IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 23 1999

Ericsson Forming Wireless VoIP System Development Group

Ericsson said that it is forming a focus group, 3G.IP, to develop an
IP-based wireless system for third generation mobile phones. The companies
that have committed to participate in the group include AT&T, BT, Lucent,
Nokia, Nortel, Rogers Cantel, Telenor and Telecom Italia Mobile. All
members will contribute technologies towards development of IP-based, next
generation, wireless services including voice, high speed data, Internet
access, imaging and video conferencing.


ERA West Receives $2.2 Million in Debt Financing

ERA West announced that it has received a $2.2 Million round of debt
financing from Trafalgar Resources LLC. The provider will use the funding
to further develop its VoIP initiatives and support its corporate growth
via investments in its ISP subsidiaries, Australian based Dynamic Bells
NetWorld, and U.S. based City-Online.

ERA West

Dynamic Bells NetWorld


TEK DigiTel Signs OEM Agreement with Loop Telecommunications

TEK DigiTel has announced a two part agreement with Taiwan based Loop
Telecommunications that will provide for the distribution of its V-Server
iGATE VoIP gateways. According to the terms of the agreement, Loop will
private label the gateway for resale to its customers in Southeast Asia,
China, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South America and Western Europe. In
addition, Loop will manufacture the iGATE products for distribution to TEK
DigiTel’s existing customer base.

The V-Server iGATE is a SOHO VoIP platform that can consolidate multiple
solutions and/or devices for voice, data and Internet communications. It
features a WAN router with an Ethernet port, a serial port, an ISDN BRI,
and two V/FoIP ports. The company recently integrated Telogy Network’s
H.323 Golden Gateway V/FoIP embedded software into the unit to enable it to
interoperate with various other vendor’s equipment.

TEK DigiTel

Loop Telecommunications

ACT Networks Introduces VoIP Gateway

ACT Networks has announced the introduction of the SX-10, its IP telephony
gateway. The H.323 compliant (G.711, G.723, G.729, G.729a and ACELP-CN)
product has four integrated WAN ports, an Ethernet port and four T1/E1 line
interfaces to provide a port capacity of 120, or 480 ports per rack (4
gateways). The unit supports voice, fax and modem traffic via multiple
circuit switched networks using packet based infrastructures such as frame
relay or IP. For network management, the product utilizes SNMP technologies
to enable management via any SNMP network application, including ACT’s own
View 2000 Element Manager and HP OpenView solutions. In addition, the
gateway ships with a gatekeeper application.

The product is currently available. It is priced at between $350-$400 per
port, depending on configuration.

ACT Networks

Cescom to Use Ericsson’s VoIP Platform for Global Services

Cescom said that it is planning to deploy Ericsson’s IPT VoIP system over
its international network. According to the terms of the five year deal,
Ericsson will provide a turnkey communications solution including hardware,
software and implementation services. The deal has an estimated value of
US$15 million.

Cescom is in the process of building a Tier-1 IP network that will have
POPs in more than 25 interconnected global markets. The provider expects to
begin offering commercial services in select markets by the end of next
month, with plans for the entire global network to be operational by the
end of this year.

The latest version of the IPT system is designed for IP based phone to
phone, fax to fax, PC to phone and PC to PC communications. It can support
up to 780 channels of simultaneous voice or fax communications per chassis,
with a maximum of six chassis per rack for a total port capacity of 4,680.
The company has recently added low bit-rate codecs, G729.A and G723.21. Its
open architecture, which is based on a real-time OS, utilizes CompactPCI
technologies to enable its port capacities to be increased by adding
additional boards. The gateway is designed to be compatible with SS7
technologies to enhance its ability to transfer calls to both the PSTN and
between multiple applications. The system features technologies for LCR,
multiple IP network management, both validated and un-validated traffic,
echo cancellation, real-time billing systems, itemized accounting, central
CDR collection, IVR, SNMP remote management and configuration, and supports
both multiple languages and foreign currency exchange.



Telenor, TransNet & Tiscali Team with Cisco to Build IP Service Networks

Cisco has said that Italy based Tiscali S.p.A and Norwegian Telenor are
planning to use its equipment to expand their respective IP networks, and
that TransNet will use the gear to build a data/VoIP solution for a local
school system.

Tiscali will use Cisco’s equipment to expand its network throughout Italy.
According to the terms of the deal, Tiscali will deploy Cisco’s 7500, 5300
and 3640 series routers and the 5800 series dial access platform. The
company also plans to utilize several of Cisco’s LAN switches with PIX
Firewall technology for security.

Telnor is teaming with Cisco to build a domestic IP network throughout

TransNet will design and deploy a Cisco based voice and data over IP system
for the Hillsborough, New Jersey Township School District. The project is
expected to be fully operational in 2002.




ASC Billing to Integrate XACCT’s Technology Into its Product

ASC Billing Solutions said that it is planning to integrate XACCT
Technologies’s customer care and billing solution for IP networks,
XACCTusage, into its Sentori Billing and Customer Care System.

The XACCTusage application enables providers to define the IP session
information that they would like to be captured. The application collects
usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network elements
and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation
and merging to produce records similar to telephone switch CDRs.

The Sentori system is a client/server and web-based application that
provides converged billing and customer care solutions for wireless, wire
line, satellite, cable, Internet, paging, and private network services. It
features multi-lingual, multi-currency, flexible tax structures, and
Internet based user support capabilities.

The integration of XACCT’s technology will enable users to bill for both
Internet access and VoIP services via a single statement.


ASC Billing Solutions

Tomen to Distribute White Pine’s Products in Japan

White Pine Software has announced that Tomen Electronics will distribute
its conferencing products in the Japanese market. According to the terms of
the agreement, Tomen will manage all reseller and distributor relationships
for White Pine Japan, and will also host a public videoconferencing service
in Japan.

MeetingPoint is a conferencing server that enables users to hold
multipoint, H.323 compliant group conferences over IP networks. The latest
version features improved audio mixing, video switching, interoperability,
streaming media technology and conference administration capabilities. Its
web browser based administration interface enables either conference
participants or administrators to control the conference. It also allows a
conference administrator to plan conferences and control bandwidth
management, network management, and security. In addition, conference
participants can use the interface to select whose video is displayed on
the screen without impacting what other participants are viewing. The
server also includes internal or external support for H.323 compliant
gatekeeper applications.

The server is available for both Microsoft NT and Sun Solaris operating
environments. White Pine plans to further develop the product to support

The CU-SeeMe software has been recently improved with a new user interface,
enhanced audio and video capabilities and integrated T.120 data
collaboration capabilities (via Microsoft NetMeeting). It supports full CIF
video as well as QCIF and sub QCIF. Users can opt to utilize the product in
H.323 mode, for use with other H.323 compliant clients, or in CU-SeeMe
mode, where users can view up to 12 simultaneous video windows in a group
conference setting.

The software is available for Windows 95, 98 or NT systems. It is priced at

White Pine

Tomen Electronics

Tagz & Spiritec Team to Provide Corporate VoIP Solutions

The TAGZ group, a computer solution provider, said that it is teaming with
Spiritec Internet Solutions to offer combined data and VoIP systems to the
corporate market. Spiritec Internet Solutions offers turnkey Internet
communications solutions, with a focus on IP network based communications
technologies and V/FoIP. The company has ongoing relationships with vendors
and providers including UUNet, VocalTec, Cisco, Compaq, Mind CTI and Delta


Tagz Group

CyberVoz to Offer Bundled Packages Based on Franklin’s VoIP Services

Franklin Telecom has said that CyberVoz.com is planning to launch three
flat rate, unlimited Internet communications services that will include its
Internet telephony services bundled with a combination of Internet access,
web page services and several other value added features. The services will
be based on CyberVoz’s rechargeable calling card, the VSI Card.

CVOZ Silver, priced at $19.95 per month, includes 2 hours of long distance
VoIP, unlimited Internet access, and discounts for medical prescriptions,
or visits to vision, hearing, podiatry and chiropractic doctors.

CVOZ Gold, priced at $49.95 per month, includes 6 hours of long distance
VoIP service, unlimited Internet access, unlimited access to 33 tutorials
for popular software programs, and discounts for unrelated products and

CVOZ Platinum, available for $99.95, will provide for 12 hours of long
distance VoIP, unlimited Internet access, a 20 meg web site, unlimited
access to 63 tutorials for popular software programs, and additional
unrelated, and somewhat odd, products and services.

The IP telephony services will be based on the network infrastructure of
Franklin’s subsidiary, FNet.

Franklin Telecom



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