IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 23 2001

Dialpad Launches Mac to Phone IP Telephony Product/Service
Dialpad Communications has announced that it has developed its World IP telephony service to interoperate with the Mac OS X. The service will enable Mac users to sign up for service and begin placing call from a Mac to traditional phones in over 200 countries, and to mobile telephones in over 100 countries. Users will need to visit Dialpad’s web site to download the interface, sign up for the service, and access an account management portal that will provide real time information about billing, and other various account information, as well as enable users to pre purchase more calling time.

The initial version of the service/product will be available for Mac OS X.

Dialpad Communications

Frost & Sullivan Releases Cable Telephony Market Study
Frost & Sullivan announced that it has just released a cable telephony study entitled, U.S. Cable Telephony Equipment and Services Markets. The research explores the cable telephony market, indicating that MSOs are planning to enter the voice/data convergence if certain technical hurdles can be overcome to support end-to-end cable based IP telephony services that are comparable to existing telephone systems. It also estimates that there are approximately 100 million U.S. homes within the service range of coaxial cable plants, and that the equipment segment of the market generated $400 million in revenues last year, and is projected to increase steadily to $2.6 billion by 2007, with the services sector producing returns of $600 million in 2000, which is expected to increase to $13.6 billion by 2007.

Frost & Sullivan

Advanced Fibre Joins AudioCodes OEM Program
AudioCodes has reported that Advanced Fibre Communications has joined its Professional Services program to develop a Voice over Packet (VoP) product that will support VoATM telephone access to the PSTN. Advanced is using AudioCodes’ Professional Services to create a VoIP/VoATM product, MPC-9000, based on its AccessMAX Sytem 8 packet powered solution combined with AudioCodes’ TrunkPack TP-610ATM circuit boards. The system is designed to accept a variety of TDM circuit interfaces including TR-08, ISUP and ISDN PRI, and converts the voice streams to either VoIP or VoATM packet data via MGCP or AudioCodes’ TPNCP protocols.

AudioCodes’ Professional Services offering provides OEMs with aid in designing, customizing and integrating carrier class media gateways based on its TrunkPack Communications boards, MediaPack products and high-density TrunkPack Modules applications. The program also offers aid in designing products for NEBS compliance, multi-protocol call control environments, and extended network management requirements.

Advanced Fibre Communications


Ishoni Networks Launches OEM Developers Initiative
Ishoni Networks reported that it has launched a program, the Lightning Access Initiative, that will focus on offering design tools, software, features and functionality to manufacturers that design broadband CPE, including residential gateways and corporate IADs, based on its array of technologies including its recently introduced Gateway-on-a-Chip OEM solutions. The vendor has also just designed a fully functional IAD prototype that will serves as a proof-of-concept for broadband CPE manufacturers. The design can support a full-rate DMT ADSL modem, four VoDSL lines, two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces and one USB interface. It also ships with the company’s own Broadband Engine processor and software products to support networking, SNMP and web-based management, voice processing as well as connectivity to various vendors’ voice-gateway solutions.

Ishoni Networks

VIPC Begin Building Moscow to China VoIP Network
VIPC Communications has announced that it has commenced the installation of its VoIP long distance network between Moscow and China. The company teamed with Chengdu Jiabin Electronics, its China based partner, to secure operating licenses for its Moscow and St. Petersburg subsidiaries, which have already been issued by the Telecommunications and Information Ministry of the Russia Federation. The firm intends to team with various China based companies that have locations in Russia, and develop a prepaid long distance marketing program that will target the approximately 30,000 resident Chinese business people living in Moscow.

The network is expected to be operational with the next 60 days.

VIPC Communications

Chengdu Jiabin Electronics

CyberRep to Integrate eStara’s Web Voice Solutions
CyberRep, an outsourced call center and CRM company, announced that it has reached an agreement with eStara, in which it is planning to integrate eStara’s web voice solutions into its customer interaction services to enable its CRM customers to talk and collaborate with web site visitors in real time over the Internet. The firms initially intend to further develop CyberRep’s services to support an array of additional web based applications including Click2Chat (instant messaging), Click2View (video over IP), Click2BCalled (call back) as well as customized eMail Responses.



Connex Introduces Online Scheduling For Its Conferencing Services
Connex International has announced that it has developed an Internet based online scheduling application for its audio conferencing services. The application enables users to establish an account, and then fill out a short form to either schedule or cancel audio conferences. Once the form is submitted, the user receives a confirmation email that includes an ID number and dial-in number.

Connex offers an array of audio, video and Internet conferencing, as well streaming media services.

Connex International

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