IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 10 2002

1. C Unveils IVR & Mediation Modules for Softswitch
CommWorks has introduced an IVR and protocol mediator module to its softswitch solution. The 8251 IVR server guides callers, via voice prompts, through the process of making prepaid and postpaid calls in multi-stage dialing scenarios. The 4205 protocol mediator server manages interactions between SIP and H.323 networks.

The IVR module is currently deployed in field trials in Asia, Europe, and North America. General availability is scheduled for Q’3 2002.


3. Rad Data Introduces Voice Gateway
Rad Data has introduced Vmux 2100, a voice gateway that supports G.723.1, G.729A, G.711 as well as utilizing its own proprietary compression technology. The proprietary technology compresses at a rate of 3.5 kbps. The gateway can be configured either with a TDM or an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet uplink. Support is provided for up to 16 T1 or E1 lines to be extended over a single T1, E1 or Ethernet uplink. The VMUX 2100 is managed by SNMP and the company’s Radview service center package. It is 1U high.

The gateway offers backup over a second T1 or E1, as well as full redundancy between WAN and LAN. It supports a wide variety of signaling including MF-R1, MFC/R2, ISDN, SS7, and any CCS signaling. The technology also supports fax and data modem relay.

Rad Data Communications

5. Red Gap Introduces VoIP Services for SMEs
Red Gap Communications has introduced a set of IP-based SME services including local and long distance, iPBX, voicemail, and Internet access.

Red Gap Communications

7. SS8 Networks Adds Firewall Security to Signaling Switch
SS8 Networks has added a firewall control proxy to its lastest release of its SignalingSwitch product. The firewall dynamically opens and closes pinholes in the firewall as needed for the passage of voice traffic. It supports NAT.

The SignalingSwitch, which provides concurrent support for both SIP and H.323, works in conjunction with Aravox’s line of gateways.

SS8 Networks

9. FNet Introduces Billing Solution for Cisco Gateways
FNet has enhanced its SoftSwitch 2002 gatekeeper with an authenication, mapping and billing system that offers billing, command and control features, and CDR maintainance interoperable with Cisco’s AS5300 series of gateways.

The technology will be leased to customers. The first 10 customers will receive a fixed rate of $5,000 per month over a year contract. A CDR maximum will be set to fit each customer. After the promotion is expired, FNet will offer the system via a licensing fee of $10 per port per month, in addition to a one time installation fee of $5,000.


11. Netergy Introduces 2 Wireless VoIP Reference Designs
Netergy Microelectronics has Introduced two new reference designs for the use in the development of VoIP phones and terminal adapters over 802.11 wireless LANs when using the company’s RISC/DSP processor and software.

Other elements in Netergy’s development kit include SoC semiconductors; a VoIP audio subsystem; call signaling protocol stacks including H.323v4, MGCP, SIP, and MEGAGO; standard network protocols, POSIX-compliant OS; and debugging tools.

Netergy Microelectronics

13. VocalData Enhances its VoIP Platform
VocalData has enhanced VOISS, its VoIP platform with the introduction of a soft phone as well as added support for instant messaging and presence integration , voice VPNs, and extended mobility capabilities.

The company has introduced SoftVOISS, a PC-compliant softphone to be used with a USB telephone. The new Voice VPN, VOISSVPN, features on/on-net, on/off-net, private dialing plans, class of service, remote access, and mobility. Remote VOISS allows system users to place and receive phone calls from cell phones, softphone enabled PDAs, and home or work stations.

VocalData is also introducing VOISS assistant, a Java-based application that notifies users of calls to their desk phone while they are away, via their PDA or wireless phone. The user can choose how to handle the call in real-time – by sending it to voicemail, answering it, or responding to it with a text chat.


15. Vyyo to Market Commatch’s Gateways with Wireless Solution
Vyyo will market Commatch’s Duet 6000 VoIP gateways as part of its fixed broadband wireless network solution. The gateway will interconnect Vyyo’s wireless IP network with a Class 5 switch. Vyyo’s systems use a modified version of DOCSIS to deliver telecom services.



17. IP Unity to Market ECI’s Billing Solution
IP Unity will market ECI IP’s prepaid billing application as a billing solution for its Harmony 6000 conferencing platform. The billing solution will provide real time account authentication and debiting.

ECI’s billing application supports multiple international currencies and languages and can manage multiple billing plans simultaneously. The billing system is interoperable with multiple softswitch and gateway vendor equipment such as gear supplied by Cisco, Convergent, Gallery IP, Nexverse, Sonus, Sylantro, Telica, and VocalTec.

IP Unity’s Harmony 6000 conferencing platform supports reservation based, on-demand and analyst conferences. It can support up to 16,000 ports simultaneously. The technology features IVR, DTMF recognition, audio- record and playback and audio mixing capabilities.


IP Unity

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