 million in financing from Prime Asset
Management AG, France Telecom’s Innovacom fund, Techfund Capital Management and Net Ventures.
The company will use the funds to further develop both the software and service.





OLA to Use World Telcom’s Gear to Offer VoIP in Spain

OLA Telecom, a Spanish ITSP, said that it is planning to use World Telecom’s INx Internet telephony
interface switches to offer a phone to phone service throughout Spain. According to the terms of the deal,
OLA will purchase more than 50 of the VoIP gateways from World Telecom for deployment in select
Spanish markets that provide access to Telefonica’s PSTN. The service will enable Telefonica’s users to
access OLA’s network to route VoIP calls to another OLA gateway market and then onto its final
destination via the PSTN.

Network construction has already begun, with plans to offer the service on a commercial basis by

Telegate to Develop Cable VoIP Products

Telegate has announced that it is further developing its line of Mulitgate multiservice cable products to
include the Multigate VoIP platform, a system that can route IP telephony over HFC networks. The
product, which includes an IP backbone interface, is being designed as an open platform that can
simultaneously support multiple voice and data services over one video channel and via a single subscriber
unit. It is expected to provide multipoint conferencing capabilities from phone to phone, PC to phone, PC
to PC, as well as fax to fax communications.

The company has scheduled commercial availability for this fall.



PSINet Acquires Argentinean ISP

PSINet said that it has acquired the assets and operations of Buenos Aires based ISP, Argentina On-Line.
Financial terms were not disclosed. Once both companyís infrastructure is interconnected, the ISP will gain
access to PSINet’s full line of dial-up and dedicated Internet connectivity services including e-commerce,
security services, web hosting with multimedia support, global roaming for remote access, enterprise
intranet and extranet services, Internet fax (InternetPaper) and Internet telephony (PSIVoice).

Argentina On-Line has POPs in over 60 Argentinean markets. The company provides Internet services to
multinational corporations (such as Ford Motor Company, Benneton, McGraw-Hill, Fiat, Marriott and
Autodesk), several media companies and telecommunication carriers as well as more than 20 embassies
and several government agencies.



France Telecom to Trial Ridgeway Systems’ VoIP Platform

France Telecom said that it will trial Ridgeway Systems’ VX-Series of video VoIP platforms. The H.323
VX system provides support for up to 120 traditional or IP based network ports.

France Telecom


Ridgeway Systems


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