IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 27 2000

Palestinian Telecom to Offer Startec’s VoIP Services
The Palestinian Telecommunications Company (PTC) reported that it has signed an agreement with Startec Global Communications, in which it will both originate and terminate IP telephony traffic to and from Startec’s networks.

PTC, which operates a fully digital infrastructure, is the sole provider of telecommunications services in Palestine.

Startec is in the process of establishing a global IP network based on IP, ATM and traditional platforms deployed throughout Africa, the Asia Pacific, Central Europe, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and the U.S. The network features an ATM ring with over 32 POPs (71 IP gateways and 12 switches) located in over 32 countries, with command centers utilizing SS7 technologies in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Guam. The network combined with the company’s international termination agreements and ownership interests in 15 undersea optic cables enable it to offer services such as Internet access, IP telephony and web hosting in more than 44 countries.

Startec Global Communications

ECI Telecom Introduces CC&B Technology
ECI Telecom has announced the introduction of its customer care and billing solution, the I-Master Service Management platform. The product will enable corporations to develop and manage IP telephony services, offering online support for capabilities such as service provisioning, order processing, operations, customer support, and real time accounting and settlement as well as account recharge.

The technology is currently available for field trial. Pricing was not disclosed.

ECI offers an array of IP telephony technology including gateways, gatekeepers, and client and back-office service applications. The products are capable of supporting thousands of users via interacting gateways, gatekeepers and servers.

In other news, New Global Telecom (NGT), an international facilities-based carrier, reported that it has just successfully completed a trial voice/data service offering based on ECI Telecom’s ATM packet based ATX-600 next gen telephony solution. The provider now intends to deploy the platform in select markets throughout Southeast Asia, and both North and South America to develop support for commercial voice/fax/data offerings.

NGT is an integrated communications provider in the process of developing a global network that will support an array of converged services including retail and wholesale Internet based data and voice services. Its network currently consists of a NOC in Colorado and switching centers in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

New Global Telecom

ECI Telecom

Tristar to Deploy ArelNet’s Equipment for Internet Fax Service
Tristar Plus Investments reported that it is planning to deploy ArelNet’s iTone Gateway to construct a 17 node network to support Internet fax and messaging services. According to the terms of the $1.1 million agreement, Tristar intends to deploy the gateways in select markets throughout China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

In other news, ArelNet said that its i-Tone Prime carrier grade gateway has successfully been tested to interoperate with products from over thirty other vendors at the IMTC’s SuperOp 2000 conference in Nice, France.

The recently introduced i-Tone Prime platform is designed to support up to 24 T1s or E1s and handle up to 5,000 simultaneous calls. It offers support for an array of VoIP technologies including H.323 v2, MGCP and SIP, as well as SS7 and T.38 (real time fax). It features functionality with ArelNet’s i-Tone Gatekeeper, NMS, OA&M, web based customer care, and offers voice and fax to email connectivity as well as IVR support. It also includes QoS technologies, IN compatibility and dynamic routing algorithms. In addition, it provides open, Java and JINI technology based APIs that enable users to customize features and add addition network management capabilities and services.


NewSouth to Deploy Tekelec’s Equipment
NewSouth Communications, a broadband integrated communications provider, announced that it is planning to deploy Tekelec’s equipment to develop IP telephony and a variety of other enhanced Internet based telecommunications offerings. According to the terms of the deal, NewSouth intends to deploy Tekelec’s EAGLE LNP (local number portability), IP7 Secure gateway, ASi 4000 SCP and IP7 Sentinel technologies to develop a packet based switching architecture in its existing networks to provide signaling and media management support for the services. The products will utilize TALI technologies to interoperate with NewSouth’s existing network elements, and support capabilities such as provisioning, management, trouble shooting and interoperability with various vendors products.

NewSouth offers an array of services including high-speed Internet access, data, local exchange, long distance as well as enhanced telecommunications services throughout Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky.

NewSouth Communications


PacketPort to Integrate Natural MicroSystems’ Technologies
PacketPort.com reported that it is planning to integrate Natural MicroSystems’ Convergence Generation (CG) model 6000C series hardware into the packet gateway platform that it is developing. PacketPort intends to use the technology to design a gateway solution that can support up to 672 ports (per chassis) of VoIP, VoDSL, VoCable or 3G wireless networks.

The 6000C solution is an integrated software/hardware system that can be used to develop products such as IP media gateways, IP media servers and enterprise communications servers. It can support up to 120 VoIP ports per CompactPCI slot. The product is based on Natural MicroSystems’ VoIP software product, Fusion, which provides support for H.323, H.323 v2, MGCP and SIP protocols such as G.727.1, G.711, G.729a, and T.37/T.38 fax as well as MS-GSM. It supports automatic fail over via dual IP interfaces, and it can automatically detect potential service disruptions and reroute communications to an alternate Ethernet connection without disrupting communications. The product also offers support for technologies such as IVR, fax, vocode, play and record. In addition, the unit features hot swappable card technology.


Natural MicroSystems

iLocus to Host European VoIP Trade Show
iLocus has announced that it will be hosting the iLocus.com Show (Europe 2000) at the London Arena, on October 2 through 4. The show will focus in on European telephony markets and promote global developmental partnerships. In addition, the firm will provide an updated version of its IP Telephony Who is Who directory publication, which contains profiles of over 1000 IP telephony related firms, to the first 1500 registrants.

The full three-day conference and exhibition is priced at $1,295.

Europe 2000


Globalinx Offering Phone to Phone VoIP Service
Orion Technologies has announced that its subsidiary, Globalinx, is marketing an unlimited flat-rate phone to phone VoIP service throughout the U.S. The firm is offering a variety of billing packages for the pre paid calling card based service, with prices beginning at $99 per month.

Orion Technologies is an international holding company offering Internet and telecommunications-based technologies and services. Globalinx is an international telecommunications firm that offers bundled wireless, satellite, and terrestrial communications products and services such as voice, data, and video.

Orion Technologies

VDC Communications Secures $625,000 In Financing
VDC Communications said that it has secured $625,000 by selling 625,000 unregistered shares of its common stock at $1 per share. The firm intends to use the funding for working capital as it develops and deploys its VoIP network and launches a retail IP telephony service.

VDC provides domestic and international carrier services via its New York City and Los Angeles gateway sites. It is in the process of developing a global IP network, and assembling a global alliance of providers, to offer voice, facsimile and other value added services on a global basis. The company recently said that it is planning to deploy TransNexus’ ClearIP solution to support the VoIP clearinghouse service. In addition, it has also recently negotiated a deal with Level 3, in which Level 3 will carry its VoIP traffic between its gateway sites, and with Cisco to deploy the necessary equipment at its existing sites and to expand its operations.

VDC Communications

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