IP Telephony news wrap-up for Jul 31 – 2006

RadiSys, a supplier of embedded boards and platforms, has entered into a definite agreement to acquire Convedia for $105 million in cash. Convedia is a vendor of media servers and media processing products. The companies expect the merger to strengthen their position in the VoIP market as well as expand their global reach.

Last quarter, Convedia reported annual run-rate revenues of approximately $20 million.

Comcast, the largest cable MSO in the U.S., reported in its latest quarterly report that its VoCable service (circuit switched & VoIP) was a major factor in achieving a 7% increase in year over year net income, with its phone service revenue growing 24%. As a result, the provider has raised its VoCable subscription projections up 30% to 40% for the year, expecting to add 1.3 to 1.4 million subs for the year.

IDC has released Office Households Set the Stage for Consumer VoIP Adoption, a 7-page report that discusses the use of VoIP by home office households in the U.S. compared with households without home offices. The study also explores key capabilities of VoIP and the level of cost savings required to attract the different household types discussed.

IDC finds that income generating or corporate home offices are twice as likely to subscribe to a VoIP service in the next 12 months than a household without a home office. The study reports that 39.1% of corporate home offices and 23.7% of home based businesses are interested in VoIP or already use the technology. Only 10.8 of U.S. households without a home office were aware of VoIP.

The publication is available for US $3500.

Alcatel has introduced version 5.0 of OmniPCX Office, an IP PBX for SMBs that now includes a new attendant console, and a VoWLAN-based solution including a series of wireless IP terminals. The system also includes a secure Internet connection for multi-site SMBs as well as a SIP network interface providing inter-site links for VoIP and access to further service provider offerings.

The updated attendant console enables SMBs distributed over multiple sites to centralize call reception at a single site. It provides knowledge of the status of all terminals on the network such as analog and digital phones.

The new OmniPCX Office release is currently available in North America.

The FCC has reported that high-speed Internet subscriptions rose 33% in 2005 to 50.2 million lines. The total includes both consumer and business subscriptions. DSL subscriptions increased by 5.7 million lines over the year compared with 4.2 million new cable modem lines. Although DSL added more lines, cable still leads the market share with 57.5%, compared to DSL’s 40.5%.

Internet Security Systems (ISS) has identified two security vulnerabilities within Inter-Asterisk eXchange 2 (IAX2), a part of the Asterisk PBX that exchanges VoIP and call content.

The first security flaw is associated with the ability of an attacker to flood the phone service with call requests, creating a DoS situation whereby the phone service would be prevented from handling new calls. Asterisk has already released a patch that addresses this vulnerability.

The second vulnerability allows an attacker to access accounts without passwords and to flood another network with large amounts of traffic. Users can eliminate this flaw by assigning passwords to all accounts.

ISS markets a security product known as Proventia that prevents the aforementioned flaws as well as other security issues related to Asterisk.

Juniper Networks has introduced M120, a multiservice edge router that delivers support for 128 GE subscriber ports, with 10 GB Ethernet or OC 192 uplink capability in a compact form factor. It is designed to facilitate service aggregation for high-bandwidth converged edge routing applications for service providers and enterprises with voice, video and data networks.

The M120 is capable of supporting MPLS services at Layers 2 and 3, including Layer 3 VPNs. It delivers redundancy and facilitates the transport of legacy Frame Relay and ATM traffic over high-bandwidth Ethernet links.

The router can be used for small to mid-sized PoPs and COs, and for Internet peering and router reflector applications in small and medium core networks. As a collapsed PoP router, the product can provide edge services and backbone routing. For large enterprises, the M120 provides a WAN gateway solution, offering support for Layer 2 and 3 VPNs, including enterprise MPLS and VPLS, as well as QoS for voice, video and data.

The M120 can be configured to support 1+1 and 1:N redundancy.

Authorities of the state of Manabi, Ecuador have approved the creation of a private phone company that will provide Internet access and VoIP in the region. The first phase of the development will connect Interlink Global’s platform via satellite, wireless Internet, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max.

Interlink Global will be an investor as well as provide infrastructure and network management for Manabitel. Interlink has deployed similar networks in Nigeria and Mexico.

Manabi has a population of over 1.1 million people but only 62,000 phone lines.

Interlink Global
Time Warner Telecom (TWT) has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Xspedius Communications, a metro fiber based provider of business telecom services throughout the U.S. Under the terms of the agreement, TWT will pay $531.5 million, consisting of $212.5 million in cash and $319 million in shares of its Class A Common Stock.

Some of the services Xspedius provides include metro Ethernet, local and long distance voice, data and dedicated Internet

Closing is expected within six months.

Time Warner Telecom
Xspedius Communications
SunRocket, a primary line residential VoIP service provider, will use U.S. LEC for phone numbers across the U.S. as well as for origination access to the PSTN.

Nokia is conducting a UMA pilot system of FMC technology in 50 homes in Olul, Finland, based on the company’s 6136 phone.

BT has said that it will use heavy advertising to try to boost its VoIP subscriber base from 135,000 to one million by the end of the year.


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