IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 11 2001

Net2Phone Introduces Broadband Enabled Voice Service
Net2Phone announced the launch of VoiceLine, its voice service for broadband subscribers. The service will allow broadband users to purchase Aplio’s ($159.99) or Linksys’ ($179.99) VoIP enabling device, plug a traditional phone into the device, sign up for a calling account and begin placing calls over the broadband connection to Net2Phone’s networks, then on to the destination. The company has priced the service at between $9.99 and $49.99 per month for various calling packages, with U.S. domestic calling rates ranging from 2.9 CPM to 4 CPM, and international rates beginning at 7.9 CPM. The company has also developed an online account management portal that will enable subscribers to view and manage information such as call time, length, destination, and charge for each call as well as a history of all payments and credits.

Net2Phone’s Broadband Voice Solutions


Hanaro Testing TollBridge’s Gateway For Voice Over Wireless
TollBridge Technologies announced that it has reached an agreement with Hanaro Telecom, a Korean based alternative telecommunications provider, in which Hanaro is conducting voice over wireless lab trials based on TollBridge’s TB200 broadband voice gateway. The testing has been underway since February.

Hanaro’s wireless broadband system has been designed to be deployed in asymmetric and symmetric configurations, and provide last mile connectivity from a carrier to a large building or complex that is not wired for high-bandwidth communications. The TB200 unit can support local voice services on the last mile IP access network, providing support for converged services such as voice and data, as well as an array of other local services.

Hanaro has over one million broadband subscribers.

Hanaro Telecom

TollBridge Technologies

DataVoN Launches Service on ipVerse/Cisco Based Network
DataVoN reported that it has launched packet-switched voice services over its ipVerse/Cisco technology based IP network that has operations in Atlanta, Dallas and New York. The provider intends to initially offer traditional wholesale long distance services utilizing a combination of VoIP backhaul and TDM grooming. It is using Cisco’s MGX 8260 high-density media gateways at its POPs to interface with incoming TDM traffic, and ipVerse’s ControlSwitch applications to route the calls through the IP network to another POP or back to the TDM network. At the terminating end of the call, the ControlSwitch will provide the MGX unit with call control and routing capabilities to convert the VoIP traffic to TDM, and then route the call on to its destination.




Orbit Canada Launched Flat Rate Service Bundle
Orbit Canada has announced that it has launched a flat rate service for $19.95 per month, that will bundle Internet access (maximum dial-up speed of 56Kps), web-hosting and email communications with phone to phone long distance services that will enable users to place calls to any market in Canada and/or the continental U.S. The services are initially being launched in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, with plans to launch similar operations in London next month. The carrier also intends to eventually expand its Canadian operations into various other markets including Halifax NS, Victoria BC, London and St. Catharines-Niagara in Ontario, and deploy additional POPs in various metropolitan markets.

Orbit Canada

Mockingbird Networks Introduces Enhanced Services Softswitch
Mockingbird Networks has announced the introduction of the Impresaria ESS enhanced services softswitch. The system is designed as the operating system for the vendor’s other voice services products, and to interoperate with legacy local and tandem switches by providing signaling support for technologies such as SS7, ISDN, and Feature Group D. The MGCP/SIP/SS7-ISUP compliant product can handle up to 720,000 busy hour call attempts per node, and up to 500 simultaneous calls per second. In addition, it offers support for existing subscriber equipment such as black phones and fax machines as well as legacy circuit-based access including T1 CAS and ISDN PRI, and it can also provide an integrated hand-off to VoIP core networks via its SIP-based signaling capabilities.

The product is expected to be available this fall. Pricing was not disclosed.

Mockingbird Networks

Adtran Introduces Three New IADs
Adtran has reported the introduction of three new Total Access IADs, models 612, 616 and 624 . The products, which can support voice-only or converged voice/data communications, are designed to support TDM traffic and carrier VoDSL applications, offering interfaces for T1, ADSL, SDSL, SHDSL and FXS. The 612 offers 12 fixed analog voice interfaces, with the 616 and 624 providing from 16 to 24. Each of the products ships with a built-in IP router and a V.35 port for synchronous data applications, allowing users to access a variety of voice and data services.

The products are expected to be commercially available by next month. Pricing is expected to range from $1,545 to $2,395, depending upon configuration.


First Capital and Mediafon Team to Develop Lithuanian Services
First Capital International (FCI) said that it has reached a joint venture agreement with Lithuania based Mediafon, in which the firms intend to develop data/voice services for the Lithuanian market. According to the terms of the agreement, FCI will have controlling interest in the JV, and will supply broadband technologies for the data/voice services as well as VoIP solution management capabilities. In addition, the JV is expected to be integrated into FCI’s plans to develop data/voice services throughout the Baltic region via a network that has operations from St. Petersburg to the Kaliningrad, and in various Baltic states including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

First Capital International

Telco Systems Introduces IP Based Voice/Data CPE
Telco Systems has reported the introduction of the EdgeGate line of CPE for integrated IP based voice and data communications. The product, which supports H.323 and MGCP technologies, offers up to four analog phone interfaces and up to eight 10/100Base-T ports, capable of supporting transmission technologies including 100 Mbps Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100 Mbps single mode and multimode fiber optics, VDSL and T1/E1. In addition, it is also able to handle Layer 3 routing for enhanced network services firewall and management capabilities, and it provides support for wireless technologies including 802.1P (QoS) and IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN).

Telco Systems

VocalData and Polycom Team to Develop Interoperability
VocalData reported that it has teamed with Polycom to successfully develop interoperability between its VOISS (Voice over IP Softswitch) and Polycom’s IP phone, SoundPoint IP 500, and NetEngine line of IADs. The combined solutions will provide users with the technology to offer VoIP services and the endpoints to deliver the services directly to end-users.



NexTone Introduces Multiprotocol Signaling Switch
NexTone Communications announced the introduction of the NexTone Multiprotocol Signaling Switch line, its suite of products designed to provide H.323 and SIP signaling interoperability and interworking. The products, which are being designed to function as a SIP user agent with a H.323 terminal, offer enhanced H.323 gatekeeper functionality to enable networks that are based on either Cisco’s or Clarent’s H.323 technologies to interoperate.

The unit is expected to be released in three versions, including models MP050, MP100 and MP250, by this fall.

NexTone Communications

TalkingNets Deploys BroadSoft’s Technologies
TalkingNets said that it is deploying BroadSoft’s flagship product, BroadWorks, in Denver and Washington DC. The company intends to leverage the technology to enable other providers that have data networks to offer an array of voice-based services.



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