IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 17 2004

1. IPN Introduces VoIP Telephony Adapter
IPN Communications has introduced a VoIP telephony adapter that connects a traditional phone with a broadband modem or network. The device is compatible with dual line phones, allowing the user to choose to make a call over the PSTN or over the Internet.

IPN Communications

3. TMC to Publish Customer Centric Market Research Reports
TMC, publisher of Internet Telephony Magazine, has announced it will publish a series of customer centric market research reports tracking customers’ perceptions and experiences with a variety of technologies such as VoIP, IP PBXs, Wi Fis, CRMs and contact centers, biometrics, and handheld computing.

The company’s initial publication will be a quarterly study of the IP PBX marketplace, scheduled for availability within the next few weeks.

The new initiative will also provide custom tailored research services.

The research will be produced by Marc Robins, a veteran in technology publishing.


5. Voiceglo Launches IP PBX Service
Voiceglo, a primary line residential VoIP service provider, has launched an IP PBX service that scales to support from 2 to 254 lines. The service is based on a Wi Fi router, browser phone and conferencing applications. The solution supports remote call management, allowing calls to be handled by remote offices, after normal business hours.

The service is offered in multiple plans. The lowest level plan provides discounted calling rates for $39.99 per year. Another plan provides unlimited long distance within North America at no cost and discounted international calling for $24.99 per month.


7. Equant Reports Increase in Customers Using VoIP
Equant has reported an 85% increase in the number of its customer sites using VoIP from 700 to 1,300 over the last 12 months. More than 130 companies use Equant’s VoIP solution including JT International, APL/APL Logistics, Behr, DuPont Brazil, European Space Agency, STMicroelectronics, ZDF and Zurich Financial Services.

Equant offers IP services including IP PBX solutions in 93 countries such as China, India, and Russia. To-date, the provider supports Cisco gear, but plans to support Nortel and Avaya equipment by the third quarter of this year.

Recently, Equant lowered its off-net calling by an average of 30% across the board and by up to 50% for termination in the top 20 countries receiving calls. These top 20 countries represent 90% of the world’s voice traffic.


9. i2Telecom Unveils VoIP Access Using Any Cell Phone
i2Telecom, a VoIP service provider operating a global IP network, has introduced the InternetTalker MG-3, a SIP-based microgateway that not only connects a regular phone to a broadband modem or dialup connection, but also supports cell phone access or cell bridging to i2Telecom’s VoIP network.

Cell phone users, using any model cell phone on the market, access the VoIP network by calling the phone they have connected to the MG-3. The MG-3 uses caller ID to recognize the incoming call and provides the cell phone user with a dial tone. A single MG-3 can support up to 3 different cell phone numbers.

The MG-3 features dynamic media transfer rates, a technology that adapts the data rate to maintain the best possible call quality under all network conditions. The product supports the G.711 and G.723 CODECs. The device includes remote configuration capability.


11. Mera Adds NAT Traversal Module to Session Border Controller
Mera Systems has introduced an add-on NAT traversal module to its MVTS session border controller. The software module is Windows-based and supports both H.323 and SIP traffic.

The NAT traversal solution consists of a control and switching unit. The control unit is a decision making element combined with a database and a web user interface for application admin. The switching unit, deployed on an enterprise LAN behind a NAT/ firewall device, serves as a single entry and exit point for all inbound and outbound traffic.

The module is available at no cost with the MVTS.

Mera Systems

13. Zultys Unveils PoE Adapter for IP Phones
Zultys Technologies has introduced EPA3, an adapter that delivers 12 volts to a standard dc power jack on an IP phone using power over Ethernet. The adapters can also receive power from Cisco switches. The adapter features a 3-port switch, 2 10/100 BaseT ports, and a LED display.

In single quantities, the EPA3 goes for $30.

In other company news, Zultys announced that Computer Telephony Distributing will be reselling its product line in the southeast U.S.


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