IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 16 2002

1. Lucent Introduces Gateway
Lucent Technologies has introduced APX 8100 Universal, a gateway that provides IP dial-up remote access, VoIP and VPN services. The technology supports up to 12 DS-3s or 8.064 calls (up to 24,192 ports per rack). Voice, data, fax, and VPN calls can be supported on any port at any time using a single DSP module. The APX 8100 also acts as a H.248/MEGACO trunking gateway, allowing carriers to connect to Lucent softswitch-based entworks with support for wholesale Internet call diversion, VoIP transit, voice VPNs, and other subscriber services.

The APX 8100 features G.711, G.729a+b, and G.723.1 audio codecs. It includes OC-3 and gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The technology includes optional SS7 integration, V.92 and V.90 modem protocols and VoIP calling card and trunking services requiring H.248/MEGACO, IPDC, H.323 or SIP protocols.

The gateway is interoperable with multiple third party SIP phones.

The gateway will be available in Q’3. Entry level pricing will start at $55,000. The gateway will include basic hardware, rendundant power supplies, chassis, and shelf controller module.

Lucent Technologies

3. NTT Comware to Resell VocalData in Japan
NTT Comware will resell VocalData’s virtual PBX and IP Centrex technology in Japan. NTT has already sold more than 10,000 of VocalData’s VoISS lines.


NTT Comware

5. Fujitsu Asia to Resell BroadSoft’s VoIP Solution
Singapore-based Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd will resell BroadSoft’s BroadWorks VoIP solution. BroadSoft’s technology delivers IP Centrex, hosted PBX, voice VPN, and enhanced network applications. In addition to distributing, Fujitsu will also provide systems integration, tech support and total network deployment support.


Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

7. Teliko to Deploy Integral Access’ VoB Solution
Teliko, a Germany-based CLEC, has deployed Integral Access’ PurePacket VoB solution to deliver voice and data services. IA’s system includes the PurePacketNode access network aggregation platform for central offices, co- locations and PoPs; the PurePacketCompact, a platform for smaller deployments; PurePacketOutBurst IADs; and PurePacketOMS, a network/element control and services management tool.

The MPLS-based PurePacket system provides simultaneous support for V5.2 and MGCP.


Integral Access

9. Infineon Introduces 64-Bit Communications Processor
Infineon has introduced EasyPort, a family of broadband communications processors based on a 64-bit CPU core subsystem. The processors, which feature packet and ATM cell processing functionality are designed for use in IADs, SME gateways, and access and VoIP routers.

The processors support multiple uplinks, allowing access through multiple broadband technologies including T1/E1, framers, standardized DSL transceivers and Infineon’s 10BaseS Ethernet over VDSL technology. When used with the company’s Vinetic VoIP/ VoATM solution, the combined solution support voice systems with up to 32 voice channels.

The packet processing subsystem of the processors includes an Ethernet MAC and controllers for HDLC, USB, dedicated DMA, and AAL5. Features of the integrated voice/ data platforms include a AAL2 controller, synchronous serial interface for control of companion SLIC devices, and up to 32 HDLC accelerators. The 200 MHz versions add a second pin-programmable Ethernet/MII port.

EasyPort supports advanced Java applications and critical network services such as firewalls and VPNs. The architecture is ready for the full 128-bit IP addressing as defined in the IPv6 protocol. On-board co-processors offload packet and voice handling operations, to allow the central CPU to remain dedicated to application execution.

With the processors, Infineon provides CAMPOS, an embedded Linux OS and a firmware suite designed to offload data link and voice processing functions from the main CPU.

Some of the EasyPort processors are scheduled for availability in Q’4. All processors are packaged in 416-pin-PBGA. Pricing will range from $20-$34 in quantities of 10,000.

Infineon Technologies

11. ECI Telecom to Resell Lead IP’s VoIP Gear
ECI Telecom BV has signed a two-year distribution agreement with Lead IP, allowing the company to resell Lead IP’s VoIP, VPN, and smart home control systems in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. ECI has strategic partnerships established with British Telecom, Vodafone, Cable and Wireless, Nozema, and Interpay.

Lead IP Systems

ECI Telecom BV

13. Pipeline to Introduce FoIP Service
Pipeline Technologies has said that it will introduce a domestic and international fax over IP service to businesses at rates 40% lower than telco providers. The company currently has the capacity to send 350,000 faxes per day.

15. Dialpad Lowers International Calling Rates
Dialpad Communications has lowered its international PC to phone rates to more than 100 countries. Sample discounts include 60% off to calls to Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Warsaw; 40% off calls to New Delhi, Tokyo, Caracas, and Moscow; and 20% off calls to London, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro.

Dialpad Communications

17. iTopia to Resell Clarent’s Softswitch in SE Asia
Malaysia-based iTopia, a service provider and distributor, will resell and provide systems integration and support for Clarent’s NT-based softswitch solution in ten Southeast Asian countries. The agreement includes sales targets of $500,000 in Q’2 of this year, $1 million in Q’3, and $1.5 million each following quarter.

Clarent’s softswitch solution includes software licenses and media gateways.


19. ITXC Receives Patent for VoIP Technology
The U.S. Patent Office has issued patent 6,404,864 B1 to ITXC for technology that covers systems used for monitoring, evaluating, and actively managing VoIP networks. The patent covers ITXC’s method for automatic detection of problems such as congestion as well as methods for rerouting calls over the Internet. ITXC’s rerouting technology can reroute in mid-call without manual intervention and without detection by the caller.


21. General Bandwidth to Use TI’s VoIP Solution
General Bandwidth will incorporate Texas Instruments’ TNETV3010 solution into its G6 Packet Telephony Migration Platform. TNETV3010, a complete system level solution, features programmable TMS320C54x and TMS320C55x DSP engines, RISC processors, internal memory, hardware acceleration features, and system interfaces using library components.

Texas Instruments

General Bandwidth

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