IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 28 1999

Lucent and Mind CTI Develop VoIP Solution

Lucent has announced that it has teamed with Mind CTI to develop a VoIP solution for ITSPs that
combines Lucent’s PacketStar Internet Telephony System (ITS) with Mind CTI’s iPhonEX IP telephony
billing system.

The Mind-iPhonEX system is a Windows NT based real-time billing and call management product
designed to provide billing and call traffic analysis for V/FoIP services. It provides fraud detection, traffic
analysis and call management reports. The product is capable of billing tens of millions of simultaneous
calls per month. It features real-time service cut-off when the call limit is reached, calling card
management, individualized customer rate tables and flexible fax charge options by page, duration or
priority. The system also interoperates with IP telephony equipment from Ericsson, Cisco and NetSpeak.

The H.323 compliant ITS product is based on Lucent’s PortMaster 4 integrated access concentrator
platform and ComOS operating system. It supports both real-time voice and fax transmissions, and is
scaleable up to 28 T1s or 21 E1s (672 or 630 ports). In addition, five gateways can be stacked to provide
port densities of up to 3,360. The product supports G.729a and G.711, and elemedia’s H.323 software and
gatekeeper toolkits. In addition, it is designed to use the iNOW! profile (developed by Lucent, VocalTec
and ITXC) to provide interoperability with other gateways, gatekeepers or providers.

Lucent’s ITS solution is also available with GRIC’s prepaid billing and settlement services. The prepaid
billing and settlement service provides real-time authentication, rating and voice response capabilities. It
enables providers to bill for VoIP calls that terminate over GRIC’s IP telephony network, which has 71
POPs worldwide, with hubs in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose and Washington DC.

Mind CTI




InternetWeek to Host VoIP Seminars

CMP Media’s network newspaper division, InternetWeek, announced that it has scheduled four IP-
telephony seminars, named Making IP Work for You, in October. Each all day session will focus on the
different technologies and products that enable voice and fax to be offered over IP infrastructure. In
addition, the sessions will feature hands-on demonstrations and displays of select IP telephony solutions.

The sessions are scheduled for 5 October ’99, in New York; 13 October ’99, in Washington DC; 19 October
’99, in Chicago; and 21 October ’99, in San Francisco. Each seminar is priced at $149 per participant.



Making IP Work for You


Seminar Registration


ICQ to Offer Net2Phone’s VoIP Services to its Users

ICQ has announced that it is planning to offer Net2Phone’s Internet telephony services and software to its
38 million users. According to the terms of the four year deal, ICQ will private brand the Net2Phone VoIP
software and Net2Phone will allow the users to place free PC to PC calls over its infrastructure. The
companies also plan to offer ICQ branded Internet phone cards that will enable users to access Net2Phone’s
network to place phone to phone calls. In addition, the providers are currently developing a service that will
enable an ICQ user to locate the IP address of another ICQ user to place a call from phone to PC, PC to
phone, or PC to PC.





Telerep to Distribute FastComm’s Products in Latin America

Telerep said that it will distribute FastComm’s line of voice, fax and video data networking and data center
products in Peru and Brazil. Telerep will market FastComm’s VoIP and VoFR networking devices, the
MetroLan SOHO router and the GlobalStack-EX gateway.

The MetroLan is configured with 3 voice/fax ports and 4 data ports to integrate communications over a
single digital line. It provides interfaces for analog PBXs, FXS/FXO, E and M, and has a 10BaseT Ethernet
interface for LAN/router connections. The GlobalStack-EX can support up to 120 channels of H.323
compliant (G.729a) voice, video and data communications over IP or frame relay networks.





Crys-Tel to Offer Unified Messaging with VoIP Service

Crys-Tel Telecommunications.com has announced that it plans to use capacity on AboveNet’s global
Internet network to expand its IP Telephony service offering to include unified messaging, video
conferencing, on-demand multimedia, and wireless data and telephony services. AboveNet recently
deployed Lucent’s VoIP equipment in its international network, which has POPs in New York, San Jose,
Vienna/VA, Frankfurt, London and Vienna/Austria.

Crys-Tel’s Internet telephony service is provided via two network access points in Canada and 3 in Italy
and network interconnection agreements with TeleMatrix and Abacus Telecom. TeleMatrix’s network
currently has 37 access points in Japan, 3 in China, 3 in the U.S. and one each in Korea, Taiwan, Hong
Kong, and France. Abacus has POPs in Paris and San Jose.



Crys-Tel Telecommunications.com




Ameritech and Road Runner to Offer FaxNet FoIP Services

FaxNet has announced that both Ameritech and Road Runner will use its Internet fax software,
FaxMission, to offer services. Ameritech has already launched services in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and
Milwaukee, with plans to expand the service offering into Columbus and Indianapolis by the end of
summer. Road Runner will private brand the FaxMission product and bundle it with its high speed Internet
access service, which serves 320,000 subscribers.

The FaxMission software enables users to receive facsimiles as emails attachments. For per page charges,
users can also utilize the fax software to send faxes or have documents automatically redirected to a
traditional fax machine. Its features include an address book, broadcast capabilities, and real time, online
status and billing detail review.





Road Runner


ECI and MegaHertz Team to Offer VoIP Solution

ECI Telecom has announced that it has signed a MOU with MegaHertz-NKO, in which the companies will
market an IP telephony solution that includes ECI’s equipment and access to MegaHertz’s VoIP network.
According to the terms of the MOU, ECI and MegaHertz-NKO will maintain independent marketing, sales
and support activities for their respective products and services.

ECI’s VoIP product line consists of gateways, gatekeepers, and client and back-office service applications.
The products are capable of supporting thousands of users via interacting gateways, gatekeepers and

MegaHertz recently acquired NKO’s global VoIP network. The company provides network design and
monitoring services, system and database support, and inter-exchange and interconnectivity services. Its
services are based on ECI’s equipment.

MegaHertz Communications


ECI Telecom


Interphase Transfers VoIP Subsidiary Assets to T2PCom

Interphase said that it has reached an agreement with T2PCom, a French start up ITSP, in which it will
transfer the assets of its recently formed VoIP equipment manufacturing subsidiary, QuesCom, to T2Pcom.
According to the terms of the agreement, T2PCom will pay a licensing fee of $1,172,000 for all of
QuesCom’s technology. T2PCom has already made a $300,000 down payment toward the deal.

Paris based QuesCom was formed by Interphase to focus on the development of IP telephony networking
technologies. The company is developing VoIP products that will enhance existing PBXs by adding
features such as RAS, Unified Messaging and LCR capabilities. The subsidiary is also developing V/FoIP
IP gateway products.





AmTec Teams with Provider to Offer Service in China

AmTec said that its subsidiary has secured an agreement with an undisclosed provider to offer voice and
fax over IP services in the Sichuan Province of China. Once the services are established, the companies
plan to develop and deploy technology that will allow the V/FoIP services to interoperate with cell phones
and related infrastructures.

The initial V/FoIP services are expected to be available by this fall.

In a separate announcement, AmTec is teaming with JiTong Communications to offer V/FoIP services in
the Guangdong Provice of China. According to the terms of the agreement, the companies will offer the
services to corporations via Ji Tong branded prepaid calling cards.

Earlier this month, AmTec partnered with Ixs.Net and Fusion Telecommunications to launch an Internet
fax service in Asia. The companies deployed Ixs.Net’s Internet fax equipment in three Taiwanese cities
(Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung), Hong Kong, and two cities in China (Shanghai and Guangzhou). The
services will be routed in and between the newly built POPs and Ixc.Net’s existing POPs in California via
AmTec’s network assets and Fusion’s international network routes. The companies have also unveiled plans
to offer VoIP services in the Asian markets.





Ji Tong Communications


Intasys, AMS and LHS Integrate XACCT’s Billing

XACCT Technologies has announced that Intasys, American Management Systems and LHS have joined
its billing solution partnership program and will integrate the capabilities of its billing and customer care
system, XACCTusage, into their respective billing and management platforms. The partnership program
will also enable the vendors to aid in the co-development and co-marketing of the combined solutions and
participate in industry related demonstrations.

The XACCTusage application enables providers to define the exact IP session information that they would
like to be captured. The application collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network
elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce
records similar to telephone switch CDRs. The records enable providers to generate a variety of service
pricing models and usage-based bills.

Members of XACCTís partnership program include Amdocs, American Management Systems, ASC
Billing Solutions, Billing Concepts, Bridgewater Systems, CableData, Calculus, Cap Gemini, Castle
Networks, Certis, Compaq, Daleen Technologies, Danet Group, Data General, DMR, Geneva Technology,
Global Infocomm, Intasys, Intec, International Computers Limited, LHS, Logica, Portal Software, Saville
Systems PLC, Sigma Systems Group, Smarten Italia, and Solect Technology Group.



Parner Program


Intasys Corporation




LHS Group


Nuance Teams With InterVoice to Develop IVR Technologies

Nuance Communications, a provider of speech recognition and speaker verification software, has
announced that it is teaming with InterVoice to develop H.323 compliant VoIP platforms that can support
IVR and e-commerce software applications. The companies expect the solution to enable web site visitors
to click a link to hear informational IVR messages via an H.323 compliant VoIP software clients such as
NetMeeting. Plans also call for the products to interoperate with H.323 compliant gateways to allow VoIP
services to be offered.





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