IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 25 2004

1. Mindspeed Introduces Voice and Data Chip Family
Mindspeed has introduced Comcerto Enterprise M828xx, a family of singe chip voice and data processors that include VoIP processing, WAN routing, and VPN encryption. The chips are designed for use in voice gateways; IP PBXs; WAN, VPN, and VoIP routers; 802.11 a/b/g access points; and IADS.

Serving as a router platform, the chips combine a dedicated, programmable application and routing controller, a scalable DSP optimized for voice processing, an encryption engine and a set of interfaces including PCI, USB host, Ethernet, UTOPIA, serial, and multi-chain SPI. The chips are capable of simultaneously processing up to 32 channels of VoIP and routing data at up to 150 Kpps.

As an encryption processor within VPNs, the chips provide up to 60 Mbps of throughput.

The software suite with the technology supports G.165/ G.168-2000 echo cancellers, G.711, G.723.1 and G.726, and T.38. The software supports packet to TDM, packet to packet or TDM to TDM operation across multiple IP protocols and modulations.

The chips’ security processor performs RC4, AES, DES and 3DES voice payload encryption; secure RTP encapsulation, and MD5, SHA-1, and MMH authentication. Other software features include call progress tone detection and generation, DTMF digit collection, voice activity detection and comfort noise, announcement playback, and caller ID generation and detection.

The ICs are packaged in a 19mm FPBGA. In OEM quantities, the WAN/VPN router is $35, the 8-channel chip is $54, the 16-channel chip is $79, the 24-channel chip is $99, and the 32 channel chip is $119.

Mindspeed Technologies

3. Worldwide Telco Launches Business and Consumer VoIP Service
Worldwide Telco has launched WIPphone, a business and residential PC to phone and phone to phone VoIP service. The service features consumer choice of US or international phone number, hunting, call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, *69, and call forwarding. The service is offered through multiple plans including a unique option that allows users to purchase blocks of minutes for specific cities or countries.

Worldwide Telco offers a softphone for PC to phone use as well as hardware phone to phone calling hardware including a USB adapter to connect a regular phone to a PC; an Internet phone with a built in router; and one and two port gateways that can either connect a regular phone, network, or IP PBX to a broadband modem.

Worldwide Telco

5. Smitcoms to Launch VoIP Service in St. Maarten
Smitcoms, a long distance telco, will launch primary line residential VoIP and business VoIP services in St. Maarten in October. The business services will include hosted voice and data, video conferencing, and VPNs. The provider will deliver the services using Nortel Networks’ VoIP equipment, including the vendor’s model 5200 Multimedia Communications Server, model 2000 softswitch, and its Passport branded VoIP gateways.

Nortel will also be providing network design as well as operation and maintenance support.


Nortel Networks

7. Cabovisao to Offer VoCable Services in Portugal
Cabovisao, the second largest cable operator in Portugal, plans to offer PacketCable based VoIP services over its network. The service will employ General Bandwidth’s G6 media gateway.

The G6 platform can scale to support more than 3,360 DSOs or 28,000 customers per chassis.

Cabovisao’s cable network passes 780,000 homes. The provider has 230,000 residential subscribers and 11,000 business customers for its video and cable modem services.


General Bandwidth

9. Ericsson to Use BroadSoft’s Tech within Its VoIP Solution
Ericsson has entered into an OEM agreement with BroadSoft that calls for Ericsson to use parts of BroadSoft’s BroadWorks VoIP platform within Ericsson’s IMS based Engine Multimedia (EMM) 2.0 VoIP platform. EMM provides a single platform for delivering multimedia services over both wired and 3GPP wireless networks.

In addition to the current capabilities of EMM, which include delivery of IP telephony, video calling, IP Centrex, presence, and instant messaging, the new platform will support hosted IP PBX, residential broadband, and collaborative conferencing services.



11. 8×8 to Use Level 3 for e911 and VoIP Service Expansion
8×8 will use Level 3’s Enhanced Local Service offering to add features to its Packet8 primary line residential VoIP service including e911, as well as to expand the service within the U.S.

Enhanced Local Service allows service providers to offer consumers local phone numbers, PSTN interconnection for local and long distance, local number portability, e911 emergency service, operator assistance, and directory listings and assistance.

The Packet8 service offers multiple calling plans such as unlimited calling within North America for $22.95 per month. Calling features in the plan include voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way conference calling.


Level 3

13. Acoustic Tech Introduces Full Duplex VoIP Speakerphone
Acoustic Technologies has introduced ATH3003, a VoIP full duplex speakerphone IC that dynamically monitors, detects and processes incoming voice, echo and noise signal levels.

The chip features 42dB acoustic echo cancellation, 30dB network echo cancellation, up to 12 dB noise reduction, graphic equalizers, and sound enhancement. The technology includes an analog CODEC, microphone preamp, and speaker driver for interfacing to microphone and speaker. A digital PCM interface provides connection to VoIP controllers compatible with Ethernet, Wi Fi, or USB, supporting both time-shared and dedicated PCM.

The ATH3003 also includes dual 10 band graphic equalizers, comfort noise, DTMF generation, and handset and speakerphone call management and programmable ringer tone generation.

The IC is tunable to specific VoIP phone casings and user preferences.

The ATH3003 is packaged in a 48-pin LQFP.

Acoustic Technologies

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