IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 21 1999

IMTC Forms Activity Group to Promote iNOW! Interoperability Initiative

The IMTC said that it has endorsed the iNOW! (interoperability NOW!)
profile, and has formed an Activity Group to specifically focus on further
developing the technology and facilitating its acceptance as an
interoperable standard. The iNOW! technology, which was developed by
Lucent, VocalTec and ITXC, is based on H.323v2 protocols and the H.225.0
Annex G to enable gateways and gatekeepers from different vendors to

In addition to enabling members to build interoperable VoIP products based
on the profile, the Activity Group plans to define test measurements that
will allow member companies to test products for compliance. The group will
also host a forum for the exchange of information to resolve interoperative
technical issues that arise between its products and other telephony
products. To subscribe to the forum, send email with company name and
contact info to heather@inventures.com.

The Activity Group is planning to hold interoperability testing events
about once each quarter, with an introductory meeting slated for June
21-25, in connection with the CoIP Meeting in Sophia Antapolis.

In a related announcement, TEK DigiTel, Aplio, Nokia & Excel Switching have
joined the iNOW! alliance, and will integrate support for the profile into
their respective Internet telephony/fax platforms.

iNow! participants include 3Com, Alcatel, Analogic, Aplio, Ascend,
AudioCodes, Brooktrout, Cisco, Clarent, Dialogic, ECI Telecom, Ericsson,
Excel Switching, Franklin Telecom, iFace, IMTC, Inter-Tel, ITXC, LanSource,
Linkon, Lucent, OzEmail Interline, Mier Communications, Motorola, Natural
MicroSystems, Netrix, Netrue, NetSpeak, Nokia, QuesCom, Siemens, TEK
DigiTel, Tundo and VocalTec.


IMTC’s iNow! Activity Group


TEK DigiTel



Excel Switching

China Unicom to Use VIP Calling’s V/FoIP Network to Provide Services

VIP Calling said that China United Telecommunications Corporation (China
Unicom) is planning to launch voice and fax over IP services using Cisco’s
IP telephony gateways to interconnect with its global V/FoIP network. The
provider plans to begin issuing prepaid calling cards for the service as
soon as possible.

VIP Calling’s H.323 compliant, global Internet telephony network includes a
NOC in Burlington, Massachusetts, regional operation centers in Los
Angeles, Hong Kong, New York, London, and POPs throughout Asia, Europe,
Korea, the Middle East and South America. Its prepaid billing service
includes real time authentication and authorization for prepaid calls,
prepaid service management, customized end-user service detail records, and
can generate service reports. The company enables its alliance of member
providers to integrate support for the prepaid service via a toolkit that
includes a customer care interface and an automated means to maintain end
user tariffs.

China Unicom expects to launch the services in 12 Chinese markets this
week. The provider has also indicated that it will expand its services to
include 90 markets by the end of the year, with plans to have services
fully operational in over 200 markets by 2001.

VIP Calling


MCI to Trial Nortel’s IP Based Products

Nortel Networks has announced that MCI WorldCom is planning to trial its
Succession solution, and evaluate its line of IPConnect gateways. The
Succession trials are expected to begin this fall, with a lab evaluation of
the IPConnect gateway slated for sometime later this year.

The Succession platform provides broadband capacities based on IP, ATM,
SONET/SDH, and WDM networking components. Its access capabilities support a
range of access services including high-speed data, telephony, wireless and
wireline, frame relay, IP and VoIP. MCI plans to use the product to upgrade
its narrowband network to a broadband network capable of supporting its
data services.

The IPConnect gateways will support from 24 to 100,000 ports of real time
voice and fax communications over IP networks. All of the gateways are
H.323 compliant, and support compression algorithms including G.723.1,
G.729A, and G.711. The gateways also support standard telephony protocols
including SS7 ISUP, ISDN PRI, R2, DPNSS and QSIG. The gatekeeper technology
will provide network intelligence to a network of gateways enabling dialed
directory number to IP address mapping, directory assistance and gateway
resource allocation. Gatekeeper functionality can either be integrated into
an IP gateway or deployed as a standalone device on a network.

Nortel Networks

MCI WorldCom

Belgacom Deploys CU-SeeMe Servers

White Pine Software has announced that Belgacom Skynet, a Belgium based
ISP, has deployed its MeetingPoint servers and CuSeeMe VoIP software to
offer its subs a videoconferencing service, called VisiaNET.

MeetingPoint is a conferencing server that enables users to hold
multipoint, H.323 compliant group conferences over IP networks. The latest
version features improved audio mixing, video switching, interoperability,
streaming media technology and conference administration capabilities. Its
web browser based administration interface enables either conference
participants or administrators to control the conference. It also allows a
conference administrator to plan conferences and control bandwidth
management, network management, and security. In addition, conference
participants can use the interface to select whose video is displayed on
the screen without impacting what other participants are viewing. The
server also includes internal or external support for H.323 compliant
gatekeeper applications.

The server is available for both Microsoft NT and Sun Solaris operating
environments. White Pines plans to develop support for Linux.

The CU-SeeMe software incorporates a new user interface, enhanced audio and
video capabilities and integrated T.120 data collaboration via Microsoft
NetMeeting. It supports full CIF video as well as QCIF and sub QCIF. Users
can opt to utilize the product in H.323 mode, for use with other H.323
compliant clients, or in CU-SeeMe mode, where users can view up to 12
simultaneous video windows in a group conference setting.

The software is available for Windows 95, 98 or NT systems. It is priced at

White Pine

Belgacom Skynet

LiteWave to Deploy VoIP in Russia, Poland & Germany

LiteWave reported that it has received LOIs from the Russian Federation and
Poland based Andromeda for the installation and operation of VoIP equipment
and services. The Russian Federation agreement will include the
installation of equipment in Russia’s PTT system for routing VoIP traffic
to and from the Russian Federation’s premises. Details involving the Poland
deal have not been released.

While firming up the two agreements, LiteWave also plans to complete
negotiations for the deployment of similar VoIP operations in Germany

ECI Telecom & MegaHertz-NKO Team to Market VoIP Solution

ECI Telecom has announced that it is teaming with MegaHertz-NKO, a division
of Clariti Telecommunications International, to market an IP telephony
solution that includes ECI’s equipment and access to MegaHertz’s VoIP

ECI’s VoIP product line consists of gateways, gatekeepers, and client and
back-office service applications. The products are capable of supporting
thousands of users via interacting gateways, gatekeepers and servers.

MegaHertz, which recently acquired NKO’s global VoIP network, provides
network design and monitoring services, system and database support, and
inter-exchange and interconnectivity services. Its services are based on
ECI’s equipment.

The provider is planning to deploy additional VoIP POPs in select U.S. and
international markets as well.

MegaHertz Communications

ECI Telecom

TransNexus Wholesale Service Interoperable With Cisco’s Gear

TransNexus has announced that its IP telephony VoIP interconnectivity and
settlement service, branded the Private Clearinghouse, is now interoperable
with Cisco’s line of VoIP gateways. The service enables network operators
to offer wholesale, managed V/FoIP services on a global basis. It will
authorize, record and route the traffic to the best terminating gateway
based on termination fee and QoS criteria established by the originating
gateway operator. The company will then use the records to perform
reconciliation and settlements between gateway operators around the globe,
in the currency of choice.

Earlier this year, the company also developed interoperability between
3Com’s Internet telephony equipment and the clearinghouse service.



Netrail & QuantumLeap.com Team to Develop VoIP & VoDSL Services

Netrail said that it is teaming with QuantumLeap.com, a division of
PowerNet, to develop proprietary VoIP and Voice Over Digital Subscriber
Line (VoDSL) technologies for use over Netrail’s U.S. based ATM network.
According to the terms of the agreement, Netrail will integrate
QuantumLeap’s high speed IP based communication technology into the
products that it is planning to deploy in its new next-gen public network.
The technology is expected to enable Netrail to provide combined voice and
data services that will feature both CLASS and business centrex technologies.



Lotus to Integrate Brooktrout’s Fax Boards Into Domino/Notes Product

Lotus has announced that it is bundling Brooktrout’s TruFax and TR114
Series fax boards with its Fax for Domino product. The integrated
application will enable users of Lotus’ Notes application to send and
receive faxes from PC to PC. It includes features such as load balancing,
scheduled transmissions, inbound routing, print-to-fax, etc.

The two channel TruFax boards support 14.4 Kbps transmission, MH
compression, on-the-fly conversion of ASCII, TIFF and PCX files, DTMF
generation and detection, and call progress handling. Up to six boards can
be deployed in a server to provide support for 12 independent fax channels.
The board includes Brooktrout’s independent microprocessors on each channel
to handle all fax processing, minimizing the load on the host CPU.

The TR114 line of fax and voice boards support up to 16 channels each. The
boards offer T.38 (real-time) and the T.37 (store and forward) compliance
for sending faxes over IP networks. OEM developers can utilize a developer
kit to build T.38 compliant real time Internet fax applications or download
the T.37 developer note from the company’s web site to develop T.37/TIFF
compliant store and forward IP fax applications.



Edutek to Use e-Net’s Products to Develop VoIP Capable WLAN Gear

e-Net said that Edutek Education Solutions, a privately owned Florida based
company, will use its VoIP technology to develop a wireless local area
network (WLAN) product that will provide both telephony and data. The deal
has an estimated value of approximately $2.1 million. Edutek will initially
market the product to local educational systems, with plans to eventually
go after other market segments such as universities, hospitals, and public
administration and defense facilities.

e-Net’s VoIP product line includes two PC boards that are compatible with
VoIP: Telecom 2000 and NetConnect. The Telecom 2000 product is a
hardware/software solution that integrates voice and data networks in both
LANs and WANs. It allows users advanced access features such as call
transfer, call hold, and call forward. The system has a GUI for the
traditional telephone. It provides full PBX functionality and delivers its
data telephony capability to public or private networks. NetConnect is a PC
card that enables a traditional phone (including cordless models) to be
plugged into a PC for use with Internet telephony. The card allows
traditional phones to be used with software phones such as NetMeeting,
Internet Phone or WebPhone. The technology enables users to hear a dial
tone before a call and hear rings when placing or receiving calls.


Edutek Education Solutions

The Strategis Group Releases U.S. Telecom Market Report

The Strategis Group has released a telecom market report entitled, Long
Distance Competition: IP Telephony, RBOCs, IXCs and Fiber. The report
examines the U.S. long distance market including coverage of new entrants
and strategies, IP telephony technologies, IP telephony market strategies,
business and residential service demand, usage trends, and market forecasts.

The report is currently available in hard copy, HTML or PDF versions. The
hard copy is priced at US$2,400, with both the HTML and PDF versions priced
at US$3,600.

The Strategis Group

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