IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 21 2001

Pulver.com to Host Internet Freedom Rally In Washington DC
pulver.com has reported that it will be hosting the Internet Freedom Rally on Sunday, June 24, from 1 to 4:30 PM EST on the west steps of the U.S. Capitol building. The event will focus on protesting house bill HR 1542, and promoting privacy on the Internet and a regulation free Internet telephony industry. The rally will also feature several speeches regarding how HR 1542 will affect consumers.

Internet Freedom Ra

pulver.com’s unofficial HR1542 page


iBasis and MIMOS Interconnect Networks
iBasis announced that has reached a network interconnection agreement with Malaysian ISP, MIMOS Internet Services, in which it will be the exclusive provider of global VoIP services to MIMOS. According to the terms of the deal, MIMOS will route its customer’s voice traffic over iBasis’ global Internet telephony network, and terminate traffic from iBasis in the Malaysian market. The agreement will also enable MIMOS to offer international calling cards using iBasis’ pre and post-paid calling card solution, IP CallCard.

MIMOS Berhad


RADCOM Introduces VoIP Emulation and Measurement Solution
RADCOM has announced the introduction of NetSim, its emulation and measurement solution for VoIP, videoconferencing and eCommerce applications. The system is designed to create network environments in which the quality and grade of service delivered by VoIP devices and/or applications under development are measured against the stress levels of real-world network conditions. It emulates the erratic behavior of WAN links and the Internet by introducing impairments such as latency, jitter, out-of sequence errors and packet loss to assess the effect on Internet or Intranet based applications. The product features the ability to simulate delay according to various probability distributions or customized, user-defined histograms, and represent bursty network behavior with advanced packet loss algorithms. It also provides fine-grain control of the emulated environment by allowing for separate definition parameters for jitter and latency. In addition, the system enables user-defined link speed and buffer size parameters as well as emulation of different network behaviors in each direction of a point-to-point link.


net.com Announces SIP and H.323 Support on ShoutIP Platform
net.com has reported the introduction of SHOUTlink, its new platform designed to provide a gateway interface between its ShoutIP 1100 Advanced Telephony Platform and any VoIP network implementing SIP or H.323 technologies. The ShoutIP solution is an open programmable VoIP switching platform that can support up to 240 channels of simultaneous voice/fax communications. It offers support for SS7 technologies, and it implements H.323 protocols such as G.711, G.723.1 and G.729a, as well as SIP and fax technologies including V.17, V.27, V.29 and G3. It also offers support for trunking, signaling, gatekeeper/call agent functionality, and network management and configuration capabilities via a single node. In addition, it features modules that support billing, IVR and administration, authentication and authorization.

The SHOUTlink solution is scheduled to for trials in August, with commercial availability slated for sometime this fall.


GN Nettest and Empirix Introduce Voice Quality Testing Solution
GN Nettest announced that it has teamed with Empirix to develop an integrated voice quality testing system, Voice interEMULATOR, for converged networks. The solution is designed to provide all of the components necessary for voice quality testing on both the PSTN and packet based networks. It is based on Empirix’s Hammer testing solution to perform traditional PSTN call loading and voice quality testing, and Nettest’s interWATCH and interEMULATOR products to provide control, monitoring and emulation capabilities for VoIP protocols such as MEGACO, MGCP, SIP and Sigtran, and for ATM PNNI and MPLS based networks.

The solution is scheduled to be available this month.

GN Nettest


LOCUS Combines NMS’s Technology With Solution for Korea Telecom
LOCUS Corporation has announced that it has integrated NMS Communications’ hardware platforms into a solution that it is deploying for Korea Telecom. The companies have combined NMS’ Alliance Generation (AG) 4000C voice platform and the Convergence Generation (CG) 6000C development platforms with LOCUS’ Intelligent Point System to develop a system that will support a variety of enhanced and basic call services such as unified messaging, voice portals, VoIP, IVR, FoIP, toll-free, televoting and auto collect call. The services will be offered via the PSTN and Internet connections.

In other news, NMS Communications announced that it has reached an agreement with AseTec Comunicaciones, in which AseTec will marketing its PolicyPoint IP multi-service unit (IP MSU) and other technologies for IP based services throughout both Spain and Portugal.

Korea Telecom

NMS Communications

LOCUS Corporation

AseTec Comunicaciones

CommWorks and Digiquant Team to Develop and Market Solutions
CommWorks said that it is teaming with Digiquant Asia Pacific to co-develop and market solutions to service providers throughout the Asia-Pacific market. The firms intend to develop the solution based on CommWorks’ IP-based networking solutions combined with Digiquant’s customer care and billing technology, Internet Management System.

Digiquant Asia Pacific


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