IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 27 2002

1. CableLabs Certifies 8 More DOCSIS 1.1 Modems, 9 Headends
CableLabs has certified 6 new DOCSIS 1.1 modems and re-certified 2 others. New certifications were awarded to 3Com, Correlant, Joohong, and Motorola. Re-certifications were awarded to Texas Instruments and Toshiba. To date, 32 cable modems have been DOCSIS 1.1 certified.

CableLabs has also qualified or requalified 9 DOCSIS 1.1 headends including technology submitted by ADC, Arris, Cisco, Juniper, Motorola, and Scientific Atlanta. In some cases, companies had more than one product qualified. To date, 16 headends have been DOCSIS 1.1 qualified.


3. Insight Releases Softswitch Market Study
Insight Research has released The U.S. Softswitch Market 2002-2007, a study forecasting the adoption of softswitches by carriers, revenue growth, and average prices. The report also establishes a business case for using the technology.

The publication is available as a hard copy for $4,395. PDF licenses are also offered.

Insight Research

5. Sage Releases Findings from VoIP Roundtable Discussion
Sage Research has released findings from VoIP: A Conversation with Early Adopters, a roundtable table discussion the firm hosted on June 12, 2002. The session included discussions of customer experiences with VoIP and the challenges of implementing the technology.

Sage’s next roundtable, IP VPNs – Requirements for Moving Beyond Remote Access, will be held online on July 8, 2002 from 6:00-7:00pm EDT. The session will address the following questions:

  • Do enterprises use VPN technology for site-to-site connectivity or is it still relegated to remote access for telecommuters and road warriors?
  • What are the current perceptions regarding the adequacy of IP VPN security, and what can vendors do to address security concerns?
  • What do end users perceive as the benefits and cost savings of BGP/MPLS VPNs?
  • Are network managers willing to pay a premium for VPNs with VoIP capabilities?
  • Do IP VPN early adopters prefer network based or CPE based VPNs and why?

Visit the company’s web site for information on obtaining a transcript from the last roundtable discussion or to schedule participation in a future discussion.

Sage Research

7. SS8 Adds Traffic Sharing Features to VoIP Solution
SS8 Networks has enhanced SS8 ServiceController, its IP signaling product, with traffic sharing features enabling revenue generation from traffic sharing, IP termination, and other wholesale voice applications.

The ServiceController combines billing and settlement capabilities based on OSP with a routing engine and simultaneous support for H.323 and SIP. The technology can also serve as the central hub for VoIP clearinghouse operators.

SS8 Networks

9. Sonera Deploys Vegastream’s Gateway for VoDSL in Finland
Sonera has deployed Vegastream’s Pace Vega 100 VoIP gateway to support a VoDSL service scheduled to launch on July 1 in Finland. Through Sonera’s Puhekaista or Voice Highway service, the provider will offer VoIP, videoconferencing, instant messaging, electronic phonebook, buddylist with presence information and network gaming.



11. Great Wall China to Offer VoB Using ElephantTalk
Beijing Great Wall Broadband Network has partnered with ElephantTalk to launch VoIP and calling card services in Greater China – PRC, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. ElephantTalk and Great Wall Broadband will operate a PC2Phone project that will employ ElephantTalk’s VoIP platform, then coordinate with ChinaRailCom to launch the VoIP services to its customers, as well as issuing and selling prepaid calling cards. The soft launch is scheduled for July.

Great Wall Broadband expects to capture 2.5 million subscribers in the first 6 months. In PRC, the provider plans to aggressively expand its service coverage, increasing its homes passed from 1 million homes within the first year to 5 million after 3 years.

Beijing Great Wall Broadband Network


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