IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 08 1998

Digital to Integrate and Market VocalTec Internet Telephony Solutions

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) has announced an alliance with VocalTec to market
end to end, carrier-grade, IP communications solutions based on VocalTec’s Ensemble
Architecture line of IP products. Under the terms of the agreement, DEC will become
a VocalTec systems integrator and be granted distribution rights for VocalTec
software products. DEC’s Worldwide Service Communications Industry Solutions
department will provide and deliver systems integration services and support.
The solutions will initially be offered in the US and European markets.

The VocalTec Ensemble Architecture is an end to end IP telephony solution. Its
components include H.323 compliant gatekeepers, gateways, network management
resources and communications software. It is capable of supporting thousands
of interacting multi-vendor gateways, gatekeepers and servers. The architecture
will provide connectivity between millions of users via traditional phones, PCs,
fax machines or e-commerce applications.



Digital Equipment Corporation


Telogy VoIP Solutions Support Texas Instrument’s DSPs

Telogy Networks has announced that its Golden Gateway product suite will support
Texas Instrument’s (TI) TMS320C5000 DSP platform. In addition, the companies
will co-market the technology.

The Golden Gateway suite enables TI’s DSPs to be configured to mix phone calls
and facsimiles on a call by call basis using the same DSP. The suite provides
support for four simultaneous channels and allows multiple voice and fax calls
to be processed on a single DSP. The technology will enable equipment manufacturers
to build Internet telephony solutions scaleable from single client solutions to
multi-thousand channel gateways.

Telogy Networks


Texas Intruments


DSP Group Acquires G.723.1 Licensing Rights From NTT

DSP Group has announced that it has reached an agreement with Nippon Telegraph and
Telephone (NTT) to represent and license NTT’s patent rights for the G.723.1
technology. DSP Group will offer NTT patents to both current and future licensees
of G.723.1. NTT has retained the right to grant licenses for its own patents
independent of DSP Group.

DSP Group now licenses the TrueSpeech G.723.1 technology on behalf of itself,
Audio Codes, France Telecom, NTT and the University of Sherbrooke, enabling
potential licensees to obtain complete patent coverage for use of the technology.

DSP Group




Netrix Completes First Round of Partnership Program Offering V/F0IP

NETRIX has announced that the first stage of its Partners on the Net (PoN) program, a global
interconnectivity program offering voice/fax over IP and FR networks, has been completed.
The initial phase interconnects NETRIX partners in North and South America, the UK,
Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.

The PoN program connects sales partners and NETRIX locations throughout the world
utilizing NETRIX’s Network Exchange 2200 series of VoIP/VoFR gateways with Vodex
software. Besides offering voice and fax transmissions via IP or frame relay networks,
NETRIX plans to enable members of PoN to offer extended off-net dialing functionality,
IVR technology, and integrating billing packages.



Singapore Telecom Launches Multi-Technology Telecommunications Service

Singapore Telecom (SingTel) has announced that its telecommunications service, BudgetCall,
will be launched this month on a limited scale. BudgetCall will operate via a
multi-technology platform comprised of emerging technologies such as Internet
telephony, digital compression and callback services. Initially, BudgetCall
will be available to 18 markets in Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, the UK and the
US. The service launch will involve 5,000 users of its International Calling Card.

The service will charge less expensive termination rates than SingTel’s
traditional telecommunications service but users can expect longer connection
times, lower call completion rates, less voice clarity and occasional interference.
The service will be billed at a flat rate, with charges accruing in six-second

SingTel plans to upgrade the service from a limited basis to full-scale operation
in Q4 ’98. Access to the service for all direct dial telephone, card service,
PhoneNet, ISDN and mobile phone users will be introduced in stages.

Singapore Telecom


CommUnity Internet Offers Internet Fax Service Using ArelNet Products

CommUnity Internet, an ISP, has announced that it is has installed
ArelNet’s i-Tone Internet faxing module for an Internet faxing service
dubbed Faxwise. Faxwise subs can use PC-based client software to generate
and send facsimiles via Windows applications or Faxwise email to fax
gateways to send email to fax machines. Subs can also install a smartbox
hardware device that will enable traditional fax machines to use the
Internet for transmission. The i-Tone system will enable all three products
to route a fax to any fax machine in the world via the Internet.

The i-Tone voice/fax over IP solution utilizes a carrier grade gateway/gatekeeper
architecture to manage more than 6000 ports and more than 1 million queries per day.
It is H.323 compliant to provide interoperability with other H.323 compliant
products. The product employs DSP based processing to support voice codecs such
as G.711, G.723 and G.729. It provides connectivity from phone to phone, fax to
fax, or PC to phone. In addition, it provides store and forward services such
as PC to fax, email to fax and fax broadcasting. Its modular architecture will
enable users to expand service functionality incrementally by adding modules as needed.



Community Internet plc




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