IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 18 1998

Selsius Unveils New Version of its IP-PBX Solution

Selsius Systems has announced an array of new features for version 2.1 of
its Selsius-IP PBX solution. The IP-PBX offers scalable H.323 compliant PBX
products including four models of Ethernet IP telephones, a line of
gateways and NT-based CallManager software. A version 2.1 server running
the CallManager software will support from 2 to 1,500 users. In addition,
it is capable of more than 75,000 busy hour call completions.

With software-only upgrades, version 2.1 of the PBX solution will feature
IP multiparty conferencing, automatic call routing (ACR) capabilities, and
CallManager server redundancy. The conferencing feature utilizes IP
multicasting and media mixing to provide four party conferencing for users
within an IP network. It also uses the same technologies to enable four
party conferencing outside of an IP network via Selsius’ H.323 compliant
gateways. The ACR’s capabilities will enable multiple gateways to be
deployed on a single trunk group, calls to be routed over an IP network to
remote gateways, multiple carriers (IXC, LEC or IP) to be managed on a
single network, and it provides intelligent cost management. The
CallManager server redundancy provides higher levels of uptime by enabling
all Selsuis-IP PBX devices to be switched over to a standby server, should
the primary server go off-line.

Version 2.1 is expected to be available in August.

Selsius Systems


Netrix to Introduce Remote Office Gateway Enabling VoIP/FR

Netrix has announced the introduction of the Network Exchange 2201, its
VoIP/FR solution for the remote office/branch office market. The four port
2201 supports integrated voice/data and features compressed voice, real
time fax, IP to Frame Relay gatewaying, IP routing, and legacy protocol
support. The 2201 uses end point aware traffic shaping, call flow
mechanisms and proprietary Voice Vodex compression software to improve the
integrity and quality of IP network services. The Vodex software
compresses voice traffic from 64 kbps to 5.5 kbps. It also supports the
precedence field of IP header type of service byte, to protect IP traffic
from other types of traffic and enable seven QoS tiers.

The Network Exchange 2201 VoIP and VoFR models are expected to be available
in August. A four port 2201 is priced at $3,500.



TransNexus to Offer Internet Telephony Interconnectivity Service

TransNexus has announced that it will launch an interconnectivity service
for ITSPs this fall. The service will provide routing, authentication,
reconciliation and settlement solutions in multiple currencies for gateway
operators around the globe. TransNexus will not carry call traffic on a
network, it will only authorize, record and route traffic to the best
terminating gateway based on termination fee and QoS criteria established
by the originating gateway operator.

TransNexus will record detailed CDR information for every call authorized
between gateways in the clearinghouse association. Periodically, TransNexus
will reconcile all CDR info to determine what each gateway operator owes,
or is owed, for termination fees. It will then electronically debit or
credit the bank accounts of gateway operators.

The clearinghouse service will be open to all ITSPs that are in compliance
with ITU, IETF, ETSI/TIPHON and VoIP Forum standards as they become available.

TransNexus is currently testing the service.



Telnordia to Offer eFusion’s Enhanced Internet Telephony Services

Telenordia, a Sweedish ISP, has announced that it will trial eFusion’s
Internet Call Waiting and Direct Dial services this month. The trial
services will be offered to a subset of Telnordia’s customer base.

Internet Call Waiting enables a user surfing the web to be notified of a
traditional phone call via a pop-up window. The technology will allow the
user to answer the call and continue to browse the web using the existing
Internet connection line. The incoming PSTN call will be routed through an
eStream application gateway at an ISP’s facilities to enable the
communictaions to be completed simultaneously. The Internet Direct Dial
service allows an ISP’s subscribers to place outbound calls during an
Internet session. The calls will be routed over the Internet to the ISP’s
eStream application gateway, where the gateway will route and complete the
calls over the PSTN.

Telenordia is a telephony and data communication operator. It is jointly
owned by British Telecom, Tele Danmark and Telenor. Through the acquisition
of Algonet, another Sweedish ISP, Telenordia has over 140,000 subscribers.





IBM Internet Connection Services to Offer IDT’s Net2Phone

IDT has inked an agreement with IBM to make its Net2Phone service available
to IBM Internet Connection Service customers. According to the terms of the
agreement, IBM will promote Net2Phone on the Internet Connection Service
web site, and it will include the Net2Phone software in its Internet access
dialer kit.



IBM Internet Connection Services


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