IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 05 2000

FreeWebTel to Launch VoIP Service
FreeWebTel announced that it is teaming with Globix to develop an Internet telephony network throughout the U.S. and Europe. According to the terms of the deal, Globix will provide FreeWebTel with an array of web hosting services including space to collocate VoIP gateways throughout its fiber network. FreeWebTel will also use capacity on the fiber network to route calls on a global basis.

The companies are currently beta testing the service, which is expected to be launched on a no charge basis as soon as possible. FreeWebTel will subsidize the offering via advertisement revenues. To paricipate in the trial, send an email to info@freewebtel.com

Globix’s network consists of NOCs in Amsterdam, Boston, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Santa Clara and Seattle, with POPs in Chicago, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Washington DC.

In related news, FreeWebTel has reported the introduction of its VoIP client, which features a redesigned implementation of G.729 to support phone to PC, PC to phone and PC to PC IP telephony communications. The product offers caller ID, voicemail and real time text chat capabilities, and an address book (phone number) storage application. The company will also store user’s voice mail messages, which can be accessed via a toll free number. Users of the software will need at least a Pentium 200 running Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT, 64 MB RAM, a full duplex sound card, a 28.8 Internet connection and a mike and speakers.

The product is expected to be available as soon as the trial is over.


ITXC Licenses Intel’s Internet Telephony Software
ITXC announced that it is licensing Intel’s recently released Internet telephony technology for integration into its web based PC to phone IP telephony service, webtalkNOW! Financial details were not disclosed. The Intel product implements technologies such as acoustic echo cancellation, decreased audio breakup, noise reduction and bandwidth conservation to aid in improving VoIP call quality.

webtalkNOW! is a turnkey web based PC to phone IP telephony offering that enables web site owners to integrate private branded VoIP calling technologies into web sites. The service includes licensing a voice enabled web client or standalone PC application, wholesale traffic routing, and network management and call accounting services. All traffic is routed over ITXC’s global Internet telephony network, which has 250 POPs in over 145 cities and 59 countries. The provider also uses the network to offer a wholesale call completion service that enables other providers to terminate VoIP calls to any telephone in the world via the network, ITXC’s affiliate provider’s networks, the public Internet or the PSTN. The company implements its own BestValue Routing technology to control the quality of all calls.



Wherever.net Secure Operator License in Singapore
Wherever.net said that the Singaporean Government has issued it a license to provide select IP telephony services. The license will enable the provider to carry out plans to launch a global VoIP service and expand its network to include an addition 250 POPs throughout Asia and other select international markets by the end of the year. The provider’s private managed network currently consists of 67 POPs in 24 markets throughout China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the U.S. It offers services including calling card, clearing house and VPNs to corporations. The company intends to expand its network to increase its penetration in the VPN corporate market, and develop value added services for residential consumers. It has also recently teamed with Phonecalls.com to terminate Phonecalls’ Internet telephony traffic in select international markets, and to provide roaming connectivity throughout Chinese and Asian markets via its roaming infrastructure.



VPSwitch Introduces VoDSL Gateway
VPSwitch, a Data Connection division, has reported the introduction of the VPSwitch VP3000, a DSL voice switch. The NEBS-3 compliant product combines the functions of a DSL gateway and a Class 5 legacy switch into a single high density system. It can support up to 2,000 simultaneous voice calls, 16,000 DSL lines and 100,000 BHCA per stackable chassis. The unit is designed around a MGCP/Megaco and SCTP based architecture, and it can be transparently connected to local and long distance carrier’s networks via SS7/TDM trunks. In addition, it can be configured to selectively route long distance VoIP calls over existing packet backbones.

The product is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed.



Tekson to Distribute Innomedia’s VoIP Technology
Tekson, a Chinese ISP, has announced that it has reached an agreement with Innomedia, in which it is planning to private brand Innomedia’s VoIP enabling PC card, InfoAccel, and bundle it with a one year subscription to its Internet access service. The ISP initially plans to offer the product in the Guandong market, with plans to expand the offering throughout China. The companies are also developing web based calling technologies that will enable InfoAccel users to click an icon to initiate VoIP communications with other users, or send an email to another users that will feature a link that can be clicked to initiate communications.

The single port PCI based VoIP product utilizes H.323 v2 compliant protocols including G.723.1 for compression and G.168 for echo cancellation. It ships with a full duplex audio system that handles speech processing to free up the host CPU and memory. It plugs into a Windows based PC and provides an RJ-11 interface to directly connect a traditional phone (including cordless models) to enable users to place calls to other users. It requires that users have an available PCI slot in a Windows 95 or 98 PC, 16 MB RAM, a CD ROM and at least a 28.8 connection to the Internet. Users can also place calls to non-users by opening a calling account with the vendor’s Internet telephony service/network, InnoSphere, which has operations in over 200 countries.



Mpower to Deploy TollBridge’s VoDSL Equipment
Mpower Communications reported that it is planning to deploy additional networking equipment from TollBridge Technologies to further expand its VoDSL service’s connectivity. The provider has already installed the technology in its existing markets throughout Atlanta, California, Chicago, Las Vegas and Southern Florida, and intends to deploy the additional products to support VoDSL offerings in Austin, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Houston, Milwaukee, Nashville and San Antonio.

TollBridge’s voice over symmetrical DSL product, the TB200 gateway, is a carrier class local exchange gateway that connects to a CLASS 5 switch via GR-303 over DS1s, and to the broadband data network via ATM over a DS3. Traffic that is handed off to the gateway is automatically packetized and routed directly to the vendor’s TB50 IAD, located at the customer’s premises. It can support CLASS services such as call waiting or caller ID. Its voice module performs performs ATM segmentation and reassembly, IP encapsulation and de-encapsulation, sub-frame multiplexing and demultiplexing and signal processing to provide voice compressions from 64 kbps G.711 mu-law PCM to 32 kbps G.726 ADPCM. It also offers echo cancellation technologies including G.165 and G.168. In addition, the vendor is further developing the product to support lower bit-rate algorithms such as G.728 (16kbps), G.729 and G.729A (8kbps), and G.723.1 (5.6/6.3kbps).

The additional deployments are scheduled to be operational sometime this summer. Mpower is a facilities-based broadband communications provider offering an array of data, telephony, Internet access, and web hosting services to small and medium sized corporations.

TollBridge Technologies

Mpower Communications

American Diversified Forms Subsidiary In London
American Diversified Group (ADG) has reported that it is forming a subsidiary in London, Global Transmedia NV, to focus on developing and expanding ADG’s provider subsidiary’s (Global Transmedia) VoIP networks into Europe and Africa.

Global Transmedia is a facilities based international provider that offers VoIP connectivity via operations in Hackensack, Miami, New York, San Antonio and St. Louis. It also has local partner operators and networks in select markets throughout Mexico, Venezuela and Columbia, with negotiations in process with other providers in select South American and Eastern European markets.

TMNG.com Teams with MIND for eCommerce CC&B Product
The Management Network Group’s eCommerce subsidiary, TMNG.com, reported that it is teaming with MIND to develop back office billing and customer care infrastructure solutions for eCommerce providers. The solutions will be based on the integration of MIND’s customer care and billing system, MIND-iPhonEX, and TMNG’s e-Lexicon toolset.

MIND-iPhonEX is designed to provide billing and call traffic analysis for IP services such as VoIP. It features web interfaces for providers and subscribers that can be used to register, verify credit cards and perform a variety of other customer care functions. The product also provides support for call management, traffic analysis, fraud detection and convergent IP services billing capabilities. The product is currently integrated into various vendor’s (Cisco, Ericsson, Lucent, Netspeak, VocalTec) VoIP gateway systems.

e-Lexicon is a collection of best in class e-business applications that offer capabilities such as electronic bill presentment and payment, web enabled customer care and IP service management.



VocalData & Cirilium to Develop MGCP & H.323 Interoperability
VocalData has announced that it is teaming with Cirilium to develop and market Internet telephony solutions. According to the terms of the agreement, the companies will develop both MGCP and H.323 compliant interoperability between Cirilium’s family of Media Gateways and VocalData’s VoIP Softswitch line of IP based local exchange products. In addition, the firms will integrate their respective IP telephony offerings to provide an end to end softswitch solution for various offerings such as IP Centrex and IP dialtone.



Samsung Teams with RADVision to Develop Products
Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced that it is teaming with RADVision to develop and market Internet telephony technologies. Each company intends to provide personnel to serve on a task force that will explore potential opportunities and target the technologies that need to be developed. The task force will also plan, design and develop the applications.



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