IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 24 2003

1. Xten Releases Softphone for Free World Dialup
Xten Networks has released X-Lite, a SIP user agent softphone for Windows PCs and PocketPCs that provisions new users for the Free World Dialup service by registering them for the service and obtaining a phone number for them.
Xten offers multiple softphones. X-Lite, in use by over 20,000 users since April 15th, is compatible with other SIP user agents such as Cisco’s 7900 series IP phones and ATA 186 analog telephone adapters. The phone is free. X-Pro is a premium phone with all features and functionality of a standard business phone. It goes for $50. X.Net is an API/SDK for X-Pro, providing integration of SIP compliant IP telephony into 3rd party applications.

Free World Dialup is a free IP telephony service offered to consumers with broadband connections and a SIP user agent.


Download X-Lite for PC use

Free World Dialup

3. BT & Cisco Team to Market IP Services In Europe
BT and Cisco have signed a LOI to jointly sell a variety of IP based services in Europe. Initially, the companies will peddle IP VPNs, IP telephony, and broadband teleworking in the UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Ireland. Later, the duo plans to offer IP contact centers and storage area networks.


Cisco Systems

5. HP Introduces Management Solution for Cisco Networks
HP has introduced Smart Way 2004, a management solution that provides three modules including management for IP telephony environments, enhanced network management, and enhanced service management for Cisco network environments.

For IP telephony, the Smart Way 2004 offers HP OpenView Performance Insight Report Pack for Cisco IP Telephony Statistics, a reporting solution for performance and capacity management that collects data from CiscoWorks Gateway Statistics Utility (GSU) and generates ready to run capacity planning reports.

Cisco’s CiscoWorks GSU, an extension of CiscoWorks IP Telephony Environment Monitor, allows network management to define and capture performance data about important elements of their IP networks. The GSU collects information from which HP OpenView is able to generate reports showing performance and behavior information for IP telephony gateways and call traffic.

HP’s IP telephony management solution offers a Cisco platform capable fault management and capacity management solution designed for IP telephony networks.

The network management module, Network Node Manager 7.0 Advanced, manages performance and identifies and manages faults on their network infrastructures. It is designed for networks requiring advanced management of switches and VLANs, sophisticated root-cause analysis and distributed management of large networks. The software includes expanded Cisco device coverage and intelligence such as categorization of Cisco alarms and enhanced Cisco VLAN discovery.

The service management component of HP’s solution ties network faults to business impacts and tunes the operation of an infrastructure to business metrics. Users get a graphic, service level view with capabilities to provide diagnostic information on intelligent Cisco traps.

Smart Way 2004 is currently available.


Cisco Systems

7. InterNetwork Experts to Resell Corvero’s IP Phone Apps
InterNetwork Experts will resell Corvero Networks’ Convergence Server, a suite of IP phone applications, under a private label in the south central region of the U.S. The companies plan to jointly develop applications for call center environments.

Corvero Networks

InterNetwork Experts

9. Interactive Intelligence to Host SIP Seminar in Atlanta
Interactive Intelligence, an IP telephony software vendor, will host a one day seminar on SIP at the Westin Atlanta North at the Perimeter on June 26th from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

The event will feature presentations explaining SIP, its implementation, costs, and benefits. Registration is $250.

Seminar Registration

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