IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 25 2002

1. Equant Launches On-Net VoIP in 60 Countries
Equant has introduced desktop to desktop IP telephony services for VPN customers with on-net calling in 60 countries and territories, off-net termination to 237 countries and territories and Contact center call connection from 40 countries and territories. The service is offered with SLAs that cover jitter, packet loss and roundtrip delay, as well as voice specific SLAs for call completion, post-dial delay and mean opinion score.

Equant’s service is based on Cisco’s CallManager IP PBX and AVVID.


3. Avaya Unveils New IP Phones; Announces OEM Deal
Avaya has introduced 2 new IP telephones, a wireless IP telephony solution, a new digital telephone, a sofphone, and a button expansion module. The products will part of the company’s ECLIPS portfolio.

The 4620 IP telephone features 24 on screen call appearance/ feature buttons and 14 fixed feature buttons. 4 keys along the bottom of the display allow one-button access to applications and local option menus such as call log, speed dial directory, and a WML browser. The product includes a second integrated switch port for a computer connection and an infrared port for integration with PDA and PC applications such as enabling users to select and dial a name from their PDA directory. The 4620 is priced at $495.

The 4602 IP telephone features 2 programmable call/appearance keys and 10 fixed feature buttons. It has a 2 line by 24 character display. The 4602 is priced at $195.

The wireless IP telephone solution, OEMed from SpectraLink, is a 2.4 GHz, 802.11b compliant system that operates over an Avaya WLAN. The solution consists of handsets, gateways and/or servers, with each gateway supporting up to 16 handsets and 8 simultaneous calls. 4 gateways can be supported with the intial system server. With the addition of an additional server, capacity can be expanded to support 640 handsets and 320 simultaneous calls. The 6 ounce handsets feature conference calling, call forward and transfer, multi-line appearances, and caller ID. The handsets go for $729, the gateways for $3950, and the servers for $1995.

Avaya has enhanced its IP softphone to provide control of the IP telephone, allowing users to dial from the softphone’s local directory, call log, LDAP contact, and Microsoft Outlook, as well as talk using the IP telephone handset. The softphone release 4 supports Avaya’s IP phone products including 4612, 4624, and 4630.

The company has also introduced a digital telephone and a button expansion module, which increases the number of programmable features or line appearances for the 4620 IP phone and the new digital telephone.

All of Avaya’s IP desktop phones include a built in speakerphone and echo cancellation. The wiring scheme connects to an IP network with a single 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN connection and auto-negotiation for each port. Avaya’s phones feature multiple power options including support for power over Ethernet LAN.

The 4620 and 4602 phone models and the softphone are scheduled for availability in August. The wireless IP telephone solution will be available in the U.S., Canada and CALA regions in October.


5. New Media to Deploy Net.com’s VoIP in Japan
New Media, a Japanese merger of cable operators serving Yonezawa and Hakodate, will deploy Net.Com’s ShoutLink system to merge 2 H.323-based VoCable networks and Ubiquity’s SIP proxy to add support for VoIP using Microsoft Messenger. Shoutlink’s technology will provide interworking between SIP on the desktop and Oki’s H.323 gatekeepers.

Bellnet will serve as the systems integrator for the deployment.


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