IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 22 2005

1. Yahoo! Acquires Dialpad, Inching Closer to Embracing VoIP
Yahoo! has acquired Dialpad for an undisclosed amount, in an effort to become more aggressive about offering VoIP service. Neither Yahoo! nor Dialpad issued a press release regarding the buy. Other media has suggested that Dialpad will enable Yahoo! to move from PC to PC VoIP service to support PC to phone and inbound calling to PCs. However, in 2000, Yahoo! partnered with Net2Phone to gain PC to phone and inbound calling capabilities and recently issued a press statement to affirm that it was still working with the company.

Dialpad has 14 million VoIP subscribers.



3. Patton Introduces Gateway Router for 2-200 Users
Patton Electronics has introduced SmartNode 4900, a series multi-port FXS gateway routers designed for use in deployments serving 2-200 users such as in call centers, MTU/MDUs, and mid sized enterprises. The products in the new family support 12, 16, 24, or 32 FXS ports for connecting analog phone, fax, PBX or Key system equipment to VoIP networks and services. One or more of the ports can be used to access the PSTN.

The gateway routers include a dual 10/100 Base Tx Ethernet LAN port to support integrated, routed VPN data services. The devices also include a X.21 or V.35 serial port, enabling providers to offer IP services over a TDM network.

Patton Electronics

5. Keynote to Benchmark Leading U.S. Consumer VoIP Providers
Keynote Systems will benchmark the service quality of VoIP calls made between New York and San Francisco using the leading U.S. consumer VoIP service providers including AT&T, Vonage, Primus, Lingo, Skype, Verizon, and Packet8. The study will measure and rank service availability, outage minutes, dropped calls, audio delay, listening quality, consistency and geographic uniformity, as well various diagnostic metrics that might impact network performance.

Keynote also plans to determine the significance of the last mile on voice quality by measuring each of the 6 providers on residential DSL and cable modem service.

This study has not been commissioned by any of the service providers. Results will be announced on July 12th.

Keynote Systems

7. VegaStream Introduces VoIP Gateway for Mid Sized Enterprises
VegaStream has introduced Vega50 6×4, a VoIP gateway designed for mid sized enterprises that supports up to 24 ports. The gateway is available in 40 different configurations. Vega50 6×4 supports SIP and H.323 v4 as well as multiple audio CODECs including G.723.1, G.729a, and G.711.

The new product features adaptive jitter removal, comfort noise generation, silence suppression, 802.1p/Q VLAN tagging, DiffServ, ToS, QoS statistics reporting, echo cancellation (G.168 up to 128ms), and NAT traversal.

VegaStream’s gateways are known for their advanced dial planner software, which, in addition to IP routing, handles presentation and billing information.


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