IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 22 2005

1. Teleste to Bring 100 Mbps to the Home with New Cable Technology
Finland-based Teleste has introduced an Ethernet-based cable telecom solution that will support 100 Mbps of data throughput to the home, 50 times the current speeds avaialable via cable modems. The technology is scheduled to become available to cable operators early next year.

Ericcson recently responded to the introduction of this new sector by offering up $51 million for Axxessit, a Norwegian outfit that builds broadband Ethernet access equipment.

Teleste’s technology is currently being tested by Essent in the Netherlands.

Early estimates of the cost for delivering the technology to the home ranges from $60 to $240.


3. Intrado Using Sonus to Meet FCC Requirements for e911
Intrado Systems, an e911 solutions provider, has integrated Sonus Networks’ technology into its e911 offering, enabling calls to be routed within the existing 911 network and for static or mobile caller’s address and location information to be delivered to the appropriate PSAP. Sonus’ gear will ultimately manage traffic between VoIP networks, offering carriers security and a point of demarcation functionality that will meet FCC requirements.

Intrado Systems

Sonus Networks

5. Microsoft Licenses GIPS’ Voice Processing Technology
Microsoft has entered into an OEM agreement with Global IP Sound (GIPS) to license its voice processing technology. MSN’s PC to PC service will be enhanced with GIPS’ VoiceEngine. Acoustic echo cancellation and auto gain controlwill be integrated into RTC. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Global IP Sound

7. Surf Unveils Triple Play Integrated PTMC DSP Farm for VoIP & MoP
Surf Communication has introduced SurfRider 812, a fully integrated high capacity PTMC DSP farm comprised of 8 DSPs based on TI’s TMS320C6412. The new product provides simultaneous triple play media processing capabilities for developers of voice and video gateways, CTI applications, media servers, and other voice, video, and data apps. The technology integrates with PCI, cPCI and ATCA carriers.

The 812 is available in 3 configurations for media server and SBC development and 3 configurations for media gateway development.

Interfaces supported by 812 include PCI 32bit/33MHz, RMII, CT Bus, and GMII. The technology interoperates with multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, and VxWorks.

The PTMC on ATCA will be available in Q3 of this year. The PTMC on PCI and cPCI are available now.

Surf Communication Solutions

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