IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 20 2002

1. StarVox Introduces VoIP Business Trunking Solution
StarVox has introduced VoIP Business Trunking with VPN 2.5, an IP telephony solution features Unicast Prefix Based Routing , a technology that directs calls through specific gatekeepers and gateways based on carrier defined criteria such as call source or dialed number. UPBR supports multiple third party gatekeepers. Further, the technology supports tandem combinations including PSTN-to-VoIP-to-PSTN, VoIP-to-VoIP-to-PSTN, PSTN-to-VoIP-to-VoIP, and VoIP-to-VoIP-to-VoIP, between both retail and other wholesale carriers.

The VoIP Business Trunking with VPN 2.5 architecture features HP’s OpenCall Multiservice Controller 1.2; PSTN gateway flexible routing, which automatically distributes call traffic among multiple gateways and re-routes calls that encounter congestion, out-of-service gateways, and other failures; forced on-net, which routes PSTN dialed calls through a service provider’s VoIP network, when the dialed number is a destination on the same network; IP phone support for H.323v2 compliant phones; and VoIP VPN Virtual, which allows PSTN based recipients to be part of a company’s private voice network.


3. Check Point Unveils Security with VoIP Support
Check Point has introduced Secure Virtual Network Architecture, a network security solution that includes proprietary technology that recognizes and inspects VoIP protocols for any possible threats. The architecture features native and comprehensive support for SIP, H.323, RTP/RTCP, and compatibility with NAT; integrated prioritization, high availability and queuing of latency sensitive VoIP traffic over VPNs; integrated enterprise wide VoIP policy management with detailed logging and auditing; and multi-gigabit performance.

Check Point Software Technologies

5. Yankee Group Releases VoIP Peering Market Study
The Yankee Group has released VoIP Peering: Bridging the Gap Between Public and Private Networks, a study that examines the challenges of peering IP for voice without tapping into the PSTN. Some obstacles indentified in the report include firewall penetration for VoIP, NAT compatibility, QoS mediation, H.323- to-SIP interworking, session admission control, and the ability to generate session detail records.

Yankee Group

7. Mapletree Introduces Access Processor Chipset
Mapletree Networks has introduced MTN3600, an access processor chipset that consists of a MPSoC and a PPSoC. The technology supports from 120 ports for enterprise applications up to OC-3 port densities for carrier networks.

The chipset features DynaScheduler, a proprietary technology that dynamically allocates processor resources according to the needs of a sub-task running on a particular port, rather than a fixed amount of resources regardless of the sub-task requirements. DynaScheduler enables higher port densities such as 243 ports per MPSoC of G.729A with 128ms of echo delay. The processor supports a G.711 trunking configuration that supports up to 512 ports per MPSoC.

The MTN3600 has been designed for use in access, trunking and 3G wireless gateways.

The product will be sampling in Q’3. Production availability is scheduled for Q’4.

Mapletree Networks

9. Cirpack Introduces VoIP Interface Board for Switches
Cirpack has introduced a VoIP interface board for its line of media gateways, local exchange and transit switches. The technology supports 1024 channels. The board connects to transit networks or access equipment via POS STM-1 or Ethernet. It hosts 128ms G.168 echo cancellers across the channels. VoIP protocols supported include SIP, MGCP, and H.248. Boards are software upgradeable to IPv6 and VoMPLS.

Cirpack’s telephony solutions can host a mix of any connectivity interfaces including the company’s SDH boards with 21/42/63 E1s, VoATM boards with 1024 AAL2 and 1024 AAL1 channels, and VoIP boards with 1024 channels. Cirpack’s switches handle up to 180,000 voice channels of mixed TDM, IP and ATM traffic.


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