IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 03 1998

NetXchange has Unveiled Web, PC & Email Solutions for its Internet Fax Providers

NetXchange has announced the avalability of web, PC & email solutions for
its Global Community of Internet fax service providers. NetXchange-enabled
service providers can now enable their subs to send facsimiles over the
Internet as an email, from a Windows-based application or from the web with
no startup expense.

The WebFax solution enables users to send faxes directly from their web
browser. Subscribers log into their service provider’s web site and use the
browser to address and send the faxes. Because all software resides on the
provider’s server, subscribers do not need to download or install any
software. The service works with any operating system, including Windows,
Macintosh and Unix platforms.

The PC Client allows users to send faxes directly from any Windows-based
application on their desktop to the NetXchange-enabled fax server at their
service provider. PC Client installs as an additional printer driver. The
user will need to choose to print the document to be faxed to the
NetXchange fax server and the fax is sent. In addition, automatic cover
pages can be used, and the module integrates with the user’s personal
information management application (PIM), such as Microsoft Outlook to make
keying in fax names and numbers easier.

The Email-to-Fax application enables users to send Internet faxes as
attachments to any e-mail message. The ITSP will use NetXchange software to
process and render the attachment as a fax. The document is then forwarded
over the Internet for delivery as a fax.

All three applications will enable users to access the NetXchange Global
Community. The NetXchange Global Community consists of ITSPs, alternative
carriers and ISPs that cooperate to provide worldwide IP fax coverage.
Participating organizations can use NetXchange’s Internet Xchange for Fax
(IXF) or XchangeWare Gateway to offer global FoIP termination to their
customers. Each ITSP generates revenue from subscribers sending and
receiving IP faxes within the ITSP’s network. Alternative carriers
generate revenues by selling PSTN minutes for fax transmission to service



Arbinet to Use MiBridges VoIP Technology to Develop Telecommunications Switch

MiBridge has announced that its VoIP voice compression technology is being
integrated into Arbinet’s telecommunications switch. The switch is expected
to provide support for more than 400 T1 digital lines.

MiBridge, a subsidiary of I-Link, writes voice and fax compression software
algorithms and feature-rich APIs that can be integrated into a complete
system to provide a key component in building VoIP gateways. The
compression software supports the H.323 protocol.

Arbinet is a provider of LCR solutions, PC based switching hardware, global
network management software and alternate access products.





@fax Introduces Small Business Internet Fax Server with Microsoft Support

@fax has announced the release of its FAXfree Server Small Business Edition
(SBE), an Internet fax routing server. The FAXfree Server SBE enables users
to send rendered graphics, spreadsheets, documents, and text directly from
the desktop. Documents can be created on a desktop and sent without exiting
the application. Faxes can also be sent from a fax machine to a FAXfree
Server, where they can be routed to e-mail clients or to other fax machines.

The FAXfree Server SBE has also been integrated with Microsoft’s BackOffice
Small Business Server to meet the needs of small businesses. @fax has
designed the FAXfree Server SBE interface, communication services, tools
and component models to be compatible with the Microsoft BackOffice family
of products.

FAXfree Server SBE supports up to 25 clients and up to four channels.
FAXfree Server SBE, including five-client licenses, is available through
distributors for $695. Additional five-client packs sell for $149.00.



STAR-NET to Offer GRIC’s Internet Telephony and Fax Services

STAR-NET has announced that it will offer GRIC Communications’ global
Internet fax service, GRICfax, to the Japanese market via its 50 POPs in
that country. The company is also planning to offer GRIC’s global Internet
telephony service, GRICphone, which it is currently being offered on a
trial basis.

The GRICfax service provides user authentication, routing, and settlement
services for member ISPs and telcos. Originating and terminating fax
transmissions are enabled using fax over IP software servers installed at
the member’s site. A fax transmission is routed to the destination fax
machine via a local PSTN call; therefore, a receiving fax machine does not
need to have any special software or hardware installed. GRIC monitors the
networks on a 24×7 basis.

STAR-NET is an ISP that provides telephone service, data and image
transmission, distribution of information, communication equipment, and
information processing.

GRIC Communications




Franklin Telecom Provides JM Best Comm. With IP Gateways for IP Telephony Service

Franklin Telecom has announced that it has begun filling a $250,000
purchase order for its Tempest Data Voice Gateways. The gateways are being
shipped to J. M. Best Communications, a provider of Internet telephone
services via long distance calling cards. The current order includes six
operational beta units, with plans for an additional forty-five units over
the next year.

J.M. Best has been beta testing both the hardware and the billing &
authorization software for the Tempest System during the last few months.
The trial service was offered in certain markets in California, Georgia,
Illinois, Iowa & New York.

J. M. Best Communications is a provider of Internet telephony services,
Internet access, web hosting, web site design, and custom web software.

Franklin Telecom


J.M. Best


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