IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jul, 30 2004

1. VocalTec Introduces New Line of VoIP Products
VocalTec has introduced Essantra, a new line of modular VoIP products including a broadband VoIP access platform, a softswitch, a peering manager, a SIP/H.323 gateway, an operational support server, a traffic management system, a network routing server, a GSM SCCP gateway, and a SS7 signaling gateway. The products can be used to deliver a variety of applications such as broadband VoIP access, long distance trunking, wholesale international long distance, pre and post-paid calling card, transport of GSM roaming and SMS traffic, and hosted enterprise VoIP services.

The architecture of the product line is based on a clear division between the media and control layers. In addition to supporting more than 60 SS7 country variants, the suite of products supports the interworking of SIP, SIP-T, Q.1912.5, MGCP, MEGACO, H.248, H.323, SS7-ISUP, PRI and SIGTRAN.


3. ISN Launches Primary Line Residential VoIP Service
ISN Telecom, a U.S. CLEC, has launched IPfone, a primary line residential VoIP service to broadband Internet subscribers. The terminal adapter is free, but subscribers must pay $9.95 for shipping and handling, a $25 activation fee, a 99 cent In State fee, and be subject to a $99 disconnect fee, if the subscriber keeps the service for more than 14 days or uses 250 or more calling minutes.

The service plans range from $14.95 per month plus taxes to $34.95 per month plus taxes. The low-end package includes 500 local or regional minutes per month. The premium package includes unlimited calling within North America. All packages include a set of calling features including call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, voicemail to email, follow me, do not disturb, simultaneous ring, and online account management.

The service terms and conditions are not consumer friendly. For instance, if a subscriber exceeds $50 in calling charges, the provider maintains the right to bill more frequent than monthly and the 14 day or 250 minute money back guarantee only applies to single line accounts and if the terminal adapter is returned within 14 days of deactivating an account.

IPfone is being driven by BroadSoft’s BroadWorks platform and Cisco’s gateways and IADs.

ISN also offers IP PBX services.

ISN Telecom

5. Popular Telephony Unveils Server Free Peer to Peer VoIP Solution
Popular Telephony has introduced Peerio, a portable middleware application for VoIP ICs, IP phones, enterprise phones, and conferencing systems that enables communications without the need for routing through a centralized server (node or switch). Instead, the technology relies solely on the IP network infrastructure.

Peerio is protocol agnostic and is interoperable with every semiconductor, OS, and VoIP and PBX feature set. It can be ported to any IP telephony device and configured to activate the original set of features.

The middleware provides load balancing to support QoS protocols and includes security solutions to protect against DoS and Man in the Middle attacks.

The technology is available for licensing on a non-exclusive basis.

Popular Telephony

7. Pannaway Introduces SIP Server & Element Management System
Pannaway Technologies has introduced Call Control Manager and Broadband Access Manager, a solution for delivering and managing IP services over a traditional network infrastructure. The Call Control Manager is a SIP registration server, redirect server, and proxy server that routes all calls, provides CLASS features, and generates Telcordia AMA format billing records in a 1 RU NEBS compliant appliance. The Broadband Access Manager is web-based element management system that provides remote service control, device viewing and monitoring, inventory management, equipment troubleshooting, and security management. The system also provides provisioning and deployment control of voice, video and data services directly from a provider’s CO.

The new equipment is part of Pannaway’s managed end to end IP solution for telcos dubbed as Pannaway Service Convergence Network.

Pannaway Technologies

9. Boeing to Use Cisco’s Gear for Global IP Telephony Deployment
The Boeing Company plans to deploy Cisco’s IP telephony technology to develop an IP network that will connect its more than 150,000 employees in 48 U.S. states and 70 countries. The move to IP follows a 3-year trial of Cisco’s VoIP technology deployed at facilities in Missouri, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

The Boeing Company

Cisco Networks

11. TransAKT to Acquire Taiwanese PC to PC/Phone VoIP Provider
Based on a stock transaction, TransAKT, a developer of wireless electronic payment solutions, has entered into an agreement to acquire IP Mental, a Taipei-based VoIP hardware and VoIP service provider. IP Mental offers PC to phone and PC to PC services as well as a SIP/H.323 NAT traversal solution. The company’s VoIP service handles 23,000 daily calls for its over 38,000 subscribers.


IP Mental

13. General Bandwidth Enhances Media Gateway Platform
General Bandwidth has released version 7.0 of its G6 media gateway platform, which includes a set of new featues such as Non-Service Affecting upgrades, PRI and E&M signaling over VoIP, VoATM AAl1 for Fiber to the Business applications and site level redundancy for the company’s EMS.

In conjunction with the new release, the company has also introduced a new 10 port T1 telephony port module, which adds VoATM AAL1 support and enhanced processing power to G6 to meet CableLabs’ PacketCable security requirements.

Recently, General Bandwidth has announced 2 customer wins including Logix Communications and eGix. Logix, a Texas-based CLEC, will deploy the vendor’s media gateways in Dallas and Houston, to support the rollout of a suite of enterprise IP services and eGix, an Indiana-based CLEC, will deploy the technology to support national launch of SIP based IP Centrex services.

General Bandwidth

Logix Communications


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