IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 24 2005

1. Excel Introduces VoIP Media Gateway
Excel Switching has introduced IMG 1010, a media gateway platform that combines signaling, media, and SS7 in a 1u chassis. The gateway simultaneously supports SS7, CAS (R1/R2), SNMP, and H.323, with full interoperability among SS7, SIP, and H.323. The IMG 1010 can be used as a VoIP gateway, IP-IP transcoder, or back-to-back SIP User Agent.

Features include advanced media capabilities such as configurable tones and announcements, 1+1 hot standby support for all active components, SS7 redundancy, and separation of transport, signaling, and OA&M.

The base configuration includes support for 96 channels and SS7. The gateway can be scaled up to support 672 channels, in 96-channel increments.

Excel Switching

3. Cisco Releases Patch for DNS Vulnerability within IP Phones
In reaction to a warning issued by the National Infrastructure Co-Ordination Centre (NISCC) in Great Britian stating that DNS servers and DNS clients within Cisco’s IP phones could possibly terminate abnormally by sending malformed messages, Cisco released a patch, available for free via download, that protects against a potential DoS attack.

Cisco noted that it knew of no IP phones that performed DNS server functions or DNS packet inspection, questioning the validity of how vulnerable the phones really were to such attacks.

The patch is applicable to IP phone models 7902/7905/7912, ATA models 186/188, and Unity Express and ACNS devices.

Cisco Systems


5. MCI Launches VoIP Services in the UK
MCI has launched MCI Advantage IP Integrated Access in the UK. The service provides managed VoIP for enterprises using legacy PBX systems and features voicemail and voice VPN. The service will be expanded to France, Germany and the Netherlands later this year.

The provider also plans to add services to MCI Advantage such as hosted PBX, and DSL access.

The service has been available in the U.S. for the last 3 years.


7. Rodopi Unveils Provisioning Solution for SMBs Using Hosted VoIP
Rodopi Software has introduced Business VoIP, software that provides automated provisioning, billing and customer management for small to mid sized business customers using hosted VoIP services.

Used in conjunction with Rodopi’s reseller automation solution, the new software provides reseller management, wholesale and retail billing, and resource management (such as licenses and directory numbers), and workflow to handle number porting, workforce scheduling and other processes.

Rodopi Software

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