IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 18 2001

ADC Introduces IP Cable Telephony System
ADC has announced the introduction of its pre-integrated solution that provides CMTS capabilities for VoIP services offered by cable operators. The hardware/software based solution enables operators to provide subscribers with access to multiple, simultaneous IP streams, including tiered levels of service, with support for SLAs, QoS and IP address and subscriber management applications. The system consists of: the Cuda 12000 IP Access Platform, a next-gen CMTS/Edge Router that provides routing and quality of service features; the Cuda Protocol Analyzer, am integrated DOCSIS management solution that offers non-invasive HFC network diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities; the FastFlow Service Fulfilment Software, a provisioning, order management, activation and IP management solution for DOCSIS and PacketCable-based networks; and the Metrica Service Assurance Software, a network performance and service level monitoring tool.


TollBridge and Tellabs Team for Cable IP telephony Solution
Tellabs reported that it is teaming with TollBridge Technologies to develop IP based integrated voice, data and video solutions for cable operators. The firms intend to combine TollBridge’s TB300 line of telephony gateways with Tellabs’ CABLESPAN CMTS and terminal adapter product family to develop the solution, which is expected to enable CATV operators to use the PSTN to support full feature telephone services bundled with digital, high-speed data and video services. The combined system is being designed to support the DOCSIS 1.1 and PacketCable 1.0 specifications.


TollBridge Technologies

Aravox Introduces Suite of IP Networking Platforms
Aravox Technologies has announced the introduction of a suite of carrier-class IP network services platforms (models 1000, 3000 and 5000) for carriers, access service providers and managed services providers deploying VoIP services. The 5000 is a carrier-class platform with a gigabit Ethernet connection for backbone carriers, the 3000 is a 100- to 300-megabit solution for mid-range operators, and the 1000 is a 100-megabit product designed for the enterprise market. The products are all designed to provide capabilities such as: Firewall protection of VoIP infrastructure from hackers and denial of service attacks by keeping media ports closed until instructed by a call control manager (SIP Proxy or H.323 Gatekeeper) to be opened; dynamic IP address and port management to protect the identity of end-users by making private to public address translation in real time; packet steering that enforces a consistent path for all media packets to aid voice quality; and bandwidth management that allocates bandwidth on a per-call basis.

Aravox Technologies

Liberty Media to License Net2Phone’s VoIP Technologies
Net2Phone said that it has reached an agreement with Liberty Media Corporation, in which Liberty will license its VoIP technology. According to terms of the binding five-year MOU, Liberty Media will license Net2Phone’s core VoIP technology and offer the technology to its International cable affiliates, which offer services to over 25 million households. The license covers Net2Phone’s current applications as well as a commitment to jointly develop new technologies and solutions.

Liberty Media


deltathree Teams With Innostar to Market Broadband Services in China
deltathree reported that it is teaming with Innostar to develop and launch its Broadband Phone offering in the Chinese market. The broadband service enables users to connect a traditional telephone to a broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, or fixed wireless) via a voice-enabling device to place and receive calls. It supports Class services including caller ID, call block, voicemail, and offers features such as an online address book. All calls will be routed over deltathree’s global Internet telephony network. The turnkey product/service, which can be private branded, can also be used by other providers on an outsourced basis to facilitate the offering of voice services with global connectivity.



Broadband Phone

Sinotel and New Millennium to Develop Service For China
New Millennium Development Group/I.C.E. said that its has entered into an agreement with Sinotel, in which the firms intend to develop a joint venture that will originate and terminate VoIP traffic in various Chinese markets. According to the terms of the deal, New Millennium will ship gateways to China, after the finalization of the agreement (which was expected last week), and the firms will begin testing the set-up for carrying commercial traffic, with plans to launch the services on a commercial basis by at least October, after full licensing has been granted. The companies have also entered into an initial agreement for the transport of up to 10 million minutes of termination traffic to China.

New Millennium Development Group

POPstar Communications Launches Service in London
POPstar Communications reported that it has launched its outsourced IP-messaging services, UcanMessage,com, in the UK. The services, which are delivered through POPstar’s London based NOC, will enable ISP/ASPs, VARS, carriers, portals, and other Internet based service providers to offer enhanced email, VoIP, FoIP, and unified messaging services on an outsourced basis. The offering can be offered under the UcanMessage brand or seamlessly integrated into an affiliates’ site. In addition, POPstar is also encouraging participants to participate in its OSP based global clearinghouse service, which is designed to enable participants to route Internet based fax and voice services to any destination in the world via the Internet or POPstar’s other affiliates’ infrastructures.

POPstar Communications

iTelco’s Conference Server Certified to Operate With Clarent’s Gear
iTelco Communications announced that Clarent has certified its IP Conferencing Platform to operate with Clarent equipment based VoIP networks. The conferencing equipment can now be integrated with Clarent’s VoIP equipment to support IP based multiple participant conferencing services via traditional telephones, enabling participants to establish VoIP based conference connections by dialing through Clarent’s gateway and H.323 gatekeeper to the iTelco Conference Server. It also offers a web server interface or telephone interface that will enable conference administrators to manage and control the conference session, adding participants by placing calls directly to the participants from the conference server through Clarent’s Gateway and Gatekeeper.

iTelco Communications


Enterprise Resolutions Introduces Internet Fax Service
Enterprise Resolutions has reported the introduction of eResolveFax, its Internet-based fax service for IBM AS/400-iSeries and Microsoft servers, which enables users to send and receive documents via fax directly over the Internet. The service is used in conjunction with the company’s document output management system, the eRP Output Wizard, which converts traditional printed output to dynamic e-forms that can be printed, faxed, emailed, web enabled or archived. The system also features sort, collate and separate functions.

Enterprise Resolutions

Alchemy Introduces System-On-A-Chip Solution
Alchemy Semiconductor has reported the introduction of the Au1500, its low power chip solution designed for the gateway and thin client markets. The product features a MIPS32-based system on a chip design with integrated on-chip memory controllers and Internet access peripherals, while offering a 66 MHz PCI 2.2 controller. Its performance and power scalability ranges from 333 MHz at less than 400 mW, 400 MHz at 700 mW to 500 MHz at 1.2W. In addition, the system is designed to run on an array of operating systems including Windows CE, Linux and VxWorks.

The solution is expected to begin sampling this fall.

Alchemy Semiconductor

CML Versatel To Integrate IntelliNet’s SS7 Technology
CML Versatel reported that it is planning to integrate IntelliNet Technologies SS7oIP Signaling Gateway solution into its TotalAgility SCS4000 Services Convergence Switch to support SS7 capabilities, and provide a migration path to developing support for SS7oIP (Sigtran) compliant communications.

CML Versatel

IntelliNet Technologies

Polycom Enhanced IADs to Support AL2/LES
Polycom reported that it has integrated software into its line of NetEngine IADs to provide support for AAL2/LES (ATM Adaption Layer2/Loop Emulation Services), the ATM Forum specification for voice gateways.


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