IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 26 2000

JITONG & Sovintel to Join iBasis’ VoIP Interconnectivity Service
iBasis has announced that both JITONG Communications and Russia based Sovintel are planning to route Internet telephony services over its global VoIP network. According to the terms of the JITONG agreement, JITONG will route both voice and fax traffic over the network and terminate calls for iBasis’ interconnectivity service in select Chinese markets. Sovintel will also route both voice and fax traffic over iBasis’ network and terminate traffic over its fiber networks in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

iBasis’ Internet telephony interconnectivity service has a NOC in Burlington, Massachusetts, Internet central offices in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, New York, London, and POPs throughout Asia, Europe, Korea, the Middle East and South America. The provider can terminate traffic on a global basis via its network, its affiliate’s networks or the PSTN. The company has also recently negotiated network interconnect deal with Concert and Telstra to expand its connectivity. It offers SLAs for its services, which guarantee that the percentage of call completion rates will be equivalent to or better than that of the PSTN. The company uses its proprietary Assured Quality Routing technology to monitor VoIP calls to ensure completion, or re-route the calls to the PSTN.

JITONG’s IP network spans 45 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dalian, Qingdao, Shenyang, Chongqing and Changchun. It can route telecommunications services to each of China’s provinces.

iBasis also recently negotiated a deal with China Mobile Telecommunications (China Mobile), in which China Mobile will use iBasis’ Internet telephony terminate and originate VoIP traffic. China Mobile’s infrastructures are established throughout all of China’s markets and 96 of its countries. It supports roaming services to 56 countries, and has 95 cellular operations throughout five continents.

In other news, China Unicom and iBasis are planning to expand an existing agreement to include iBasis providing and deploying the equipment needed to double Unicom’s network capacity.



JITONG Communications

China Mobile Telecommunications

ACT Introduces IP Telephony Conferencing Service
ACT Teleconferencing has reported the introduction of ClarionCall, its IP telephony conferencing service. The solution is based on Clarent’s VoIP technology to enable users to hold unattended voice conferences on a no reservation (on demand) basis. The technology will enable conference participants to dial in and join a conference in progress, or allow chairpersons to dial out to invite other to join. The company will provide its own proprietary back office systems (billing, accounting and customer care) to support the service, which it intends to offer to providers and corporations.

The service is expected to be available next month. ACT has sales and operations centers in Adelaide, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dallas, Denver, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, New Jersey, Ottawa, Paris, Sydney and Toronto.

In related news, Concert is planning to offer the VoIP conferencing service to the participating members of its global clearinghouse network.

ACT Teleconferencing



Vitcom Expands Clarent Based VoIP Network
Vitcom Corporation announced that it has deployed Clarent’s VoIP equipment to expand its IP telephony network. The network now has 16 POPs deployed throughout Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Latin America and the U.S., and the company plans to deploy an additional 7 VoIP POPs by the end of the year. The provider currently offers wholesale IP telephony routing services, which reportedly handles over 20 million minutes per month. The firm is also evaluating the feasibility of developing retail offerings in select markets.

Vitcom Corporation


Wherever.net Launches Hong Kong Operations
Wherever.net announced that it has expanded its IP telephony operations to include a POP in Hong Kong. The provider’s private managed network currently consists of 67 POPs in 24 markets throughout China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the U.S. It offers services including calling card, clearing house and VPNs to corporations. It has also recently been granted a license to provide IP telephony services by the Singaporean Government, which will enable it to carry out plans to launch a global VoIP service and expand its network to include an addition 250 POPs throughout Asia and other select international markets by the end of the year.


MeetU.com to Launch Conferencing Service
MeetU.com said that it is planning to launch web based conferencing service, MeetURL, that will provide users with a permanent online meeting space. The service will feature text chat capabilities, VoIP communications and the technology to alert users of visitors to the online site. In addition, the service will enable either visitors or service subscribers to initiate real time communications.

The company intends to launch the service this month.


Parks Associates Releases Packet Telephony Report
Parks Associates said that it has just released a voice over cable (VoCable)/VoDSL market report entitled, Packet-Switching Telephony. The study explores the packet switching technologies, projecting that the industry will increase from 2.5 billion minutes last year to over 114 billion minutes of long-distance traffic from 3.5 million local users by 2004. The report goes on to examine VoDSL and VoCable technologies in particular, forecasting when, where, how and to whom services will be offered, with VoCable projected to reach 1.6 million subs, and VoDSL 1.9 million subs, by 2004.

The research is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed.

Packet-Switching Telephony

Parks Assiciates

Getronics to Distribute NetSpeak’s Technology in Mexico
NetSpeak has announced that Getronics Mexico S.A. de C.V. is planning to distribute its iTEL line of VoIP products in Mexico.

The iTEL solution consists of gatekeeper and route server technologies, as well as value added solutions such as Voice VPN, Internet call waiting, call screening, PC to phone and eCommerce connectivity. Both the iTEL gatekeeper and route server support H.323 v2, SIP and MGCP technologies. The gatekeeper can handle more than 100 calls per second, with authentication, authorization and accounting functionality. The solution can be scaled to handle thousands of E1/T1 ports by adding additional equipment. It also has the failover capability to reroute traffic to another unit. The route server manages specific resources of a network. It offloads network control functions such as managing network resources and determining route priorities from the gatekeeper, and it provides least cost routing, percentage based routing, quality based routing and time of day routing capabilities.

Getronics, as a qualified Cisco VAR, also said that it will handle systems integration for Avantel, a tier 1 Mexican telco that recently announced intentions to deploy NetSpeak’s Internet telephony equipment in its existing Cisco equipment based network to offer services. Avantel intends to initially deploy NetSpeak’s recently introduced Voice Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution and VoIP iTEL architecture throughout its IP backbone to offer a corporate service that is expected to feature private dialing plans (4 or 5 digit dialing).

The Voice VPN supports IP based communications including voice, fax and data between corporate headquarters, and remote and branch offices. It can also be used to provide global long distance call termination service by routing traffic to remotely located Voice VPN POPs or by using service provider’s infrastructure. One H.323 compliant Voice VPN unit can be deployed at a central office to support multiple enterprise locations, and/or private dialing plans across multiple domains. A Voice VPN POP can also be accessed using a calling card to enable remotely located workers to access the network to route calls. In addition, the unit enables users to route calls on in least cost method by offering the option of routing calls over the public Internet or the private VPN. The Voice VPN technology is also supported by NetSpeak’s core iTEL line of VoIP products.

In other news, NetSpeak is teaming with GRIC to develop a PC to phone IP telephony solution based on NetSpeak’s iTEL gear and client technologies combined with GRIC’s VoIP network, GRICphone, and portfolio of PC to phone solutions.

Getronics Mexico S.A. de C.V.




ePhone Inherits $2 Million Product Purchase Agreement
ePhone Telecom announced that an existing equipment purchase agreement between Comdial and TVS of Japan, in which TVS plans to purchase $2 million worth of Array Telecom’s (a Comdial subsidiary) 3000 model VoIP gateway products to build a network, has been transferred to ePhone. Earlier this year, ePhone and Comdial finalized an agreement, in which ePhone received an exclusive licensing agreement to use of all of Array’s VoIP technology for a five year period. According to the terms of the deal, ePhone will be required to make royalty payments to Comdial during the term of the agreement, and will have an option at the end of the period to acquire the technology. ePhone also plans to use the equipment to build its own Internet telephony network that is expected to have at least 300 V/FoIP POPs throughout Europe, the far east and the U.S.

In other news, ePhone Telecom announced that it has secured a private placement of approximately US$15 million from GroomeCapital.com. The company plans to use the financing to aid in the deployment of a global IP telecommunications infrastructure.

ePHONE Telecom


Array Telecom


TeleKnowledge & Compaq Trial CC&B System
TeleKnowledge Group reported that it has teamed with Compaq’s International Expertise Centre in France to test its Total-e v2.0 billing solution. The trial consisted of the billing solution running on a database server as well as similar application servers. The system successfully simulated a variety of services including Internet access, VoIP and video on demand. It handled over 3.6 million events that were collected and rated hourly, 450 real-time session setup service authorization request messages per second (supporting over 15 million subscribers), and the production of over 10 million monthly invoices.

TeleKnowledge recently integrated XACCT Technologies’ IP based customer care and billing solution, XACCTusage, into the Total-e billing solution to offer a CC&B solution to broadband service and content providers. The integrated solution enables users to create customized billing models for services such as VPN, IP fax, IP telephony and streaming multimedia.



Wireless World Acquires Cobex International’s ISP Operations
Wireless World, LLC, an Atlantic Tele-Network subsidiary, announced that it has acquired the Internet access operations of U.S. Virgin Islands based ISP Cobex International. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The acquisition will add approximately 2,500 subs to Wireless World’s existing 6,500 sub customer base. The provider also recently acquired several MMDS licenses, and is in the process of building a wireless digital MMDS network to offer over 90 MPEG-2 digital television channels, two way broadband wireless Internet access and Internet telephony services.

Atlantic Tele-Network

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